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bed and breakfast highlights moonlit strollBed & Breakfast Highlights or Some Reasons to Come

It is Fall, and we have a lot of fall foliage information on our sites. Including this site,, as well as is the site where we sell our famous bedding, as well as provide information of interest to those interested in our area – Camden Maine.

Bed & Breakfast Highlights

This is the season where the gardens are at their relaxed beautiful, but begin to decline. Our front yard has a nice exposure so the flowers are particularly beautiful this year. Soon we’ll be putting out our display of pumpkins and chrysanthemums for the season.

The bed & breakfast highlights are some of our guests’ comments from breakfast. New guests have been really pleased with the location. They also really enjoyed the bedding. I know this sounds like repetition, but we’d like to get the information out there so that prospective guests know. A guest from Texas received his sheets the other day, and sent back an email saying “I’m officially spoiled.” That’s the kind of sleep experience we’re proud of. There are some great events in Camden Maine you can check out on our other website.

Also, the Sugar Maple tree across the street, at the very top of its crown of foliage has begun to change. Why should this be relevant? Because it’s sleeping weather. The cool nights and sunny mild days are perfect weather for getting great sleep. Sleeping weather is another seasonal Bed & Breakfast highlight. Hot organic shade grown fair trade coffee is always a bed and breakfast highlight this time of year. There is something particularly comforting about the aroma and the feeling of good rich tasting hot coffee on a cool bright morning.

The apple picking season has officially begun, and River Ducks ice cream has closed for the season. Hot cocoa, mulled cider, and sweaters are becoming the thing now.

The blue of the sky is intense as well as the stars at night. The clear cool air is refreshing. We’ll be thinking of some new vegan specials that are fall oriented. I won’t reveal the surprise in case you’re one of our vegan guests. We have many of our usual favorites in store as well as some new ones.

Beth’s farm has their corn maze going. There are ghost tours. There are regular tours. Apple picking and of course, there is still lobster.

So to sum up some Bed & Breakfast highlights for this season:

Fall is coming Apples are here Strolls in the moonlight Great sleep Great breakfast Hot coffee Sweaters and flowers
garden b&b (20)Is Windward House a Garden B&B?

I was at the post office when a couple walked over and said “we have been taking pictures of your flowers all morning.” Thank you Johnny’s Selected Seeds I think to myself. But really at our garden B&B we do more than buy the seeds. We tend the seedlings and the garden all spring in the hopes that it will be pleasing to our guests, and everyone who passes our house. My dad was a farmer growing up, and he’d spend his weekends and the time occasionally after work growing things. He loves flowers, and I guess that rubbed off on me because now my B&B is a garden B&B. I suggest to anyone who gardens to grow cutting flowers. They are spectacular in the garden, but when cut and arranged in a bouquet the beauty of the flowers is really underscored and appreciated.

Secrets to a Great Cutting Flower Garden at our Garden B&B

Although the sunflowers have not yet blossomed we have been enjoying cut flowers in our breakfast room and throughout the B&B most of the summer. Windward House has a lot of garden beds and many great perennials to cut for bouquets. Snow white hydrangeas, lilys, daisys, astilbe, heliopsis all come back year after year and provide blossoms foliage and textures for our bouquets of cut flowers. This year we decided to make our garden larger, and I bought the Johnny’s selected seeds cut-flower mix. This mix includes sunflowers, cosmos and zinnias. There are 1000 seeds, so, make sure you have the room to plant them all. The flowers so far, are spectacularly beautiful. And even though we don’t sell flowers – we use them at our Inn. They are great for decorat are ting the dining room, as well as making special arrangements for guests celebrating their anniversary, birthday, or honeymooning couples. The colors of the cosmos are amazing. But the flowers are delicate and don’t have the staying power of the zinnias. Johnny’s Giant Dahlia Flowered Mix zinnia seeds have a coloring variety that feels to the eye like a satisfying vanishing point in a painting. An entire bouquet of these zinnias does not feel in any way repetitious – but rather bounteous and full. Add some of the other flowers to it, and you have something truly amazing.

Here Are Some Images of our Garden at the B&B

garden b&b (1)

garden b&b (2)

garden b&b (3)

garden b&b (4)

garden b&b (5)

garden b&b (6)

garden b&b (7)

garden b&b (8)

garden b&b (9)

garden b&b (10)

garden b&b (11)

garden b&b (12)

garden b&b (13)

garden b&b (14)

garden b&b (15)

garden b&b (16)

garden b&b (17)

garden b&b (18)

garden b&b (19)

garden b&b (20)

garden b&b (21)

garden b&b (22)

garden b&b (23)

garden b&b (24)

garden b&b (25)

garden b&b (26)

garden b&b (27)

garden b&b (28)

garden b&b (29)

garden b&b (30)

garden b&b (31)

garden b&b (32)

garden b&b (33)

garden b&b (34)

garden b&b (35)

garden b&b (36)

garden b&b (37)

garden b&b (38)

garden b&b (39)

garden b&b (40)

garden b&b (41)

Apple Pancake Recipe

Apple Picking During the WIndward House’ Fall Foliage and Leaf Peeping Pantacular

Leaf Peeping and Fall Foliage in Camden Maine

With the breathtaking views from the Camden Hills state park if you want to leaf peep in Maine Camden is a nice place to visit. Many of the historic homes are accented by the foliage of sugar maples lining the streets. It is a wonderful time of year to see Camden. Leaf Peeping and Fall Foliage in Camden Maine are also great for apple recipes.

