BYOD at Windward Inn on SoHi

Camden Maine Free WiFi Hotel

Windward Inn on High Street is a Free WiFi hotel in Camden Maine.


Guests can bring their own devices at Windward Inn. BYOD at Windward Inn a Camden Maine Free WiFi Hotel that offers streaming-quality WiFi. With a 50 meg pipe and the latest wireless network guests can enjoy this boutique service. Four rooms are equiped with the latest Samsung smart tvs. With the download of a simple app to your device you can mirror your screen on the smart tvs. Watch the photos you just took from the top of Mt Battie, or the video you shot on the Schooner Heron on the smart tv in your room.
Even though not all rooms have smart tvs with screen mirroring technology, they all have HDMI inputs. So even if you haven’t booked one of our new smart tv rooms you can still enjoy super fast free WiFi and streaming of your own VUDU, HULU, Amazon or Netflix in your room.

Windward Inn Takes Free WiFi Seriously

While many inns offer free WiFi, check and see if its a 50 meg line. Chances are the lodging network can’t handle more than one or two guests BYOD’ing their netflix or amazon accounts. Many of our guests like to use their leisure time in the evening catching up on their favorite series. At the Windward Inn you don’t have to compromise on your streaming quality. And if you reserve a room with a Samsung smart tv. you don’t even need to BYOD. Simply use the app on the television screen to enjoy your own account.
Windward House B&B
Guest amenities at this Camden Maine B&B
Complimentary Breakfast
(complimentary) Offstreet Parking
and Free Wifi