Sorry! We do not allow dogs or other pets in our B&B. Unfortunately we simply cannot. But you can find dog friendly hotels in Camden Maine. For dog friendly hotels and B&Bs in Camden Maine check this website. Although we love dogs we do not allow them in our guest rooms. We have had many guests who have serious allergies so we cannot permit dogs or cats or other pets in the inn.

For information about dog friendly hotels in Camden Maine, including rates and booking information, check out
Service Dogs
Windward House complies with the service dog law of the state of Maine which requires us to admit guest who are physically and or mentally disabled and need to be accompanied by a service animal specifically trained for the purpose. Because we also have a no animals policy, and have had guests with severe pet allergies, we require advanced documentation of both the incapacity as well as the animal training prior to permitting a reservation by a guest who will be accompanied by an animal.