Windward House Apple Walnut Pancakes We’re getting ready for our Leaf Peepers here at the Windward House. Sure it’s a little early for ordinary folks to think about, but really it’s just a few short weeks away. While there is still plenty of brilliant sunshine, lake swimming, and blooming flowers, here in Camden, soon the leaves will turn and it is the time of year when thoughts turn to the fall colors, warm sweaters, robin’s egg blue skies, the smell of apples simmering in a magical concoction of rum, cinnamon, brown sugar and butter. If you your loved one, or kids are a little glum on a dark morning, or are excited about the unfolding beautiful fall day, Celebrate! With this great recipe. Kristi says it warms the cockles of your heart, and I agree. When you have a forkful, with melting butter and a little Maine maple syrup, you literally can feel the warmth spread inside you and when it reaches the cockles. Goes awfully well with naturally raised pork maple sausages or naturally raised uncured hickory smoked bacon!

Pancake Recipe

So without further adieu – here it is, one of our Fall Foliage Pantacular recipes – Windward House Apple Walnut Pancakes Makes six quarter cup batter pancakes 2 McIntosh Apples 1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar, Dark Rum, Walnuts, Butter Dry pancake mix with four or five drops of fresh lemon juice (substitute for milk, half whole organic milk, and half powdered milk, the purpose is to leave the batter a little dry to accommodate the apple mixture)

Put apple stuff into a pan, apples, nuts, rum, sugar, butter and sprinkle with cinnamon – I use a non-stick pan, to keep the sugar from sticking. Put a lid on, preferably a clear lid so you can observe what’s going on inside the pan. Cook at high heat until it all bubbles together and the apples are slightly soft, but not mush.

With the pancake mix prepared but very thick add a little bit of water, and then while very hot and bubbling add the apple mix. Mix thoroughly. Using a scoop or quarter cup measure scoop out batter onto a preheated 325 degree griddle. The smell of the sautéing apples and cinnamon will brighten your day, even if you feel too guilty to eat these pantacular pancakes!

Reserve Your Leaf Peeping and Fall Foliage in Camden Maine Today! Zardetto Prosecco Sparkling White Wine $15.00 Compare White Wine 90+ Cellars Sauvignon Blanc $13.00 Compare Organic Prosecco Zardetto $18.00 Compare Merlot J. Lohr Estates Los Osos Merlot $15.00 Compare Atlantic Brewing Bar Harbor Ale Local Maine Beer $3.00 Compare Zardetto Prosecco Sparkling White Wine $15.00 Compare White Wine 90+ Cellars Sauvignon Blanc $13.00 Compare Organic Prosecco Zardetto $18.00 Compare Merlot J. Lohr Estates Los Osos Merlot $15.00 Compare Atlantic Brewing Bar Harbor Ale Local Maine Beer $3.00 Compare Windward House Windrose Suite Free! Compare Windward House Quarterdeck Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Harbor Carriage Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Elijah Glover Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Crows Nest Suite Free! Compare Windward House Coastal Garden Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Chart Room Suite Free! Compare Windward House Brass Room Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Complimentary Breakfast Free! Compare
Apple Pancake Recipe for Fall Warms Your Cockles

Camden Maine is a uniquely situated place on Midcoast Maine. The nearby towns of Hope, Appleton, Warren, Union, Montville, and also Camden have many small family farms. Honey, cranberries, blueberries and also apples are all within a short drive. Every fall when apple picking starts we have our fall pantacular breakfast special to celebrate one of the most breathtaking times of year. We serve hot apple-cranberry crumbles, apple walnut pancakes and salmon waffles to celebrate the season. Our Apple Pancake Recipe is a great way to warm up inside on a cool autumn morning. Serve with warm Maine maple syrup and organic butter. The aromas that fill your kitchen are enough to warm the heart. This is the recipe used at the Windward House B&B in Camden Maine.

