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bed and breakfast highlights moonlit strollBed & Breakfast Highlights or Some Reasons to Come

It is Fall, and we have a lot of fall foliage information on our sites. Including this site,, as well as is the site where we sell our famous bedding, as well as provide information of interest to those interested in our area – Camden Maine.

Bed & Breakfast Highlights

This is the season where the gardens are at their relaxed beautiful, but begin to decline. Our front yard has a nice exposure so the flowers are particularly beautiful this year. Soon we’ll be putting out our display of pumpkins and chrysanthemums for the season.

The bed & breakfast highlights are some of our guests’ comments from breakfast. New guests have been really pleased with the location. They also really enjoyed the bedding. I know this sounds like repetition, but we’d like to get the information out there so that prospective guests know. A guest from Texas received his sheets the other day, and sent back an email saying “I’m officially spoiled.” That’s the kind of sleep experience we’re proud of. There are some great events in Camden Maine you can check out on our other website.

Also, the Sugar Maple tree across the street, at the very top of its crown of foliage has begun to change. Why should this be relevant? Because it’s sleeping weather. The cool nights and sunny mild days are perfect weather for getting great sleep. Sleeping weather is another seasonal Bed & Breakfast highlight. Hot organic shade grown fair trade coffee is always a bed and breakfast highlight this time of year. There is something particularly comforting about the aroma and the feeling of good rich tasting hot coffee on a cool bright morning.

The apple picking season has officially begun, and River Ducks ice cream has closed for the season. Hot cocoa, mulled cider, and sweaters are becoming the thing now.

The blue of the sky is intense as well as the stars at night. The clear cool air is refreshing. We’ll be thinking of some new vegan specials that are fall oriented. I won’t reveal the surprise in case you’re one of our vegan guests. We have many of our usual favorites in store as well as some new ones.

Beth’s farm has their corn maze going. There are ghost tours. There are regular tours. Apple picking and of course, there is still lobster.

So to sum up some Bed & Breakfast highlights for this season:

Fall is coming Apples are here Strolls in the moonlight Great sleep Great breakfast Hot coffee Sweaters and flowers
garden b&b (20)Is Windward House a Garden B&B?

I was at the post office when a couple walked over and said “we have been taking pictures of your flowers all morning.” Thank you Johnny’s Selected Seeds I think to myself. But really at our garden B&B we do more than buy the seeds. We tend the seedlings and the garden all spring in the hopes that it will be pleasing to our guests, and everyone who passes our house. My dad was a farmer growing up, and he’d spend his weekends and the time occasionally after work growing things. He loves flowers, and I guess that rubbed off on me because now my B&B is a garden B&B. I suggest to anyone who gardens to grow cutting flowers. They are spectacular in the garden, but when cut and arranged in a bouquet the beauty of the flowers is really underscored and appreciated.

Secrets to a Great Cutting Flower Garden at our Garden B&B

Although the sunflowers have not yet blossomed we have been enjoying cut flowers in our breakfast room and throughout the B&B most of the summer. Windward House has a lot of garden beds and many great perennials to cut for bouquets. Snow white hydrangeas, lilys, daisys, astilbe, heliopsis all come back year after year and provide blossoms foliage and textures for our bouquets of cut flowers. This year we decided to make our garden larger, and I bought the Johnny’s selected seeds cut-flower mix. This mix includes sunflowers, cosmos and zinnias. There are 1000 seeds, so, make sure you have the room to plant them all. The flowers so far, are spectacularly beautiful. And even though we don’t sell flowers – we use them at our Inn. They are great for decorat are ting the dining room, as well as making special arrangements for guests celebrating their anniversary, birthday, or honeymooning couples. The colors of the cosmos are amazing. But the flowers are delicate and don’t have the staying power of the zinnias. Johnny’s Giant Dahlia Flowered Mix zinnia seeds have a coloring variety that feels to the eye like a satisfying vanishing point in a painting. An entire bouquet of these zinnias does not feel in any way repetitious – but rather bounteous and full. Add some of the other flowers to it, and you have something truly amazing.

