Apple Picking During the WIndward House’ Fall Foliage and Leaf Peeping Pantacular

Leaf Peeping and Fall Foliage in Camden Maine

With the breathtaking views from the Camden Hills state park if you want to leaf peep in Maine Camden is a nice place to visit. Many of the historic homes are accented by the foliage of sugar maples lining the streets. It is a wonderful time of year to see Camden. Leaf Peeping and Fall Foliage in Camden Maine are also great for apple recipes.

Windward House Apple Walnut Pancakes
We’re getting ready for our Leaf Peepers here at the Windward House. Sure it’s a little early for ordinary folks to think about, but really it’s just a few short weeks away. While there is still plenty of brilliant sunshine, lake swimming, and blooming flowers, here in Camden, soon the leaves will turn and it is the time of year when thoughts turn to the fall colors, warm sweaters, robin’s egg blue skies, the smell of apples simmering in a magical concoction of rum, cinnamon, brown sugar and butter. If you your loved one, or kids are a little glum on a dark morning, or are excited about the unfolding beautiful fall day, Celebrate! With this great recipe. Kristi says it warms the cockles of your heart, and I agree. When you have a forkful, with melting butter and a little Maine maple syrup, you literally can feel the warmth spread inside you and when it reaches the cockles.
Goes awfully well with naturally raised pork maple sausages or naturally raised uncured hickory smoked bacon!

Pancake Recipe

So without further adieu – here it is, one of our Fall Foliage Pantacular recipes –
Windward House Apple Walnut Pancakes
Makes six quarter cup batter pancakes
2 McIntosh Apples
1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar, Dark Rum, Walnuts, Butter
Dry pancake mix with four or five drops of fresh lemon juice (substitute for milk, half whole organic milk, and half powdered milk, the purpose is to leave the batter a little dry to accommodate the apple mixture)

Put apple stuff into a pan, apples, nuts, rum, sugar, butter and sprinkle with cinnamon – I use a non-stick pan, to keep the sugar from sticking.
Put a lid on, preferably a clear lid so you can observe what’s going on inside the pan.
Cook at high heat until it all bubbles together and the apples are slightly soft, but not mush.

With the pancake mix prepared but very thick add a little bit of water, and then while very hot and bubbling add the apple mix. Mix thoroughly.
Using a scoop or quarter cup measure scoop out batter onto a preheated 325 degree griddle.
The smell of the sautéing apples and cinnamon will brighten your day, even if you feel too guilty to eat these pantacular pancakes!

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