“We Sell Sleep”

When we first began innkeepering we discovered that bedding was very important. I remember the moment I realized that there were almost as many ways to make a bed as there are people. This is not a statement on personal eccentricity, but rather a recognition of the importance and uses of bedclothes. Bed-making can be a form of decorating. There are unified sets of shams and sheets, there are duvet’s, bedcovers, quilts, comforters and bedskirts. There are also different weight comforters. There are feather filled comforters as well as feather beds. Also, there are mattress covers, mattress toppers and feather bed cases – kind of like pillow cases for feather beds. How to Get A Great Night’s Sleep at a Bed And Breakfast? We suggest you stay with us, and than let us know what you think.
We looked at and experimented with combinations of all of the above. Our beds range from standard king sized beds to standard queens, to twins and even one california king sized bed.

Our Beds Are an Attraction for our Inn

We were determined to make our beds an attraction and a feature of our inn. How to do it? We could make them very stylish. This would involve pattern

We Sell Our Sheets on MyCamdenMaine.com

We Sell Our Sheets on MyCamdenMaine.com

matching and appealing to the eye. We attempted this. Style and matching are talents and skills. Do not let anyone tell you it is easy to decorate. Decorating a bed is no different. It requires a knack. Some people have that knack and some don’t. We learned a lot about decorating beds from looking at books, and online, and catalogs. We were able with much difficulty to make some nice arrangements. But in the end we decided that it was not worth the trouble. Why? Because the tendency when too much effort is put into the way a bed looks, the tactile features, which we think are more important, get neglected. Why should this be so? Because a great deal of the fabrics and patterns used to make a bed look great get in the way of enjoying sleeping on it. Many of the fanciful covers and duvets, not to mention stylish pillows, are not meant to be touched or slept on. We decided to focus our attention on making a bed in a way that would give the best possible sleep.
Of course we want our beds to be attractive. However, in the balance between appearance and touch and support, we have overwhelmingly tipped our scale toward comfort. Sure the beds look inviting, but they are not a style statement by any stretch. And that’s fine, because once we finally arrived on a formula for sleep comfort – our guest comments on how great a night sleep they get has skyrocketed.

How to Get A Great Night’s Sleep Bed And Breakfast

We have stayed at other hotels as have our guests. We have stayed and Bed and Breakfasts, Country Inns, many very fine, and highly rated lodgings (although mostly before we became parents!) and we found that most of these lodgings do not have high quality high thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets. Only at one hotel on our honeymoon in France on St Jean Cap Ferrat. Even many top rated and high star rated hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts did not have really great sheets.
We touch tested a lot of sheets, and found that the most comfortable sheets were high thread count Egyptian cotton. We quickly learned why so few lodgings use really great sheets. The reason? They are expensive. Anything you use for your business is subject to a cost-benefit analysis for budgeting. How much should we spend on sheets? Ultimately we decided to spend much more than most lodgings and getting a much higher quality product.
Our sheets are hand pressed and high thread count Egyptian cotton. After about the hundredth time a guest asked where they could buy the sheets we use, we decided to sell them. You can get high quality Egyptian cotton sheets at our website MyCamdenMaine.com. We source the very best and stand by our product, so you can buy with confidence. We’re happy to help you pick the best sheets, and bedclothes, for your home or your own luxury bedding lodging. You can learn more about how to buy bed sheets at our site.

So – come to our Inn and test drive before your buy!

We offer a great discount to any of our guests – so if you’ve stayed here, just drop us a line or give a call for your order, and we’ll give you the discount code or take your order over the phone!
If you have any questions, please let use know – we sell sleep and we’re happy to help!