Here Are Some Images of our Garden at the B&B

garden b&b (1)

garden b&b (2)

garden b&b (3)

garden b&b (4)

garden b&b (5)

garden b&b (6)

garden b&b (7)

garden b&b (8)

garden b&b (9)

garden b&b (10)

garden b&b (11)

garden b&b (12)

garden b&b (13)

garden b&b (14)

garden b&b (15)

garden b&b (16)

garden b&b (17)

garden b&b (18)

garden b&b (19)

garden b&b (20)

garden b&b (21)

garden b&b (22)

garden b&b (23)

garden b&b (24)

garden b&b (25)

garden b&b (26)

garden b&b (27)

garden b&b (28)

garden b&b (29)

garden b&b (30)

garden b&b (31)

garden b&b (32)

garden b&b (33)

garden b&b (34)

garden b&b (35)

garden b&b (36)

garden b&b (37)

garden b&b (38)

garden b&b (39)

garden b&b (40)

garden b&b (41)

Apple Pancake Recipe

Apple Picking During the WIndward House’ Fall Foliage and Leaf Peeping Pantacular

Leaf Peeping and Fall Foliage in Camden Maine

With the breathtaking views from the Camden Hills state park if you want to leaf peep in Maine Camden is a nice place to visit. Many of the historic homes are accented by the foliage of sugar maples lining the streets. It is a wonderful time of year to see Camden. Leaf Peeping and Fall Foliage in Camden Maine are also great for apple recipes.

Windward House Apple Walnut Pancakes We’re getting ready for our Leaf Peepers here at the Windward House. Sure it’s a little early for ordinary folks to think about, but really it’s just a few short weeks away. While there is still plenty of brilliant sunshine, lake swimming, and blooming flowers, here in Camden, soon the leaves will turn and it is the time of year when thoughts turn to the fall colors, warm sweaters, robin’s egg blue skies, the smell of apples simmering in a magical concoction of rum, cinnamon, brown sugar and butter. If you your loved one, or kids are a little glum on a dark morning, or are excited about the unfolding beautiful fall day, Celebrate! With this great recipe. Kristi says it warms the cockles of your heart, and I agree. When you have a forkful, with melting butter and a little Maine maple syrup, you literally can feel the warmth spread inside you and when it reaches the cockles. Goes awfully well with naturally raised pork maple sausages or naturally raised uncured hickory smoked bacon!

Pancake Recipe

So without further adieu – here it is, one of our Fall Foliage Pantacular recipes – Windward House Apple Walnut Pancakes Makes six quarter cup batter pancakes 2 McIntosh Apples 1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar, Dark Rum, Walnuts, Butter Dry pancake mix with four or five drops of fresh lemon juice (substitute for milk, half whole organic milk, and half powdered milk, the purpose is to leave the batter a little dry to accommodate the apple mixture)

Put apple stuff into a pan, apples, nuts, rum, sugar, butter and sprinkle with cinnamon – I use a non-stick pan, to keep the sugar from sticking. Put a lid on, preferably a clear lid so you can observe what’s going on inside the pan. Cook at high heat until it all bubbles together and the apples are slightly soft, but not mush.

With the pancake mix prepared but very thick add a little bit of water, and then while very hot and bubbling add the apple mix. Mix thoroughly. Using a scoop or quarter cup measure scoop out batter onto a preheated 325 degree griddle. The smell of the sautéing apples and cinnamon will brighten your day, even if you feel too guilty to eat these pantacular pancakes!

Reserve Your Leaf Peeping and Fall Foliage in Camden Maine Today! Zardetto Prosecco Sparkling White Wine $15.00 Compare White Wine 90+ Cellars Sauvignon Blanc $13.00 Compare Organic Prosecco Zardetto $18.00 Compare Merlot J. Lohr Estates Los Osos Merlot $15.00 Compare Atlantic Brewing Bar Harbor Ale Local Maine Beer $3.00 Compare Zardetto Prosecco Sparkling White Wine $15.00 Compare White Wine 90+ Cellars Sauvignon Blanc $13.00 Compare Organic Prosecco Zardetto $18.00 Compare Merlot J. Lohr Estates Los Osos Merlot $15.00 Compare Atlantic Brewing Bar Harbor Ale Local Maine Beer $3.00 Compare Windward House Windrose Suite Free! Compare Windward House Quarterdeck Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Harbor Carriage Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Elijah Glover Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Crows Nest Suite Free! Compare Windward House Coastal Garden Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Chart Room Suite Free! Compare Windward House Brass Room Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Complimentary Breakfast Free! Compare
Replica of the Nina in Camden Harbor, MaineCamden Harbor, So Darn Photogenic!

