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hope plantsOur senior garden advisor, a.k.a. Grandpa Bifulco, is coming from New York today. Jesse flew down to NY and will drive back to Camden Maine with his dad. Jesse’s dad is a great help when he comes to visit. Grandpa, Pat Bifulco, has a very distinguished history in the law profession in NY. From lawyer to Judge to NY Senate candidate.  But before Pat entered the law field he grew up on a farm in Staten Island. Yes, Staten Island had farm land. The Bifulco family had acres and acres of land on Staten Island and grew vegetables. Pat’s father and mother were immigrants from Italy. Pat would often tell stories about how hard the family had to work on the farm. The children in the family worked from dawn to dusk in the fields.  Pat’s brothers stayed in the farm business and today their children own a family farm in New Jersey – Bifulco Farms: . Bifulco Farms has grown into a large storage, cooling, brokers and transportation station for produce.

In Pat’s senior years he enjoys gardening and his family. He has been a great help to Jesse and I as we try to make our property more sustainable. When Pat comes he quickly evaluates the property, even draws maps. Our children are then given duties, cleaning plots and weeding. Hope has been growing seedlings since early March. The rule of thumb around here is, do not plant before Mother’s Day. There is less of a chance of a frost after Mother’s Day. Since we turned that corner on the season, it is time to start planting.

We plant kale, celery, arugula, giant pumpkins, basil, parsley, spinach, tomatoes, squash, and corn. The kale, celery and spinach are used in our green smoothies. We have a beautiful cutting flower garden and this year I hope to add rose bushes. I hope our guests will enjoy our garden as much as we enjoy planting it.

Senior Gardener/Junior Gardeners

Senior Gardener/Junior Gardeners


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