I recently discovered the USA Today series: Thriving on the Road – Travel Ideas. I learned about this series from a tweet on Twitter . The topics discussed are interesting and thought-provoking. As an Innkeeper, it is important for me to learn about my guests concerns about travel. A  recent article published in USA Today “How to Make your Hotel Room Feel Like Home” caught my attention because this is the very idea the Bed and Breakfast industry has been promoting for decades. I generated a couple of new “house-warming” ideas from this article that I will use to make my B&B more “homier” for the traveler. I understand that staying at a Bed and Breakfast might not always be practical for a business traveler, but if the concern is to feel like you are in your home, then a Bed and Breakfast property is the best way to go. I will elaborate the benefits of a Bed and Breakfast property later, I would now like to comment on the ideas expressed in this article.

26DJ7083I love the attention the writer gives to the stress factor the business traveler endures. Business travel can be very trying on the body and the soul. Sleeping and eating well when you travel are imperative. Select hotels are addressing the issue of business travel stress with offering to frame a picture of a loved one and put it in your room upon arrival, stocking the mini bar with comfort food and some travel experts suggest moving the furniture to make it more amenable to your comfort. The author of the article mentions a guest that travels with candles of familiar scents. I do not recommend this fire hazard idea and I am sure some hoteliers are rubbing their heads about this suggestion. Be careful with lighting anything in a hotel room. Candles and incense may leave a lingering smell or smoke on the wall that if the hotel is conscious of their room environments, will add a cleaning fee, further leading to more travel stress. I do like the simple suggestion for the guest to learn the staff’s name at the hotel. Unfortunately, the article does not suggest that the hotel staff try to learn the guest’s name. These tiny acts of kindness by the hotel are sweet but perhaps they could go take the kindness a little further. The Bed and Breakfast industry has made a career of hospitality from the “homey” feeling. Naturally, a bed and breakfast is someone’s home. Here are few of my ideas that I am wiling to share with the hotel world.

The homey feeling on vacation and traveling on business is nice, but lets face it, it is not home. In the Camden Windward House, all the rooms have private bathrooms, televisions, free wifi, air conditioning and windows that you can open. Having all those amenities in a room are basic to being comfortable. The things that I have added to make it feel like home, or perhaps nicer then home are the 600 thread count sheets, feather mattresses and egyptian cotton towels. I chose egyptian cotton towels because they are 100% softer than turkish towels. Our sheets are ironed for added luxury. Complimentary bottled water is refreshed in your room each day free of charge. In the afternoon there are baked treats left in the living room for you to enjoy with the complimentary tea. As I write this, the word complimentary seems like a nice word to use with homey. At home you are not asked to pay for every little thing. Not having to dip into your wallet every two seconds is very relaxing. No need to keep all those receipts for the business trip reimbursement excel spreadsheet you will need to fill out.

photoI have adopted the idea of getting to know someone’s name and letting others know my name. I like this idea. We can accommodate up to 20 people a night so sometimes it is a challenge, but I try. I have made a point to have my name stitched on my shirt so guests will be comfortable asking me for assistance.  This is my home and I enjoy sharing with travelers.