A little love story left in one of our room guest books (written by young lovers at Windward House Bed and Breakfast)(2007)

“Oh Sofia, This room was a great idea. I thought we were going to have to sleep on your sister’s floor. With the dog to boot. I mean I like the dog but this is so much better than sleeping with the dog.  And the bath…. OMG how nice was that?  Maybe a 25% larger tub would make it more fun for two of us. I have to say you do look good in the tub….”

“Oh Rick, When Mamma said she would treat us to a room,(my mamma, not yours or ours, that would be weird!) I had no idea there would be a canopy. I luuuvvvv canopies. I even love to say the word can oh pea! It just feels good on the tip of my tongue. Mmmm! Thank you for un-tucking the bed linen for me. I like to feel free even my feet like to feel free and they are warm and toasty and happy!!”

I sent this story to T&L’s short tweetable love stories, but since it was too long for a tweet, it was not acknowledged. I still love it, tweetable or not.