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Lighthouses and Lobster in Camden Maine

Did you know that Maine is sometimes referred to as the Lighthouse State? There are 65 lighthouses spread out over the coast of Maine. These lighthouses have led sailors home for hundreds of years. While staying in Camden Maine, here is a day trip itinerary for MidCoast Maine lighthouses and Lobster. It doesn’t get any better than – Lighthouse, lobster, bed and breakfast, coastal Maine

Wake up at Windward House, Camden Maine Bed and Breakfast. Walk out the front door and through the downtown. Walk up Bayview street to Beacon Road. You will pass the yacht club and Laite Beach along the way. Lighthouse lookout is the only public place in Camden Maine that you can see the lighthouse from the mainland. When you get to Beacon Road, look for a sign that says Lighthouse look out on a tree. The sign is small because it is a residential neighborhood. The sign will direct you to Town owned land that is maintained well. You will go down a small trail to a ledge that has a large tree stump that you can sit on and eat your lunch. You might see artists there painting pictures of the coastline and the lighthouse.

Curtis Island 1836/1896 – 26-foot white cylindrical tower. Camden Harbor entrance, view from Bay View Street, Camden. The Curtis Island lighthouse is my favorite lighthouse. You can kayak out to Curtis Island and walk around the island trail. The island is maintained very well. There is a swing in the middle of the island. You can sit and look out on the harbor on one of the many benches dotted along the trail.

Walk back to Windward and pick up the car. Drive South on Rt 1 to Rockland to the next Lighthouse.

Rockland Breakwater 1888/1902 – 18-foot white square tower atop fog signal house. North side, Rockland Harbor entrance, Rockland. Unfortunately, there are no signs for the Breakwater lighthouse when you are driving southbound on rt 1. When you drive into Rockland, you will see a Home Depot on your left. Go 2 traffic lights and make a left on Waldo Road. You will see a sign for the Samoset Resort there. Drive down Waldo Road until you get to your first right, it is lighthouse lane road. Make a right and drive to the end of the road. Park and walk out to the Breakwater lighthouse. Great place to take Instagram photos.

Get back in the car and head South. Take Rt 1 to Rt 73. Follow signs to the Owl’s head lighthouse. This lighthouse has a romantic history. there is a story that there was a shipwreck at this lighthouse in the winter. Search crews found a man and woman near the base of the lighthouse. The couple was embraced holding each other close. They seemed to be locked in a frozen embrace. The crew brought them to safety and they slowly warmed up and came back to life.

Owl’s Head Lighthouse 1825 – 20-foot white brick conical tower, south side entrance to Rockland Harbor, view from Lighthouse Road off Route 73.

While down near Owl’s Head Lighthouse, you can stop at Miller’s Lobster company. A traditional lobster pound.Highly recommend it. 

After dinner, drive back to Rockport Maine and stop in Rockport Harbor and you can either take trip on Schooner Heron out to see Indian Island lighthouse or just look out into the harbor and see it. Indian Island is a privately owned lighthouse. You can not get there. It is pretty to look out on Rockport Harbor. Rockport Harbor is a working harbor and you will see lobster boats and fishing nets.

Indian Island 1850/1874 – 31-foot white square tower, privately owned, no longer active. East side off Rockport Harbor entrance, view from Rockport Marine Park.

After seeing 4 lighthouses, I think it is time to return back to Windward and enjoy a wonderful sleep in your comfortable bed!

The next day think about taking a boat out to Isleboro for Grindel Point Lighthouse or drive south again to Marshall Point lighthouse. Marshal point lighthouse is where they filmed Forest Gump.