We have guests that come to Camden Maine each year for Christmas By the Sea for different reasons. I know there is a hotel in the downtown that is completely reserved by 2 grandparents to host all their children and grandchildren for a family reunion. They all enjoy the Christmas By the Sea festivities together. The timing of Christmas By the Sea is good, in that it is early in December. Windward House has a lovely couple that comes every year just for a nice getaway. The couple lives in Maine, a few towns over from Camden, and come because the town is alive in the winter. The stores are open late. The couple said they do not care too much for all the Santa sightings and caroling. For a young couple that just wants to have a fun town, lovely restaurants and the romantic winter feeling, this is a great weekend. Stay in one Windward House’s rooms with a fireplace and walk to and from dinner, a great weekend.

Some people come to see the ships that are still in the ocean all wrapped up for the winter. The Mary Day puts a Christmas Tree at the top of one of their main masts. It is a fantastic thing to see click here: http://mainewindjammerblog.com/

Some come to see Santa Clause. This Santa is the real deal! Check it out: http://www.camdenmainevacation.com/christmas-by-the-sea-camden-maine.php

Windward House also has another couple that has come every year since 2009 for one special reason, to buy the Garden Club Gingerbread houses at the Rockport Opera House. They get up early and wait in line outside the Opera House. They buy a couple of candy houses and then get back to Windward House for a delightful breakfast.

It is snowing today in Camden Maine and it completes that great holiday feeling.

Happy Holidays.