Greek Pizza
Baby spinach

1 large can of Pastene kitchen ready ground peeled tomatoes
2 cloves garlic
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt
Fresh herbs or dried and McCormak’s Italian herbs grinder)
White wine
Baby spinach
Marinated artichoke hearts (goya or imported Italian in glass jars)

Pizza Sauce
Cover bottom of a small saucepan/pot with the olive oil
Put in some salt and pepper and the garlic, and turn on the flame
Once the garlic starts to sizzle put in some white wine
Let the wine reduce a short while, then pour in tomatoes
Stir it, then put in the other herbs. I like to use fresh herbs when I have them. If not, dried are okay, just don’t use too much.
Then use a hand blender to make sure all the herbs and the garlic are chopped up very small.
Then cook it about ten minutes longer on a simmer. (I don’t cook pizza sauce very long)
Taste it. If it needs it you can add a little brown sugar – although I rarely do that, but sometimes the tomatoes are not very sweet, and pizza sauce I think should be a little more sweet and seasoned. Don’t add more than a half teaspoon or so.
Don’t cook it with the lid on, as you want it to be a little bit thick.

The pizza
Kristi or my dad make dough, but I don’t, so I usually get the Portland Pie co. dough at Hannafords. I get white or beer, occasionally wheat.
Blanch the baby spinach in hot water
Roll the dough out very flat and thin.
Apply a little sheen of olive oil to the pan. That gives it a little brown crispness.
Bake @15 -20 minutes at 450degrees.