Sunrise is a quiet time in this small coastal town. There are birds in the harbor, but not even the crews of the ships are up at dawn, when the sun comes up at 4:30am. But what a wonderful time to be awake – especially on a morning when a Canadian front pushes clean cool air down. The Camden Harbor is always full of an array of interesting boats. There are historic schooners, wooden sailing yachts, luxury power yachts, many larger than our 1854 Greek Revival house! This morning, the large dark hulks of the replicas of Christopher Columbus’ Nina and Pinta were among the beautiful boats in the glistening harbor. Here are some photos of Camden Harbor and the Harbor Park taken this morning, June 27, 2014, before I we began serving breakfast.

Camden Maine Harbor A Walk from the Windward House B&B

Our inn is mere steps from the harbor. The quiet and the stillness are the perfect place to sit and relax with a cup of coffee, or simply watch the sunlight fill the space above the water. The colors begin as subtle blues and grays and pinks and get more intense as the sun rises. There are many park benches in enclaves among the hydrangea and rugosa roses. This morning the roses were in full bloom and the air was that intoxicating mix of clean sea water, Canadian high pressure front and rose petals.

Camden Maine HarborCamden Maine Harbor waterfall

climbing hydrangias camden public library camden maine

five am sunrise church tower camden maine

iron fence climbing hydrangias camde public library camden maineron fence climbing hydrangias camde public library camden maine

nina in camden maine harborReplica of the Nina in Camden Harbor, Maine

park bench sunrise camden public library lawn

park benches camden harbor park camden maine

replica columbus nina camden harbor maine

sunrise camden harbor columbus nina replica

sunrise harbor park path camden maine

sunrise through trees curtis island camden maine

healthy mac and cheese recipeHealthy Mac and Cheese Recipe

A friend came over to dinner the other night… She was bemoaning the fact that we cook and cook for our families, yet our kids don’t seem to eat healthy food. It causes dinner making to be troublesome to say the least. One child eats one thing, the other child won’t eat the same thing, the parents enjoy and crave things with some sophistication. To quote my friend – “I try really hard to make good things, but the kids always only want to eat mushy white stuff.” I think she meant mac and cheese. There really is no easy solution. But she was marveling at a family culture that was different from her own. She had dinner guests who also have children near her kids’ own ages. They said to her that the kids eat separately from the parents. She makes something for the kids, and then afterward the parents enjoy what they like to eat. These are really nice people with really nice kids – so it seems to work for them. My family culture is to always share meals. It is very important to us to sit down together and eat together. With very few exceptions we all eat the same thing. With the onset of the teen years there has been some contention. One child is no longer eating fish out of solidarity with the man-made environmental destruction of the oceans. I used to make fish once a week. No more fish! I do get away with clam sauce once in a blue moon. And living in Maine without the ability to serve lobster once in a while is a little bit trying. But I don’t want my daughter to feel powerless at such a young age. I have one son, bless him, who will eat anything I make. I have another who has a very circumscribed diet. The picky one eats primarily grains. Anything made from any kind of grain – wheat, rice, oats. And dairy – cheese in particular. (sounds like my friends “mushy white stuff” right?) So, without further adieu here is a great tasty – and I think, healthy recipe that we can all, for the most part, enjoy.

