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If you have never stayed at a B&B before this article will be helpful. Or if you have stayed at a bed and breakfast but want to know a little bit about Camden bed and breakfasts – then read on…

Bed and Breakfasts in Camden Maine

There are so many bed and breakfasts in Camden Maine. What does that mean for you? You have a choice. More than that, you have B&B’s competing for your business. Each of the bed and breakfasts in Camden Maine has unique features that appeal to different guests. Here is a list of the bed and breakfasts in Camden Maine:

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Bed and Breakfast: Is Choice Good?

Each of these bed and breakfasts is very different. They have locations in different neighborhoods. For instance the Windward House is in the Historic Village district. The Historic Village district is on the National Register of Historic places. Event better than that though is the proximity of Windward House to the attractions in town. Windward House bed and breakfast is just across from the library very near the corner of Mountain Street and High Street. What does that mean for this inn’s bed and breakfast guests? They can walk! It is an easy stroll to Camden Harbor Park, the Camden Library, restaurants, such as Peter Ott’s, Waterfront, Atlantica, Long Grain and Fresh – all within an easy walk.

Checklist of Things to Look for in a Bed and Breakfast in Camden Maine

While there are a couple of bed and breakfasts right in the down town or equidistant from the harbor – most are a further walk from the center of town. Also, on Mountain Street, a short walk from the bed and breakfast’s backyard is a trail head to all the trails of the Camden Hills State Park.
So – Windward House bed and breakfast if you want to walk to everything. Many guests ask if this bed and breakfast has an ocean view. Windward House does not offer an ocean view. The rates for inns with ocean views tend to be much higher. Camden Harbor Inn and Grand Harbor Inn both have ocean views. The Grand Harbor Inn is right on the water.
Windward House also features all offstreet parking. The best of both worlds – in town location with offstreet parking. Amenities vary at all the bed and breakfasts so you should read a little before booking.

Here is a checklist of items you should look at when choosing a bed and breakfast in Camden Maine:

Is it legal?

If you are staying in Camden for less than one week it is illegal to rent a vacation home.
A one through six night stay in a house in Camden is not legal to rent. There are some homestays which require the house owner to be there, and are not allowed to be advertised. The list contained on this page, and Windward House is a legal lodging.

Need the TV To Fall Asleep?

Bed and Breakfast King Sized Bed

King Sized Bed At Bed and Breakfast

Many of our guests say that they need a tv to fall asleep. While you don’t have to turn on the tv, if it is something you are used to, make sure the bed and breakfast has one.

Offstreet Parking

Do you not want to walk a couple of blocks to your car? Or do you feel insecure with your car on a public street? Many bed and breakfast guests prefer offstreet parking. The Windward House is especially convenient for that.

Breakfast? Choice? No Choice?

Most of the bed and breakfasts in Camden serve only one entre for breakfast. All guests have the same thing each morning. The true bed and breakfasts – where the host lives in the inn, typically have gourmet special breakfasts, but only one has a menu. Windward House has a full meny breakfast. This bed and breakfast serves locally made stuff. Organic food, bacon and eggs, daily specials, and a menu that always includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten free items.

Home-Like Amenities

Do you require a microwave? Or hot water and all hours of the night? Most of the bed and breakfasts have additional amenities, but some have coffee machines in the rooms, and a common area with microwave ovens. Windward House bed and breakfast does not have a microwave in the common area. We do have an ice machine and sell wine and beer. Many of our guests do not wish to spend time shopping for beer and wine. They tour and at the end of the day enjoy a glass of wine or a beer in the backyard or on the deck served and stocked by us.
Windward House also serves scrumptious afternoon snacks every day. There are double chocolate cookies, blueberry muffins, and gluten free and vegan baked goods as well. Gourmet shade grown fair trade coffee, and tea in the dining room.

Free Wireless Internet

Most of the lodgings in Camden feature free internet wireless. The Windward House Bed and Breakfast has free internet wireless access.

The Hosts Philosophy

The Windward House is a small family owned business. The owners live on the premises and this small hotel is their livlihood. They are raising three kids and running this place.

What About the Bedding?

It’s surprising to see how few lodgings use high thread count egyptian cotton sheets. Even fewer hand press their sheets. Every bed, every time is made with care. We’ve prided ourselves at this bead and breakfast on the bedding. Our guests have responded. We hear almost every day how great the sleep was. They notice the difference our bedding and attention to detail for comfort, texture and touch in all seasons.


Traditional Decor Bed and Breakfast

Traditional Decor Bed and Breakfast

Decorating a bed and breakfast is a personal matter. Many of the inns could win awards for their decorating. It is obvious how much care the innkeepers put into their styles. However, it the style is too personal it may not permit you to feel as comfortable. Windward House aims to make our guests feel comfortable – as though they’re in their own house. You will never have the velvet rope feeling, like you’re not sure if you can use the furniture. The decor is period in some rooms, contemporary in others, but always comfortable. We hear it constantly how experienced bed and breakfast guests find it refreshing – they have a place to set their stuff in the room uncluttered by Tchotchkes, there are enough pillows, but not too many, they feel comfortable, but not mortified that they have used something in the house. It’s little things like that the guests really appreciate.

Kid Friendly?

The unspoken rule at many bed and breakfasts is that kids are discouraged. Windward House bed and breakfast is a very friendly environment for kids. While not every room can accommodate groups or additional people, quite frequently we have just the right room for a family of three or four. We have children ourselves, and part of the reason we went into the small hotel business was to be with them more of the time. Kids are a priority for us and we enjoy having guests who feel the same way!

Dog Friendly Hotels in Camden Maine

Many guests travel with their pets today. As one guest recently told me he used to do that. He stopped when it occurred to him how many animals had been in the room before him. Even though he loves his dog, he now travels without him. There are dog friendly hotels in Camden Maine, and some of them are bed and breakfasts. However, the Windward House does not allow pets in the rooms. If you absolutely must travel with your dog here’s a great resource for travelers looking for dog friendly hotels in Camden Maine.

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