Winter wonderland

Camden Maine is beautiful in the winter. The town is quiet and cold. A winter wonderland is created by the historic homes that have smoke coming out of their original fireplaces and the trees are white with snow. Inside the residents wait out the cold days and nights by reading books and watching Netflix. The guests that come to the Inn in the winter usually are locals of Maine. We get some out- of- state guests but most are Mainers. Coming to Camden Maine in the winter can be a treat for those that live here because it is a walkable town. If you have a good pair of boots, you can walk up and down the main street and in and out of stores and restaurants. The Camden Windward House is near the Camden Public Library at the head of the harbor, central to all things Camden. Park your car in the back of the Inn and then enjoy the snowy paths leading to the downtown. No need to get back in your car. Here are some fun videos and photos of Camden Maine in the Winter. Have you ever seen smoke on the water?

In addition to the lazy nature of winter activites, sitting by the fire and reading, Camden Maine has skiing, down-hill and cross-country, winter hiking, conferences at the Camden Opera House, film festivals at the Strom auditorium, cooking classes at local restaurants, ice carving demonstrations, and toboggan nationals. Here are some fun videos and photos of Camden Maine in the Winter.