Cauliflower & Quinoa Mac and Cheese

Since we serve local organically raised bacon we always have plenty of fat. I use it sparingly because it is rich. But I believe there is support that pork fat used in cooking is not unhealthy – especially if it is not a lot, and from a good source. Because fat is an important part of this recipe, and flavor, I use three kinds, but- as I said, not a lot. This recipe is for one pound of pasta and one cup of quinoa. Ingredients:

One head of organic cauliflower 1 tablespoon bacon fat 1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon virgin olive oil dash of herbs – savory, thyme, ground red pepper, sea salt, black pepper 1 lb of pasta (I use organic small rotini or multi-grain pasta if we’ve been having too much of the white stuff lately) 1 cup organic chicken stock 1/2 cup organic stone ground wheat flower 2 cups of shredded cheese (I used aged cheddar or organic cheddar)

Directions: Heat a large pan. I use a big black cast iron pan I bought at Renys. Once it’s warm I turn it off. I sprinkle the herbs onto the warm pan. Cut the cauliflower into roughly one inch pieces. Something that is small enough to blend in nicely (be hidden by) with the macaroni. Boil water for the quinoa and the pasta. Put a little salt in the water. Add the oils to the large frying pan, heat it, and lightly fry the cauliflower. You don’t want it mushy, and remember it will cook more when the cheese is added. Once the cauliflower is lightly fried and coated with oil and herbs, pour the flour into the pan. Stir it around until it cooks to a light brown color. Add the chicken broth and stir until it begins to thicken. Then add the shredded cheese and put the lid on the pan. Turn off the heat. Tend to the past and quinoa. Drain the past and the quinoi when it is cooked. I am assuming you know how to cook those. Then pour the pasta and the quinoi in an adequate sized serving bowl. Pour the cheese sauce on top and mix thoroughly. Serve it hot!

Varying the Recipe

Some alternative combinations are to add a half cup of plain yogurt to the recipe. You may also cut a slice of organic bacon into tiny bits and fry it in the olive oil before adding the other ingredients. If you don’t have the dietary restriction of my house you can also add fresh Maine lobster meat to this recipe. Be careful not to cook the lobster twice. If you add it to the cheese sauce and pasta – add it at the end. You can also add a teaspoon of fresh lemon and rosemary to this recipe. I especially like the rosemary in the winter. Another great seasoning for this recipe is curry powder. By adding light seasoning and a little at a time you can begin to give your picky children a more sophisticated pallet.

Side Dishes

We serve this recipe with a green salad dressed with olive oil vinaigrette.

IMG_3455Chestnut Street, The Perfect Setting for Antique Cars in Camden Maine

The Mid Maine Sports Car Club had their annual display on Chestnut Street in Camden Maine. They always seem to be fortunate with the weather. This is about the middle of what I like to call lilac season. This year, due to a cool spring, lilac season and tulip season overlapped! The last couple of weeks have seen fabulous colors and cloud formations in the sky. The long days end like the prolonged goodbye of people who are loathe to part. The light in the sky fades by degrees until it’s gone late in the evening. It is a choice time of year for the select few who come to enjoy it. And one of the events that we enjoy this time of year is the beautiful cars assembled on Chestnut Street. The proud owners, restorers and clusters of appreciators gather around gleaming chrome and the kinds of hood colors only appropriate to what amount to feats of the imagination. A short stroll from the Windward House B&B downtown and you are standing in an auto-museum.

If You Need A Reason to Come in Early June!

Here are some images of these classic cars and antique cars. There were a nice group of Triumphs, a classic Jaguar, and more (I am no expert). Downtown Camden Village is the perfect setting for these recent anacronisms. With the old brick façade commercial buildings a foreground for the rolling Camden Hills, and the crica 1800’s federal and Greek revival style residences gathered around the Chestnut street, you feel as though you are at the joyous rally of a bygone era! These are not simply Antique Sports Cars in Camden Maine, but sports cars! Camden Maine is a historic town, and it draws events such as the Mid Maine Sports Car Club’s display on Chestnut Street. It was a wonderful day for ice cream at River Ducks or Camden Cone, a stroll by the water, and a nice dinner at Fresh, or Atlantica Seafood Bistro – after snapping some shots of the amazing beauty of this place! This time of year is a nice quiet and amazingly beautiful time to come. Enjoy these images of the Mid Maine Car Club’s 2014 meeting in Camden Maine!

wanderlust bed and breakfast innkeepers family portraitHow is Windward House A Wanderlust Bed And Breakfast?

