How to Use Our Site: Compare Room Feature

Compare Room Feature

Compare Room Feature

Compare Room Feature

We have recently added a great new feature called Compare. With compare you can see a side by side comparison of the features of the rooms you select to compare. Simply add the rooms you want to the Compare and see which room has the combination of features you’re interested in. There’s a link next to the names of each room, and in the room lists beneath the pages that says “compare”. Simply click on that link or button and after you’ve have done that with different rooms, you will have a neat box showing a side by side comparison.
The Compare Room Feature is a great way to quickly see the main differences between the rooms.

Recently Viewed

Another great new feature of our website is the recently viewed rooms. As you page through the site, if you’ve looked at one of the room pages, and then navigated away, a small image and name of the room will appear in the sidebar showing all the rooms that you’ve recently viewed so you can return to the one’s you may want a second look at, and remember what you have seen already.

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