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Vegan Friendly Commitment

Vegan Friendly Commitment

I was insulted one day when another Innkeeper in town said that cooking a vegetarian breakfast was as easy as cooking a Vegan Breakfast. I truly believe this other Innkeeper does not know how to cook vegan. Nor does she know how cautious one needs to be in order to be really committed to a Vegan product for breakfast.

I started cooking vegan about 3 years ago when my young daughter announced that she was Vegan. I know for my daughter this choice was not based on any health issues and that it was an affirmation of her love for animals. I commended her for this and made it possible for her to have a Vegan diet. I was introduced to the world of vegan cooking and realized that it is a whole new ballgame. I was a science major in college and love food science. Cooking Vegan reminds me of following directions in chemistry projects. New ingredients and new ways of combining them is fascinating to me. The use of nutritional yeast, soy products and flax was brand new to me.

The Camden Windward House presents a complimentary (FREE) menu that is locavore in nature with Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options. Locavore includes meat that is local, sustainably and humanely raised. I mention this because I do not want to mislead anyone that Windward House is completely vegan. Windward House does have a commitment to presenting true vegan food. We offer more then a piece of toast with lettuce on it. We have created a creative selection of vegan options. Please see our menu below. This commitment is enforced by educating our staff about veganism. We only use Vegan certified products in our kitchen. We not only look at the ingredients on the package but we also look at the process in which a product was made. We do not use anything that was sifted through animal bones. White sugar is not used in our Vegan cooking. We do not add Dashi (a soup stock made from fish flakes) to our sticky rice breakfast option.  We also offer a lovely Vegan Friendly wine.

Please see this great article written about the Camden Windward House Commitment to Vegan/Vegetarian options


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