Camden Maine Bed & Breakfast Highlights or Some Reasons to Come

It is Fall, and we have a lot of fall foliage information on our sites. Including this site,, as well as is the site where we sell our famous bedding, as well as provide information of interest to those interested in our area – Camden Maine.

Bed & Breakfast Highlights

This is the season where the gardens are at their relaxed beautiful, but begin to decline. Our front yard has a nice exposure so the flowers are particularly beautiful this year. Soon we’ll be putting out our display of pumpkins and chrysanthemums for the season.

The bed & breakfast highlights are some of our guests’ comments from breakfast. New guests have been really pleased with the location. They also really enjoyed the bedding. I know this sounds like repetition, but we’d like to get the information out there so that prospective guests know. A guest from Texas received his sheets the other day, and sent back an email saying “I’m officially spoiled.” That’s the kind of sleep experience we’re proud of. There are some great events in Camden Maine you can check out on our other website.

Also, the Sugar Maple tree across the street, at the very top of its crown of foliage has begun to change. Why should this be relevant? Because it’s sleeping weather. The cool nights and sunny mild days are perfect weather for getting great sleep. Sleeping weather is another seasonal Bed & Breakfast highlight. Hot organic shade grown fair trade coffee is always a bed and breakfast highlight this time of year. There is something particularly comforting about the aroma and the feeling of good rich tasting hot coffee on a cool bright morning.

The apple picking season has officially begun, and River Ducks ice cream has closed for the season. Hot cocoa, mulled cider, and sweaters are becoming the thing now.

The blue of the sky is intense as well as the stars at night. The clear cool air is refreshing. We’ll be thinking of some new vegan specials that are fall oriented. I won’t reveal the surprise in case you’re one of our vegan guests. We have many of our usual favorites in store as well as some new ones.

Beth’s farm has their corn maze going. There are ghost tours. There are regular tours. Apple picking and of course, there is still lobster.

So to sum up some Bed & Breakfast highlights for this season:

  • Fall is coming
  • Apples are here
  • Strolls in the moonlight
  • Great sleep
  • Great breakfast
  • Hot coffee
  • Sweaters and flowers