911 memorialEarly this spring Jesse and I took the kids to New York and New Jersey to visit family. While we were there we visited the Freedom Tower and 9/11 Memorial in New York (completely humbling and beautiful, everyone should go) and the Museum of Natural History. When we were tired of riding the subways and buses, we decided to take a trip to Jesse’s family farm in New Jersey. Bifulco Farms is in Pittsgrove New Jersey. We enjoyed our time both in the city and the country. When we got back to Windward House we reflected on our time down South. Jesse and I left NY after 9/11 and like every other NY’er have been changed by it. I am glad we made the trip to the Memorial. The memories came rushing back and a respect for the preciousness of life was renewed. The humbling experience gave us fresh eyes to look at our own property and decide that we would like to contribute to the earth, similar to the Bifulco Farm family and grow vegetables in our garden. If you have been to Windward House, you know that we have a big lot in the backyard. We decided to take up all the grass, till it and plant seeds. If you come this summer, please realize that this is a new endeavor and the beginning of something great. It might not look that pretty yet but it is a labor of love in progress.

Here are the before, during and after tilling pictures.





Jesse’s Uncle Burt’s hobby – flowers.


We came home with a whole bunch of Chicory that Jesse has been drinking in Green Smoothies


I want a Bifulco Truck!