Reasons to Come to Maine in the Fall season…

Fresh Air Fall Foliage & A View

Relaxed Time of Year The atmosphere is not as harried as summer There are fresh apples and pears The fall foliage is spectacular

Apple Picking During the Windward House’ Fall Foliage and Leaf Peeping Pantacular

Apple Walnut Pancakes are just one of our pancake recipes. A note about pancake mixes. Many of the mixes are convenient ways to make pancakes. If you’re not using large amounts and pre-mixing the pancake mix they work fine. Our menu item includes vegan and vegetarian options, so we must have organic mix. Sometimes I pre-make the mix from scratch and sometimes I use an organic pancake mix. The recipe is simple, but it is what you do with it that counts. For this Apple Pancake Recipe I am going to use a pre-made mix to make it easier for home cooks. Although this mix is organic, it has powdered milk and so is not suitable for vegan diets. I will post another Apple Pancake Recipe recipe that is suitable for vegans. Makes 5-7 4″ Pancakes Ingredients

Maple Grove Farms Organic Pancake Mix – 1 cup Organic Whole Milk – 1/3 cup Organic fed humanely raised egg – 1 egg Fresh lemon – four-five drops or 1 teaspoon 2 small apples – a red variety works best, although they don’t have to be “baking apples”. Firm small fresh and ripe are the best. Brown Sugar – 1/2 cup Chopped Walnuts – 1/2 cup Butter – 1 tablespoon Rum – 1 teaspoon

Directions: Put the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add fresh lemon juice. Add the milk, then the egg, and mix roughly. Do not mix completely, because you are going to add the apples. Peel and core the apples. I use one of those mechanical apple-corer-peelers. It makes nice uniform slices of apple. Sometimes you have to remove the odd bit of peel or seed. In a nonstick pan add the butter, apples, sprinkle cinnamon generously onto the apple slices, add the nuts, brown sugar and rum. Cover the pan with a lid. Put the pan on medium high heat until the sugar bubbles. You may have to move it around to keep parts from cooking unevenly. The apples will steam in the apple juice. Once it bubbles the apples should be tender enough. As though you were creaming cookies, dump the apple mixture into the batter and mix quickly. Then put dollops of the still hot mix onto your griddle or large pan. The pan or griddle should be at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The sugars in this recipe can cause some pans to stick. I find that the temperature of my griddle and letting them cook sufficiently before flipping almost guarantees a minimal amount of sticking. Because the hot apple mixture has already begun to cook the batter, they don’t need too long to cook on the griddle. Watch them and flip them a couple of times, but don’t overcook them.

Special Moments About this Apple Pancake Recipe

When you remove the lid from the steaming pan of apples – Ahh! the scent that fills the kitchen. Cinnamon, apples.

So When Are You Coming to Camden? Windward House Quarterdeck Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Crows Nest Suite Free! Compare Windward House Brass Room Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Elijah Glover Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Coastal Garden Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Windrose Suite Free! Compare Windward House Harbor Carriage Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Chart Room Suite Free! Compare Complimentary Breakfast Free! Compare Windward House Quarterdeck Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Crows Nest Suite Free! Compare Windward House Brass Room Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Elijah Glover Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Coastal Garden Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Windrose Suite Free! Compare Windward House Harbor Carriage Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Chart Room Suite Free! Compare Complimentary Breakfast Free! Compare Organic Prosecco Zardetto $18.00 Compare Zardetto Prosecco Sparkling White Wine $15.00 Compare Atlantic Brewing Bar Harbor Ale Local Maine Beer $3.00 Compare White Wine 90+ Cellars Sauvignon Blanc $13.00 Compare Merlot J. Lohr Estates Los Osos Merlot $15.00 Compare Organic Prosecco Zardetto $18.00 Compare Zardetto Prosecco Sparkling White Wine $15.00 Compare Atlantic Brewing Bar Harbor Ale Local Maine Beer $3.00 Compare White Wine 90+ Cellars Sauvignon Blanc $13.00 Compare Merlot J. Lohr Estates Los Osos Merlot $15.00 Compare


Camden Maine B&B With Many AmenitiesCamden Maine B&B With Many Amenities

We’ve checked in many guests over the years. You may be surprised to learn the most common first question asked. Where do I park? I remember on our honeymoon, we stayed in a small fortified town in the south of France. It had a small fort on a promontory overlooking the harbor. The maritime alps towered over the town, and the village was arranged in terraced levels that rose up from the waterfront. The little narrow lanes netted their way through an ancient wall, stone houses, hotels and eventually a railroad tunnel. Where do we park? I thought as we wended our way through streams of traffic that did not cohere to any particular pattern. Although I spoke a little French, of course, it was difficult to communicate with any fluency. We parked, checked in to Hotel Welcome, and relaxed. It turned out that parking was illegal all around our hotel. It was just too small narrow and busy to accommodate cars. We enjoyed the place in ignorant bliss for two days until a man straight out of a ’50s movie ran up to us speaking very quickly in French. He was older, maybe in his ’50s, with a grey shadow of a beard, a beret and a striped shirt (no kidding). He had a moped and he was urging me to get on it and take a ride somewhere. I finally pieced together that someone had scratched our car, and he wanted to bring me to the perpetrator. I got on the back of the moped leaving behind my young new wife buzzing down the wharf to god knows where. The man gunned the moped quickly to a breakneck speed. I began to wonder if I had made a good decision. I asked him to stop, but he didn’t seem to hear me. I began to worry. Suddenly a group of tourists flocked into the street slowing almost to a stop. He beeped at them and tried to gun the thing, but before he could rocket off again, I got off. It was at that moment that I thought if I don’t get off this thing I may never see my wife again! I jumped off the moped. The man shouted at me to get back on – that we must pursue the evil person who dented my rental car. I declined and walked four blocks back to where my wife stood waiting. Well – if you’re interested in a B&B in Camden Maine which has convenient off street parking, Windward House is it. We are really close to downtown and you will never be whisked away by a stranger on a moped! But now I realize why one of the first questions guests ask when they are welcomed here at Windward House is “where do I park?” The answer is, relax, get settled, and park in our lot!

