The Camden Yacht Club Dingy Parade is today Friday July 2nd, 2010 at 10:00am. The community children go out on boats in the harbor all decorated for the fourth. My daughter, Hope, is dressed like George Washington. She is wearing a pair of my nice black leather boats! If she ruins them I will scream, anyway what we do for our children and our country! God Bless America!

This is my post from last year 2009: I will write about the wonderful Camden Yacht Club dingy parade and add some pictures, but first i want to share some fourth of July history that I learned this evening. I was googling about Elijah Glover, the ship builder that built this Inn and I found out that he was not only a ship builder but a sea captain. More interesting than that, there is documentation that there was a family wedding here on the 4th of July 1854, the same year he finished building the house. I find great joy in this news, because it further proves to me that this house was always great for hosting groups of people and sharing wonderful moments.

The children dressed in red, white and blue and set out on their dingys, turn abouts and optys. They waved their flags, blew their wistles and yelled happy 4th of July. All of this took place in Camden Harbour. The rain stopped for their wonderul parade. It probally is the cutest thing you can witness.