Is There Any Better Symbol of Wanderlust Than a Pirate?

Wanderlust is about a sense of restlessness. But it is more than that. It’s about discovering, not just the topography of the land but the topography of the people who live there. The Maine coast is definitely a great place to exercise your wanderlust because so many passionate wanderers have decided to stay here. The end result of wanderlust for many is that they realize that their wanderlust was the result of some dissatisfaction or need to discover. But they only realize it once they decide to stop wandering for a while and live somewhere new. If you have wanderlust, than the place you settle, like the last sweetheart you’ll ever be with, the one you decide to stay with – has to be fascinating enough to surprise you every day. It is a very personal preference and it is different for everyone. But for whatever reason, perhaps the simplest, because it’s halfway between Bar Harbor and Portland – Windward House is a wanderlust bed and breakfast. What I mean is that we get many people who aren’t simply relaxing on their vacation – but they are questing – they have wanderlust.

Can An Innkeeper have Wanderlust?

The innkeepers at Windward House definitely had (have) wanderlust. We moved from New York to Maine. But before moving we looked all over the place for something. I think ultimately our journey was like a meditation where you come to some truth at the end. One of the truths for us was that our central concern was being the best parents we could be. The next question was – then what could we offer our children? Money? Perfect security? Material luxuries? The answer was we could offer those things, but all of them cost us our time. Time we had to spend earning the money to pay for the material lifestyle, time not spent being parents. And even with a lot of money perfect security just can’t be – it’s an illusion anyway. We looked around and saw that many of the affluent successful people had managed to undermine the security they thought they were buying with all the money they earned. But we had to work with what we had – but having prioritized things – our choice became clear. Perhaps if we could find a way to make a living and spend more time with our kids we could fulfill our priority. We came to the conclusion that the most valuable thing we had to offer was our time.

Our Guests Are Pathfinders

Sailors On Shore Leave at Camden Windjammer Festival – Wanderlust!

Windward House is a wanderlust bed and breakfast because so many of our guests are searching for something. Many have come looking to see if Camden is the kind of place they would like to live. Or they are interested in knowing whether we are happy or not having chosen to leave behind our former jobs careers and the proximity of family and connections. Many have wondered if that was something they might have done. Everyone has a story and collecting stories is one of the goals of wanderlust. The stories that people share about their lives with travelers are often things they haven’t spoken even to their closest friends. Those are the kinds of conversations that are had in our dining room every morning. I believe that wanderlust is deeply rooted in our collective past. Hunter gatherers must have wondered if they would find something better in the next valley, – or if they would never find their way back – or – if they would ever want to stop traveling. When we find someplace it is a very common desire to meet someone who lives there and hear their story.

Where is Home if you have Wanderlust?

I’m rereading a great book that is in a way about wanderlust. It is called Pathfinders, A Global History of Exploration by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto. The author suggests that human history is divided into two general grand endeavors; divergence and convergence. The commonality of both is that the people were lead to migrate vast distances over land and sea by individuals who were inspired by what you could call wanderlust. The author suggests that there is a certain kind of person who is a discoverer. I would argue that we are all discoverers at some time in our lives – we just let people tell us we’re not because we are not physically traveling. Pathfinders reminded me of a sailor who was a guest here. He came to take care of a boat in the harbor and came two or three seasons and stayed with us while he worked on the boat. He said that it was very important to him to be able to go other places. He said that the foreignness of things excited him, the travel, the discovery the adventure. He referred to his home town, his home country as something that “will always be there…” I find this to be a very interesting perception, because of course it will not always be there. Nothing remains the same. Our guest’s home town and country will be different each time he returns. But by thinking that it would always be the same, it allowed him to carry his home with him in his pocket wherever he went. Traveling and being away from home allowed this pathfinder to perpetuate the illusion that home is always there. And, ironically, by not visiting his home – for him – it created stability of thinking that your home is there and always the same.

