vegan picnic lunch for two

Vegan Picnic Lunch for Two

A homemade vegan gourmet lunch for two

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A great lunch for two, plus suggested picnic spots.

Two vegan wraps, made with home made falafel crumbled onto homemade cashew spread and topped with a kale artichoke pesto
Two coconut waters
Two vegan Bixby Bars
Either in your room or packed to go.
A fantastic freshly made lunch great for picnicking on the harbor, a kayak trip or hiking.
It can be a real hassle finding good vegan food on the road. When you stay at the Camden Windward House B&B, you don’t have to worry. Simply order our great Vegan Picnic Lunch for Two. Wholesome fresh ingredients lovingly prepared for your enjoyment. You may eat it at any of our suggested picnic spots, one of your own favorites or the common areas of our Inn, or in your room. Wherever you eat it you’ll be glad you did!