Other Amenities Standard at the Windward House B&B The best lodging for the Camden International Film Festival The best lodging for the PopTech Conference The best lodging for the Camden Conference Air Conditioning Hair Dryers Cable TV En Suite Off Street Parking Irons and Ironing Boards Afternoon Home Baked Snacks Ice Machine Free WiFi Did we mention you can walk to everything in town?
Gluten Free Strawberry Cheddar Scone RecipeSheepscot General at Uncas Farms & Gluten-Free Strawberry Cheddar Scone Recipe Organic Strawberries

The number one fruit that all the experts say you should choose organic is strawberries. You eat the whole fruit, it has no protective rind and it grows low to the ground – so you should always eat only organic strawberries. The Uncas Farm grows organic strawberries. You can pick your own. It is located at 98 Townhouse Road in Whitfield Maine. The website is Their email is We got there at the tail end of the first picking. This made it a challenge, but also the strawberries were at the peak of ripeness. These sweet delicious organic strawberries are taste like a remembered childhood first strawberry and a visit to the Uncas Farm for strawberry picking and the treats at the General Store is a great trip. This recipe works because the strawberries are at their peak of ripeness and sweetness. The cheddar is good aged cheddar. Our guests are always looking for recipes, and here is one I think you will enjoy – Gluten Free Strawberry Cheddar Scone Recipe. Sheepscot General Store and Cafe This general store in Whitfield Maine has great stuff. Kristi brought home fresh baked bread, local meat and produce, organic food, organic locally made soaps, organic produce from Uncas farm – including kale, and a wonderful café. They have a peanut grinder to make your own peanut butter! There is a pleasant comfortable seating area in the café where you can enjoy the food. The menu is online if you’re curious. Pick Your Own Strawberries – Here’s the thing to do… If you plan on going picking – obviously check the weather. But call first as well to make sure that the strawberries are ripe and ready and that the field has not been picked clean. Kristi wen on July 10, 2014. Generally the first week in July to about the beginning of August if the farm staggered its crops.

Gluten Free Strawberry Cheddar Scone Recipe

Gluten Free Mix While you can experiment with mixes, we’ve found that Pamela’s is a good reliable mix. We get consistent results, with a little tweaking, that our guests really enjoy. We use it in our pancakes, waffles, and scones. Windward House Bed and Breakfast Gluten Free Strawberry Cheddar Cheese Scone Recipe Pamela’s Scone recipe is on the back of the bag. But I will add to it here our little additions. Ingredients: 2 ¼ cups Pamela’s pancake mix 1/3 cup of organic sugar 1 tsp baking powder 4 tablespoons butter 2/3 cup of milk 1 cup Chopped organic strawberries, very ripe 1 cup Crumbled aged cheddar preferably organic 1 egg, large beaten Bacon fat or beef fat Yield: 10 scones. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Mix the dry ingredients. Add a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice to the dry mix. Whisk it in. Cut in the butter. Add the milk and eggs combining all together with a fork. The dough should be thick. Heat the fat until it is liquid. Take a large muffin pan or a scone pan, and using a teaspoon drip in the bacon fat or the beef fat into the cups of the muffin or scone pan. Fill each muffin cup in the muffin pan with one half of the scone batter. Spoon in strawberries and cheese, and then fill the cup the rest of the way with the scone batter. Bake for 15-17 minutes until the scones are light golden brown outside, and all batter is baked. You may judge with a toothpick. You may eat them hot or cooled. A great breakfast idea is to poach and egg, cut open the hot scones and put the egg inside the crater. Serve as is, or with a dollop of fresh hollandaise. Man! That is delicious!

organic strawberry

organic strawberries at the peak of ripenessGluten Free Strawberry Cheddar Scone Recipe

kristi and jesse strawberry field

hope and jesse in strawberry field

bring the kids to pick your own berriesGluten Free Strawberry Cheddar Scone Recipe

Amenities At This Camden Maine Bed and Breakfast

A very common question of prospective guests who call our Inn is “does the room have a bathroom?” This made me think that perhaps it would be a good idea to have a simple list of the amenities of all of our rooms. And so, without further adieu… Camden Maine Bed and Breakfast Room Amenities