Then (2005) At The Beginning of this Journey

Now (2014) A Family Portrait Nine Years Into the Journey

Another interesting fact from the book Pathfinders is that some of the first maps were drawn from the dream journeys of shamans. So the pathfinders in those instances were looking for things that another person only saw in a dream. Sometimes your dreams will reveal things you yearn for but cannot recognize in your waking life. Another interesting fact – Pathfinders sail to Windward. Many of the pacific and Asian islands were originally populated by Pathfinders sailing along the windward route. This means that explorers coming from the mainland beat against the wind in their search for new lands. The author theorizes the reason they did this was to be able to return if they must. If you explore going into the wind – than, if things turn out bad, you can simply turn around and be assisted by the wind going straight back home. Physically that may be true, but, time is a one way journey – and really you cannot go back again. Even if you sail into the wind. And that is what the name of our Inn means to us. Windward House is a symbol of our windward journey the result of our pathfinder’s wanderlust, a wanderlust bed and breakfast. We have our families and our home towns forever in our hearts. We sail windward, or against the wind, in many ways having taken the more difficult path opened to us, and even though we don’t physically travel much anymore, we are perpetually discovering and pathfinding still. So, if you have wanderlust sail to windward a wanderlust bed and breakfast!

front door typical new england bed and breakfastWindward House: Come and Stay In Traditional New England Bed & Breakfast A guest from Norway dropped in. “Ahh!” he exclaimed, “This is it!”

I said, this is what? He said that Windward House was what people from his country and Europe think of when they imagine visiting New England, and the Maine coast. It struck me because the last three guests had the same reaction. They had been traveling up the coast, and just stopped by when they spotted the vacancy sign. We have tried, as have the past owners of Windward House, to keep as much of the original house as possible. The moldings and trim, the essentially Greek revival style of this circa 1850’s everyman’s house. After Greek Revival there is a period of what is called Victorian, and more specifically Queen Anne Victorian. These houses are fairly easy to spot. They are designed for outward appearances and reflect a more affluent period of American history – a boom time – with money for frivolities like spandrels, mansard roofs, and turrets that don’t accommodate any living space. But the Greek Revival says something different. It says elegance in simplicity, it communicates egalitarianism, speaks to a more sincere time before the Country became so seduced by wealth for wealth’s sake. It is often called a Temple Style house because Greek Revival style architecture resembles a Greek temple more than any residential dwelling in ancient Greece. But how did that come about? Why might people think of the style of Windward House as being typically New England? During the period of time between statehood in 1820 and 1861 the state of Maine enjoyed what has something of a zenith of its stature in this nation. Timber, farming, textiles, importing, and shipbuilding all flourished and combined to make Maine a force to be reckoned with. Suddenly in around 400 spread out towns and villages people could afford to build their own houses. The young nation was struggling to articulate an identity separate from the culture derived from Europe. On the forefront of that self-conscious endeavor was Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson wished to create a domestic style of architecture that reflected the optimism and idealism of a new nation governed by the principles that “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” That brief phrase packs a lot of implications. It implies that all should be treated equal under the law. That the law should be blind to status or skin color or gender. In seeking for a symbol for this new but ancient system of government Jefferson looked to that first remarkable democratic experiment – the Greeks of Athens. With a ratio of around 10 architects to 1500 builders, local carpenters shaped architecture and many of them used the same pattern book to style the decorated front doors. With a pediment above the front door, and stylized patterns of windows or pilasters, these houses typically express much in their entryways. Take a walk around Camden and look at the front doors of the historic houses. You’ll notice some patterns emerge, as well as some commonalities. The original temples were not meant to be lived in, but the forms were aesthetically pleasing, and adaptation was possible. In the 1820s steam planes made boards and jointed trim easier and less expensive to make. So the Greek revival was stylish for the ordinary citizen. Staying at Windward House is more than a lodging, but an experience. You can get an idea of what it felt like for those people in 1850’s American New England. Step back in time with the surroundings, the décor, the Greek Revival house.

So, if you agree with our guests, that the Greek Revival is the most traditional New England Bed & