Complimentary Breakfast Hotel

Windward chef featured in Fine Cooking Magazine April 2016. Our one of a kind made to order alacarte breakfast is prepared fresh for our guests. While some big chains offer their “gold members” a continental breakfast, and local B&Bs offer only a single selection with brief appointment times, Windward offers much much more. The only complimentary breakfast hotel menu that offers a fresh cooked hot breakfast, read more…

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Complimentary Breakfast Hotel

Organic Local Food | Gourmet Freshly Ground Coffee | Relax & Enjoy

Windward Inn complimentary breakfast hotel is the most popular hotel amenity. While some big chains offer their “gold members” a continental breakfast, and many B&Bs offer a single selection, Windward offers more. Guests receive a menu specializing in the bounty of Maine. Guest’s breakfast are made to order. Guests arrive at their own pace and enjoy. Daily seasonal ingredient specials and gourmet offerings with fresh fruit, organic maple syrup, organic wild blueberries, lots to choose from. Green smoothies are available, so don’t worry about compromising while on vacation, or having to bring your vitamix with you! In addition to traditional offerings, we have VEGAN Breakfast Options.

Windward Inn Complimentary Breakfast

What are you waiting for? High season rooms book fast.
Unlike chain hotels and the other B&Bs in town, Windward Inn offers a complimentary breakfast. Guests may arrive for breakfast at a leisurely pace, order what they like and enjoy a hot delicious breakfast. All of our Camden Maine Inn rooms and suites come with a complimentary breakfast.

Fair Trade Coffee

We take our coffee seriously. Windward Inn serves shade grown locally small batch roasted coffee.

Traditional American Comfort Food

Windward Inn’s hotel complimentary breakfast offers traditional with a twist. Our complimentary breakfast hotel menu items are made from fresh local and organic ingredients. Enjoy the wholesome goodness of Maine with organic Maple syrup, and organic wild Maine blueberries.

Gluten Free Complimentary Breakfast

Our menu includes items to suit any diet. Windward Inn guests never need to request a special arrangement. Check out our reviews on

This complimentary breakfast hotel options clearly indicates which items are gluten-free. The menu also indicates which breakfast options can be prepared vegan.
Miss your super foods when eating out on vacation? We’ve got you covered with our kale and green smoothies and fresh fruit. You can choose from many options and not feel like you’re compromising your taste, values or standards while on vacation.
Windward House’s complimentary breakfast is made fresh to order . We use natural, local and organic ingredients, and offer gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. In addition to our standard items we supplement our complimentary breakfast with daily market fresh specials. Windward offers many special offers and room add-ons to make your Maine trip planning easy fun and enjoyable.

Traditional, Vegetarian and Vegan Breakfast

Windward House, a B&B in Maine is a hotel or lodging that offers a complimentary breakfast with your room.  We use local coffee roasters and freshly ground beans of a fair traded shade grown organic variety – Windward House Blend. It is rich and aromatic but not overpowering.

Gluten Free Breakfast

We offer several breakfast options that are gluten free, including some that are also vegan and vegetarian. In addition to bacon, and sausage, we have pancakes, waffles, and gluten free grits and cream of rice.
Our fresh local organic free range eggs are bright yellow and pure white and taste like a good morning. Made to order over easy, poached, fried or in an omelet.

Daily Specials we have had include

  • orange rum bananas over fresh baked sourdough boules french toast
  • eggs Benedict with Hollandaise made with fresh organic butter Maine sea salt Bragg’s apple cider vinager and uncured natural ham
  • aged cheddar and avocado omelets, fiddle head omelets
  • huevos rancheros

  • salmon waffles

Although our options changes, here are some of our frequent standard favorites

  • Maine wild blueberry pancakes
  • pancakes & waffles made with traditional,  or gluten-free flour

  • natural uncured bacon, breakfast maple sausage
  • fresh green smoothies with organic kale
  • organic granola
  • bacon & eggs


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