Camden Inns and Airbnb Vacation in Maine

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Camden Inns and Airbnb Vacation in Maine

Camden Inns

Camden Inns and Airbnb’s offer lodging options in Camden Maine

The beautiful seaside village of Camden Maine has many lodging options. There are no big chain hotels in Camden, you have the options of Camden Inns and Airbnb. If you have never been to Camden before, you should familiarize yourself with the landscape. Do you want to be near the harbor. lake, park or downtown? there are many lovely vistas and locations. Whether you choose to stay in one of the many Camden Inns or a Camden Airbnb, you should be looking for location and ease of walkability to all of Camden’s delights. The ability to walk to your destinations in Camden Maine will enhance and maximize your time here. There are Camden Inns and Camden Airbnb options surrounding the epicenter of the harbor, state park and downtown. The village of Camden is said to be the most beautiful in Maine.

Although it might be nice to stay near Lake Megunticook or the Camden Hills, if you choose to stay at a lodging outside the downtown, you will have to deal with issues of parking and our attentive police presence. The parking in the downtown is 2 hours. The funny thing about the 2 hour parking limit is that the sail boat tours of the historic harbor in Camden are 2 hours long. For a guest to get to their boat on time, they have to park get to the downtown a 1/2 hour early and then plan on walking back to their car about a 1/2 hour after their trip ends, hence, the whole sailing adventure takes about 3 hours. When you get back to your car, you will have a ticket. I think the ticket is only $25.00, and to some that might not be a big chunk of change, but the nuisance of paying it will dampen you vacation. The police force in Camden is also very vigilant, and rightfully so, about drinking and driving in Camden. The police officers do a great job of identifying those that have been drinking in the many restaurants and bars in the downtown. Do yourself the favor of being able to walk back to your lodging and forget the car.

The difference between the Airbnb’s and the Camden Inns.

There are many listings on Airbnb for Camden Maine. Many of the listings on Airbnb are for full houses. If you are coming to Camden with  alot of family or friends, and staying for a full week, this is a great option. If you are coming for less than a week, you will have a problem finding options at AIrbnb. The Towns rules do not allow residential homes to rent out for less than a week. You can however stay at one of the many Camden Inns. The Inns are allowed to rent multiple rooms out nightly. If the listing is for one room in a home, it is considered a homestay. There are some really nice homestays in Camden Maine. Legally the homestays can rent 1 room in their house, but they are not allowed to serve breakfast. The serving of food is regulated in the state of Maine. If you want to be in a beautiful historic Camden home, try one of the Camden Inns. The Inns are dotted along the downtown of Camden, making them the perfect distance to all things Camden. The Inns are also all licensed to serve breakfast. If you are looking for a cheaper option in Camden, call the Inn and book directly. The online travel agents have created a market that the Camden Inns need to raise their prices due to travel agent fees. If you call direct and inquire about Book Direct rates, I am sure you can get a great deal from most of them. The Camden Inns can be more flexible than the Airbnb properties. Camden Inns and Airbnb can be great options, you will have to take the time to read about each and I am sure you will find a lodging that is best for you.