Windward Inn Serves Fair Trade Coffee

Maine is getting a reputation for serving a great cup of coffee. Visitors to the midcoast of Maine and Camden in particular have several choices where to find the best cup of coffee in Camden Maine. But if you want to enjoy great coffee served by your hotel stay at the Windward Inn in the residential SoHi neighborhood of Camden. We’ve stayed at many different inns and B&Bs over the years and have found that the quality of coffee varies greatly. Coffee does not seem to be a priority at every lodging. The Windward Inn makes coffee a priority. We serve shade grown organic fair trade coffee that is locally roasted by master roasters.

Fair Trade Coffee Camden Maine Inn

Guests are greeted with a complimentary drink service. Its served in their room if they wish. They can also help themselves during the day to tea or cocoa. The fresh hot brewed coffee greets the day and accompanies scrumptious afternoon snacks in the afternoon. Our house blend is rich but not overpowering.

Breakfast Hour(s),

Windward Inn lets you relax when you are on vacation. With the longest breakfast time of any B&B – no appointments necessary! You can enjoy the fair trade Windward House blend coffee at your leisure.
Coffee service begins before breakfast. Guests may take a hot carafe back to their rooms.