Available in All Rooms

Private Bathrooms – Yes. this B&B does not have any shared bathrooms. Each room has its own bathroom complete with a shower. Some rooms also have baths. Air Conditioning – Yes. All rooms have air conditioning T.V. – Yes. All rooms have t.v.s that can be viewed from the bed, and the suites have 2 t.v.s one in the bedroom and one in the sitting room Cable – Yes. All rooms have basic Time Warner Cable television service. WiFi – Yes. Free WiFi is available in every room as well as the backyard. Hair Dryers – Yes. All rooms are equipped with hair dryers. Irons & Ironing Boards – Yes. All rooms are equipped with ironing boards and irons for pressing. Off-Street Parking – Yes. All rooms have a parking place that is off street. Complimentary Breakfast – Yes. All rooms come with a complimentary breakfast. Cork Screws & Wine Glasses – Yes. All rooms come with wine service for two. Price Your Stay Now! Camden Maine Bed and Breakfast Room Amenities in the Common Areas Refrigerator Ice Machine Hot Water Dispenser Tea & Cocoa Afternoon Snacks Hiking Map Guest Computer Camden Maine Bed and Breakfast Room Amenities in Some and Not All Rooms Include Mini-Fridge Gas-Fired Woodburning Stove Fireplaces Single Person Jacuzzi Jet Tub Private Decks Private Entrances Extra Pullout Sofa

General Room Information Bed Sizes – King, Queen and Two Twin Beds (see room details or give us a call to ask)

Windward House Quarterdeck Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Crows Nest Suite Free! Compare Windward House Brass Room Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Elijah Glover Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Coastal Garden Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Windrose Suite Free! Compare Windward House Harbor Carriage Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Chart Room Suite Free! Compare Complimentary Breakfast Free! Compare Windward House Quarterdeck Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Crows Nest Suite Free! Compare Windward House Brass Room Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Elijah Glover Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Coastal Garden Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Windrose Suite Free! Compare Windward House Harbor Carriage Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Chart Room Suite Free! Compare Complimentary Breakfast Free! Compare Price Your Stay Now!
How to Get A Great Night's Sleep Bed And Breakfast“We Sell Sleep”

When we first began innkeepering we discovered that bedding was very important. I remember the moment I realized that there were almost as many ways to make a bed as there are people. This is not a statement on personal eccentricity, but rather a recognition of the importance and uses of bedclothes. Bed-making can be a form of decorating. There are unified sets of shams and sheets, there are duvet’s, bedcovers, quilts, comforters and bedskirts. There are also different weight comforters. There are feather filled comforters as well as feather beds. Also, there are mattress covers, mattress toppers and feather bed cases – kind of like pillow cases for feather beds. How to Get A Great Night’s Sleep at a Bed And Breakfast? We suggest you stay with us, and than let us know what you think. We looked at and experimented with combinations of all of the above. Our beds range from standard king sized beds to standard queens, to twins and even one california king sized bed.

Our Beds Are an Attraction for our Inn

We were determined to make our beds an attraction and a feature of our inn. How to do it? We could make them very stylish. This would involve pattern

We Sell Our Sheets on

matching and appealing to the eye. We attempted this. Style and matching are talents and skills. Do not let anyone tell you it is easy to decorate. Decorating a bed is no different. It requires a knack. Some people have that knack and some don’t. We learned a lot about decorating beds from looking at books, and online, and catalogs. We were able with much difficulty to make some nice arrangements. But in the end we decided that it was not worth the trouble. Why? Because the tendency when too much effort is put into the way a bed looks, the tactile features, which we think are more important, get neglected. Why should this be so? Because a great deal of the fabrics and patterns used to make a bed look great get in the way of enjoying sleeping on it. Many of the fanciful covers and duvets, not to mention stylish pillows, are not meant to be touched or slept on. We decided to focus our attention on making a bed in a way that would give the best possible sleep. Of course we want our beds to be attractive. However, in the balance between appearance and touch and support, we have overwhelmingly tipped our scale toward comfort. Sure the beds look inviting, but they are not a style statement by any stretch. And that’s fine, because once we finally arrived on a formula for sleep comfort – our guest comments on how great a night sleep they get has skyrocketed.

How to Get A Great Night’s Sleep Bed And Breakfast

We have stayed at other hotels as have our guests. We have stayed and Bed and Breakfasts, Country Inns, many very fine, and highly rated lodgings (although mostly before we became parents!) and we found that most of these lodgings do not have high quality high thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets. Only at one hotel on our honeymoon in France on St Jean Cap Ferrat. Even many top rated and high star rated hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts did not have really great sheets. We touch tested a lot of sheets, and found that the most comfortable sheets were high thread count Egyptian cotton. We quickly learned why so few lodgings use really great sheets. The reason? They are expensive. Anything you use for your business is subject to a cost-benefit analysis for budgeting. How much should we spend on sheets? Ultimately we decided to spend much more than most lodgings and getting a much higher quality product. Our sheets are hand pressed and high thread count Egyptian cotton. After about the hundredth time a guest asked where they could buy the sheets we use, we decided to sell them. You can get high quality Egyptian cotton sheets at our website We source the very best and stand by our product, so you can buy with confidence. We’re happy to help you pick the best sheets, and bedclothes, for your home or your own luxury bedding lodging. You can learn more about how to buy bed sheets at our site.

So – come to our Inn and test drive before your buy!

We offer a great discount to any of our guests – so if you’ve stayed here, just drop us a line or give a call for your order, and we’ll give you the discount code or take your order over the phone! If you have any questions, please let use know – we sell sleep and we’re happy to help!

Room Add Ons at Windward HouseThe Easy Way to a Great Stay – Room Add Ons Wine, champagne, kayak rentals, chocolate covered strawberries, fresh flower bouquets are just a click away.

There are several ways to order Room Add Ons with your reservation. While booking your room during the online reservation process. Over the telephone with Kristi or Jesse. You may also send an email after you have reserved a room. Order Right On Our Reservation System

The Enhancements section of the reservation process is divided into Add On Packages, and Extras. Packages are other itinerary items added on to the room. Extras are goods or services we sell with a room. There are touring ideas, as well as food and romance ideas that you can add with the click of a button. We have a secure online reservation system. Once you click on the “Reservations” link in the top navigation, or the “Check Availability & Rates” button on the room pages you will be taken to a calendar. There you may select the nights of your intended stay, and the rooms that are available, and the rates for those nights will display. Once you’ve chosen your room, you will be taken to a screen called “Enhancements”. The Enhancements screen has some tabs within it for Packages, food, and other items you can add on to your room reservation. Since some of the add ons require preparation, it is always best to add them when making the reservation. But, usually we can accommodate most room Add Ons with a day’s notice.

Choose Add Ons With Room

Special Occasions Welcome

Many of our guests have come to Camden to celebrate a special occasion. Anniversaries, birthdays, honeymoons, – all kinds of special moments. And we are glad to help you with your arrangements.

Here are a few of our room Add Ons Kayak Rental for Two (Tandem Kayak) Champaign Prosecco Wine Local Artisan Cheese Plate Local Beer Sampler Full and Large Fresh Flower Bouquets Chocolate Covered Strawberries (handmade) Vegan Chocolate Covered Strawberries Boat to Table Lobster Package Elephant’s of Hope Package

And more…

Have a question?

feel free to call we're here to help!

final compare windowCompare Room Feature

Compare Room Feature

We have recently added a great new feature called Compare. With compare you can see a side by side comparison of the features of the rooms you select to compare. Simply add the rooms you want to the Compare and see which room has the combination of features you’re interested in. There’s a link next to the names of each room, and in the room lists beneath the pages that says “compare”. Simply click on that link or button and after you’ve have done that with different rooms, you will have a neat box showing a side by side comparison. The Compare Room Feature is a great way to quickly see the main differences between the rooms.

Recently Viewed

Another great new feature of our website is the recently viewed rooms. As you page through the site, if you’ve looked at one of the room pages, and then navigated away, a small image and name of the room will appear in the sidebar showing all the rooms that you’ve recently viewed so you can return to the one’s you may want a second look at, and remember what you have seen already. Have a question?

feel free to call we're here to help!

filter room by has features to make it easy to find the best room for you quickly and easily. Filter Rooms By Feature

Filter Rooms

On the All Rooms page you can filter the rooms by Bed Size, Floor, and Max Occupancy. To filter our B&B rooms simply look to the left of the page and you’ll notice headings with those words. Simply click on the link next to the term. For instance, if you’re looking for all the rooms with a King sized bed, click on that link, and you’ll see a page with only those rooms. If you’re interested only in ground floor rooms, simply do the same thing with that term.

We know how stressful planning a trip can be. That’s why we have added many features to our website to let you quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. The Filter By Rooms feature allows you to sort through our rooms finding the one that has the features you want. You can filter by Bed Size, the floor level the room is on or by the Max Occupancy – which is the maximum number of people permitted to stay in the room.

Have a question?

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Sorry! We do not allow dogs or other pets in our B&B. Unfortunately we simply cannot. But you can find dog friendly hotels in Camden Maine. For dog friendly hotels and B&Bs in Camden Maine check this website. Although we love dogs we do not allow them in our guest rooms. We have had many guests who have serious allergies so we cannot permit dogs or cats or other pets in the inn.

For information about dog friendly hotels in Camden Maine, including rates and booking information, check out

sticky rice with coconut milk cinnamon and maple syrup vegan vegetarian and gluten free breakfast optionsGluten-free breakfast B&B What is a Commitment to Gluten-Free?

The Camden Windward House is the only menu option B&B in Camden. Because of that, Gluten-Free is always an option. You never have to call ahead or explain your diet or condition. Your diet is your business, don’t let it become a long discussion with Innkeepers.  At Windward we take every diet seriously and have made accommodations to be mindful of issue of cross contamination.

