Get your phone or camera ready for these Instagram-Worthy places in Camden Maine

There are many Instagram-worthy places in Camden Maine. There are some obvious spots like Mt. Battie and the Camden Snow Bowl, but have you considered Curtis Island Lighthouse, Schooner Olad or Riverducks? Next time you are in Camden Maine, get your phone or camera ready for these amazing Instagram-worthy places.

1. Mount Battie

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Mt. Battie is in Camden Hills State Park. You can either hike up to the top or drive up the auto road from Rt. 1. The Mt. Battie Trail is a difficult but wonderful trail. There are even cairns (human-made stacks of rocks) along the route, also Instagram worthy. The lookout tower was just renovated and is picture ready.

2. Camden Snowbowl

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The Camden Snow Bowl is one of the best Instagram-Worthy places in the winter. The many trails and chairlifts offer many opportunities for fun pictures. The Camden Snow Bowl is open all year round. In the fall, the Camden Snow bowl operates the chairlift so you can see the fall foliage, also a great picture taking opportunity.

3. Schooner Olad

When in Camden, you must go out on the water. Camden is a beautiful harbor village. The historic wooden boats do 2-hour tours of the harbor. Sail past beautiful homes, a lighthouse, see harbor seals, ducks and visiting yachts. The captains of the ships always have great stories and sometimes ask for assistance raising the sails and driving the boat.

4. Curtis Island Light

If you can get out to Curtis Island Light, you will not regret it. There are so many Instagram-worthy spots on Curtis Island. Kayak or row out to the Island, dock, climb the wooden stairs and start your hike around the island. In the middle of the island is a single tree swing. It is a magical place. The show “How I Met Your Mother” filmed the marriage proposal scene at the Curtis Island Lighthouse. There are benches and look out points along the island hike.

5. The Camden Windward House Bed and Breakfast

If you come to Camden Maine you need to stay in a Bed and Breakfast. When you stay in a Bed and Breakfast you get the experience of staying in one of the historic residential homes on the coast. The Bed and Breakfasts of Camden have been renovating and preserving the charm of Camden for over 50 years. The Bed and Breakfast homes need to be owner occupied, so you are guaranteed to be staying with a local that knows all the ins and outs of Camden Maine. The Camden Windward House, which is a great location Bed and Breakfast, has many pictures taken of their menu breakfast. Windward House caters to all diets, but many come because this Inn has great Vegan options.

6. Camden Public Library

The Camden Public Library and the surrounding grounds are totally Instagram-Worthy spots in Camden Maine. Many pass by the CPL without stopping or going in. It is a beautiful building on the corners of Atlantic, High Street and Main Street in downtown Camden Maine. Go into the building and see the upstairs reading room. In the reading room, there is a wonderful large window that looks out onto the harbor. The lighting in the reading room is picture perfect. The grounds are meticulously kept. There are statues and trees that are great props for your pictures.

7. River Ducks Ice Cream

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Camden is ice cream central. There is an ice cream stand for every type of ice cream lover. If you prefer hard scoop ice cream, then Camden cone is your place. If you prefer soft serve then try River Ducks. The location of River Ducks is perfect for many different pictures. The little bridge, the River House gardens and the fun paint colors of the ice cream stand are fun to have in your pictures,

8. Maiden’s Cliff Summit


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Maiden’s Cliff was made for Instagram. The hike itself is fantastic and picture worthy. There are little streams and bridges that you cross along the way. Near the beginning of the trail there is a huge rock that many kids like to climb, can definately be used as a prop in a picture! Get up to the top and you can focus on the view or on the huge cross that is up there year round. Here is a link to the Maiden’s Cliff story.

9. Zoot Coffee

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Camden Maine is proud of their many small businesses. The local coffee shop is a favorite with locals. In Camden Maine, many rise and set with the sun. When rising early, coffee is a must.

10. Beech Hill Preserve

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Ok, ok, so Beech Hill Preserve is not in Camden Maine, but it literally 5 minutes from the town line. The stone hut with a sod roof at the top of the hill is Instagram- worthy. A wonderful hike through the blueberry fields culminates in beautiful views of Penobscot Bay.