B&B Camden Maine

Where can you find us on the web? Many of our guests have been having trouble lately finding us using the search term B&B Camden Maine. Although we’ve had similar issues in the past this year the game is particularly intense. We want to give you a little peak behind the curtain at how the internet helps you find things – and sometimes not what you were looking for!

What Kind of Experience Are You Looking For?

B&B in Camden Maine

All of our visitors, especially our new visitors want a great value. That means that they’re looking for something. When you find us you should be looking for: the best b&B Camden Me breakfast – which means

Price Your Stay

Also, you’re looking for fabulous sleep. With our high thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets, hand pressed, and fluffy towels, our guest reviews and in person comments reflect very favorably on our bedding.

The statistics show that many people search for the kind of experience we offer using these terms:

  • B&B Camden Me
  • Find What You Are Looking for on The Web

    Find What You Are Looking for on The Web

  • Bed and Breakfast Camden Maine
  • Bed and Breakfast in Camden Maine
  • Bed and Breakfast in Maine
  • Bed and Breakfast, Maine
Since those terms are Windward House, why might you not find us?

What Does This Have to Do With Rates for B&B Camden Me?

This is the most popular time of year to travel to Maine, and stay at a B&B. But there are many lodging options and all of them want your travel dollars. From hotels, motels, to B&B’s in Camden Me, to illegal AirBNB’s and everything in between. All of these options are trying to pop up on your computer screen whenever you type in B&B Camden Me or any of those search terms listed above. So, they flood the web with ads and info-articles and experts to drive you to their sites. Their sites might be online travel agencies that sell our rooms. All of the rates on these travel websites will be higher than the rates offered on Windwardhouse.com. Why? Because we set them higher in order to cover the cost of the travel agent’s commission. Online travel websites are travel agents.

Getting the Best Rate

How do you get the best rate then? Here are some great tips on finding just what you’re looking for:
Look At A Map
Location is one of the primary reasons given by surveyed visitors to our B&B in Camden Me. They learned where we were, and then checked out what we offered
If you look at a map, Google Maps shows where each lodging is located. Zoom in a little and see what is within walking distance to the town’s attractions. In the case of Camden Maine the harbor, shops and dining are all very near the Windward House B&B. Price a room on our site, and then check the online travel agencies and you will find that ours is always much lower.
Reviews and TripAdvisor
Read Reviews. TripAdvisor has reviews from people who stay at our Inn. That is good. The bad thing is that they try to divert you to hotels and B&Bs that offer them the best reward. What TripAdvisor does is move lodgings to the top of the list that help TripAdvisor. That help can be in the form of links from the lodging’s own website to TripAdvisor, or getting more people to use TripAdvisor, or paying a commission to TripAdvisor or its parent company for reservations made through their online reservation system. So it’s not a simple as typing in the words”B&B Camden Maine”.

Look at the actual inn and what it offers rather than TripAdvisor’s top ten. And then once you have found the B&B Camden Maine that you’re looking for, go to that inn’s actual website and check the rates. At Windward House.com you will definitely find a better room rate.