Our Gluten-Free commitment is part of a larger commitment to our guests. My husband and I sometimes wonder, when we see what other free breakfast options are being offered if we do too much. Our breakfast, after all, is complimentary. And yet we offer an entire made to order menu that starts every day with fresh, typically organic, fruit. A couple years back when guests began to ask about gluten free we investigated it. In the beginning we were skeptical of the value and validity of the claims. After all, fad diets come and go – is this really something we should invest in? Was there really a health issue? Were people really sick? It turns out that there is a lot of proof that gluten is not healthy for you. Aside and apart from the sufferers of Celiac disease, apparently there is a link to mental function and other possible problems. The stuff I read indicates that Celiac disease makes it difficult for the body to absorb certain necessary nutrients. This can lead to other problems like affective disorders, mental fog and depression. We were the first B&B in Camden to have a gluten free breakfast. And as far as I know, we are still the only B&B or lodging in Camden that offers such a breakfast – serving gluten free breakfasts every day, and not as a special request.

Gluten-Free Breakfast at the Windward House, You Are What You Eat

Kristi Picking Organic Strawberries for Windward House Breakfast

The old adage “You are what you eat” has a lot of truth in it. We at the Windward House have long been advocates of certain principles when it comes to eating. We believe that positive change is going to come from people voluntarily changing the way they spend their money. That’s part of the motto on the front page of our website – “Small Local Organic.” Just imagine how many of the problems of our society would disappear if people only bought from small local businesses? Small local businesses are the backbone of this country, and their independence and sometimes their downright eccentricity is what is going to make our country great again. For us that means changing what we eat. That first step is about eating healthy non-toxic humanely, locally grown food. It is that belief that underlies the breakfast we serve. While we serve naturally raised local bacon and sausage, we also have a great deal of respect for people whose commitment goes further. People who won’t eat any meat not purely for health reasons, but ethical reasons. People who won’t eat fish, also for ethical reasons. The same holds true for gluten-free foods. And for many people it is a real health problem. The sufferers of Celiac disease literally suffer when they eat gluten. That’s why we are committed to providing a menu that includes gluten-free menu items and specials daily. Every day. And we take great pride when a guest asks to speak to Jesse to get his gluten-free recipe because, as they say, “we just haven’t been able to make it that good at home!”

Commitment to Gluten-Free Because We Eat it Too!

We Eat the Breakfast At Windward House

Yeah – we know it’s only breakfast but if you can’t do that right, well…. The truth is anything we cook for our guests we regularly cook for our children. Jesse and I both agree that multi-grains are better than a monolithic diet of high gluten bleached white flour. So our kids love our gluten-free pancakes and waffles and all their Maine permutations of blueberries and maple, and warm sticky rice with coconut and maple. Also the eggs benedict, the green smoothies, the gluten free cereals and all the other stuff that we serve, what people choose to order for breakfast at the Windward House. We believe in it so much that we started another company called At you can find gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, organic, fair trade, vegetarian and vegan products.

A Commitment to Choice

Another one of our commitments that subsumes our gluten-free commitment is our belief that a fundamental core characteristic of what it means to be American is having a choice. I know it isn’t fashionable to speak about what’s American, but if choice ain’t it I don’t know what is! That’s another reason why we serve a menu breakfast, an organic, local ingredient, with Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-free options breakfast. And yes, you can get both bacon and sausage with your order! And yes, for us, it is more expensive, but it’s about choice. This may sound silly, or a little bit high blown for the topic of breakfast, but the fact is, if you believe in something, it should be translated into each and every decision you make from the smallest to the largest. Good stuff comes from the ground up – from what you believe, from who you are. That’s what the Windward House is all about.

Link to one of our gluten-free breakfast options


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Hand written thank you note on smiling cow bag

We are getting ready for the fall season. Putting up places to leaf peep, and things to do in Autumn when Labor Day and Windjammer Dayshaven’t come yet makes you feel time passing. You can feel it beginning to cool off, soon the tomatoes will be ripe, the corn will be ready, (if some creature doesn’t eat it first) and Hope’s majestic giant pumpkin patch will probably inundate the entire back lot soon, before they turn orange for her big Fall season finally, and we start to think about the summer. It seems like just yesterday she bought giant pumpkin seeds

Hope’s giant pumpkin plant attacking our larch tree … number 1, the larch

from the hardware store and planted them in peat pots in the boy’s bedroom. It’s amazing how they have taken off after a little tlc from her grandfather. Summer’s in Maine frequently bring to mind the old saw about how as soon as you realize what it is, how beautiful and special it is, it’s already begun to end. The day after the solstice after all is when the days begin to shorten again. And here in the Midcoast the days begin to shorten precipitously after September. We get a little introspective with all the work and ask ourselves was it worth it? We’ve been rather busy the last couple of months, and it gets very hectic. With help unreliable, and the work unceasing sometimes you wonder if it’s worth it. Just as I wondered that after a long breakfast,

Our guests from France wanted to try everything on the menu – yes, that is on one of those plates blueberry pancakes, a waffle, rye toast and eggs. Small, local, organic! that’s our motto….

a delightful young couple checked out, and said some really nice things to Jesse, but I wasn’t there to say goodbye. They stayed one night in the Brass Room. Breakfast was a bit crazy that morning, with a full house.

