frontbackJesse and I are working so hard to get the Windward House property looking its best. After a long cold winter, it is hard to believe the natural color of the cherry trees and flowers will ever return. Slowly but surely, the forsythia, hostas and tulips are starting to bloom. I never know what color scheme Jesse is going to pick for the flowers in the front yard, it is always a pleasant surprise.

Every year I notice our lawn looks weedy. We made a pledge not to use any pesticides on the lawn or the house. It is a constant challenge to keep weeds down. Last year when I went to the organic farm to pick strawberries, I noticed that the farm had a lot of weeds. It was weird at first because I had this glamorized vision in my head about a lovely organic farm. I felt silly afterwards when I thought about it, Organic is natural and weeds are nature. The strawberries were awesome.

In addition to our “no pesticide pledge” we have made a pledge to be Kind, Kind to our indoor and outdoor environment. We will be presenting Kind food options with a kind smile. Comfortable beds and great sheets have also always been a priority. The best part about promoting Kindness is that you receive kindness. Our guests have been so lovely lately and we look forward to a great season of warm smiles. Kind and Comfortable Accommodations.