Top five things to do before 10 AM in Camden Maine

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We Take Coffee Seriously

I feel obligated to tell guests that the residents of MidCoast Maine and Camden Maine rise with the sun and set with the sun. This is an important thing to know if you will be vacationing here. The locals have figured out that the landscape of land and sea is fantastic in the morning.The ocean is home to marine creatures and the mountain is the perfect nesting place for many feathered friends. In addition to the wildlife that is obvious in Camden Maine, the crew of the historic sailing ships in Camden harbor starts work at the crack of dawn. The sun rises from the east and if you sit on one of the benches down on the landing, you can enjoy the start of a beautiful day watching the sun rise. Camden Maine, Rise with the Sun Vacation Ideas.


Here is a list of early morning things to do this season. Camden Maine, Rise with the Sun Vacation Ideas.

  1. Fishing, Hunting, Hiking or visiting an island with a Maine Guide. The crew at Hand Adventures knows Maine. Hand Adventures knows the key places in MidCoast Maine to hunt, fish or journey by foot or boat. They will even have a camera guy follow and document your adventure for you. Instead of trying to figure out all the cool places to have a MidCoast Adventure, just call the expert Maine Guide, Hand Adventure.

2. Camden Harbor Cruises – Lobster Boat has added a morning boat ride. The Morning Haul 1 hour interactive lobster boat fishing demonstration.  Help haul, bait & re-set our lobster pots.  This cruise is for anyone looking for a hands-on experience Departure times are: July 1st-September 15th: 9:30am – $30.00 per person

3. The 4-hour Kayak Harbor to Harbor Tour.  Starting at 9am, Meet at the Rockport Maine Sports shop and be shuttled over to Rockport Harbor. Follow the rocky coastline between the two most beautiful harbors in MidCoast Maine.

4. Have a cup of coffee in the Camden Deli. The Camden Deli has wonderful views of Camden Harbor and Curtis Island. Their location over the famous Camden waterfall makes it a great place to sit and have a cup of coffee. Watch the ducks and the boats from the warmth of the lovely deli.

5. Morning Sail. Schooner Olad’s first trip is at 9:45AM. The trip according to their website is the best time to see wildlife, The day normally starts out cool, year round, so it is also the best time to go out and not be too hot or get a sunburn. You get back 11:45AM. Have lunch and then relax for the rest of the day – until sunset. Watch the sun set and go to bed so you can get up early again the next day.

Breakfast at the Camden Windward House starts at 7:30AM, coffee is on at 7AM.