When I went into the room, a lovely handwritten note scrawled across a Smiling Cow shopping bag made us smile.

Here’s what it said, in case you can’t read it from the picture:

Kristen and Jesse-

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality! This was our 1st B&B experience, and we loved it! Your home and your sweet little town are great! ….

Thanks again!

Lee& Junie

Well I guess our job was done- we converted another one to the B&B experience! The note reminded me of all the great sentiments, well wishes and blessings our guests have showered upon us this summer. We’ve gotten a lot of really nice notes from the guests this season, online on TripAdvisor, the lady’s of the Victory Chimes, who along with the note gave us a gourmet selection from the Stonewall Kitchen, nice things written in our guestbooks in the room, as well as this one, on the Smiling Cow bag. Thank you for all your good wishes, for admiring the tree house, for telling us you think we made the right choice by moving here, and raising our kids in this “sweet little town”, for expressing the thought that Jesse is a great cook, for being gracious, interesting, charming and lovely guests! Thanks! And here’s to a great Fall Season!

Just read a romantic recollection of a couple that were together for 60 years. They met on a blind date and a year later he proposed. He brought her to the bottom of a ski trail, had skiers come down the hill with torches as he gave his love a box that had a circle of carnations with a ring in the middle. He read a poem to her that he wrote about the things they did together. She said yes and they have been together for the past 60 years!

This love story is so inspiring. 

Don’t forget you can celebrate Valentines Day, The day of Love any day. Our Bed and Breakfast is a great place to start your celebration of love.

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I told my husband this year I want to have a picnic on Curtis Island for my birthday. Since we moved here, I have looked out on this island everyday. I have been curious about what is out there, and what it looks like. We do not own a boat or a kayak so getting out to Curtis Island would be a challenge. Curtis Island is the closest island to our lovely coastal village of Camden Maine. The Curtis Island Light House is on the island. The day sailors take tourist around the island to see the beautiful town owned property. The property is public and can be used by anyone. It is a lovely spot with a trail, benches and a little beach. I was talking to one of my friends that does own a boat, trying to drop a hint for him to sail us out there, but he had a funny answer, he said, well, you don’t need a boat, you can walk out there from Laite Beach at low tide. Although this might be true, barely, considering I would be walking in 4 – 5 feet of water with my picnic basket and cooler, this did not seem practical.  My children sail out to Curtis Island with the Camden Sailing program. The kids have been to Curtis Island at least a dozen times, they go out there and have treasure hunts and play capture the flag. They think it is funny that I have never been there and that they know more then me about a jewel of Camden.

So onward toward my goal of getting to Curtis Island….

The other day I got a phone call around 9:30pm. My friend called and said she had a hankering to swim out to Curtis Island and wanted to know if I wanted to join her. She swims out there a couple times a year and thinks it is a pretty easy swim. I swam competitively in college. In fact my specialty was the mile race. I was not a fast swimmer but I had endurance. I was a lifeguard throughout college also, so I figured the 3/4 mile swim with a seasoned swimmer was probably going to be my only chance to get out to Curtis Island so I jumped at the chance. The next day we met at Laite Beach for the swim. I insisted that we have a paddle boat, just in case.  I had my goggles, my speedo swim suite and was ready to go. I did not care that the water was approximately 60 degrees, that my feet and arms were freezing, I was going to swim to Curtis island and enjoy it. Well, I made it half way. I had a hard time breathing, I don’t know if it was me being out of practice, out of shape or if the cold water was crushing my lungs. I told the paddle boat that I would swim back by myself and that they should go on with my friend, whom was doing a great job. The person in the boat insisted that I get in and take the ride out to Curtis Island. I was disappointed that I was not going to make the full swim, but filled with joy that I was finally getting to Curtis Island. We paddled over there, while my friend swam. We docked the boat and I set foot on the lovely Island. There is a sign- in book on the island to show that you were there. I signed it saying, “early birthday present to me!”. I walked around the nature trail and stopped to look at the lighthouse. The light house keepers were sitting on the porch enjoying there little piece of heaven. I said hello and then continued back to the beach were the boat was docked. My friend got back in the water and swam and I took a ride in the paddle boat. There was no picnic but what a great experience.

The song “Small Island”, by Gordon Bok was playing while I wrote this post. A song about people on the small island not liking new comers on the island, “go back where you come from”. I thought it was ironic that this was playing on my itunes while I wrote about my journey and longing to go out to this small island .

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