questionsGuests that have never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast before often have many questions. I would like to share a recent conversations with a Bed and Breakfast newbie.

Two days ago I got a phone call from a guest that felt obligated to tell me that she and her partner had never been in a Bed and Breakfast and were concerned about what time they could check in. I told her, please call if you will be later than 9:00pm. Check in is at 3:00pm, but I am always here so a later check in is no problem. I also told her to ring the doorbell when she got here.

One day later, the same lady called to see what the weather was and if she should bring a hair dryer? I updated her on the current weather and told her to bring a sweater – it is Maine. All of our rooms do have hair dryers.

Ongoing conversations with B&B Newbie:

Guest: Do you have air conditioning if it is too hot? Answer: Yes, all rooms have air conditioners

Day of Arrival: Guest: Does our room have towels? Answer: Yes, all the rooms have towels, unless the housekeeper forgets, which can happen, so please let us know if you do not have towels.

Guest: Can I have a cup of tea? Answer: Of course, we have a hot water machine with a selection of tea and Hot chocolate in the dining room all day long.

Guest: Can I get ice? Answer: Of course, the ice machine is on the second floor. Please help yourself.

Guest: Do I have to pay for breakfast? Answer: No, the breakfast is complimentary.

Guest: Can I have another cup of coffee? Answer: Yes, please do.

Guest: Will there be housekeeping in my room? answer: Yes, of course.

Guest: Do I have to pay for the bottled water in my room? Answer: No, it is complimentary, please enjoy.

Finally, I said – Sweetie, B&B’s are similar to hotels, but better. Guest: I agree.