This morning I leaped out of bed because I promised a woman staying with us that I would make her coffee at 6:00am. I awoke at 6:05am and had coffee on literally by 6:08am. The woman was nowhere to be found, and I thought I had missed her by the 8 minutes that I was late. She like many people who visit Camden, like to get up early and walk to the harbor to see the boats and stare out into the horizon with a warm cup of coffee. Morning people who head to the harbor, if you ask them, call themselves “harbor rats”, I personally do not like the term rats and am trying to think of a new cute term for this behavior. It turns out that I did not miss the woman, as I sat at my computer she came in around 6:30am to get her coffee and go to the sea. She said that the cool temperature and the comfortable bed kept her asleep. The temperature as I write this is 51 degrees, which is warm in the winter but is a bit chilly in the summer. It is however, always beautiful. 51 degrees in the summer is nice because you can wear that warm sweater with your shorts, knowing that later it will come off and you will be warmed by the sun. Camden is experiencing a delightful summer. We get many guests from all over the country that are escaping the heat and enjoying sleeping with the windows open. The air is a natural air conditioner. This reminds me of one of my first posts on this blog about the air quality in Camden Maine.

I hope you will consider coming to Camden this summer! Cool off and enjoy the great outdoors.