Is Windward House a Garden B&B?

I was at the post office when a couple walked over and said “we have been taking pictures of your flowers all morning.” Thank you Johnny’s Selected Seeds I think to myself. But really at our garden B&B we do more than buy the seeds. We tend the seedlings and the garden all spring in the hopes that it will be pleasing to our guests, and everyone who passes our house. My dad was a farmer growing up, and he’d spend his weekends and the time occasionally after work growing things. He loves flowers, and I guess that rubbed off on me because now my B&B is a garden B&B. I suggest to anyone who gardens to grow cutting flowers. They are spectacular in the garden, but when cut and arranged in a bouquet the beauty of the flowers is really underscored and appreciated.

Secrets to a Great Cutting Flower Garden at our Garden B&B

Although the sunflowers have not yet blossomed we have been enjoying cut flowers in our breakfast room and throughout the B&B most of the summer. Windward House has a lot of garden beds and many great perennials to cut for bouquets. Snow white hydrangeas, lilys, daisys, astilbe, heliopsis all come back year after year and provide blossoms foliage and textures for our bouquets of cut flowers. This year we decided to make our garden larger, and I bought the Johnny’s selected seeds cut-flower mix. This mix includes sunflowers, cosmos and zinnias. There are 1000 seeds, so, make sure you have the room to plant them all. The flowers so far, are spectacularly beautiful. And even though we don’t sell flowers – we use them at our Inn. They are great for decorat are ting the dining room, as well as making special arrangements for guests celebrating their anniversary, birthday, or honeymooning couples.
The colors of the cosmos are amazing. But the flowers are delicate and don’t have the staying power of the zinnias. Johnny’s Giant Dahlia Flowered Mix zinnia seeds have a coloring variety that feels to the eye like a satisfying vanishing point in a painting. An entire bouquet of these zinnias does not feel in any way repetitious – but rather bounteous and full. Add some of the other flowers to it, and you have something truly amazing.

Here Are Some Images of our Garden at the B&B

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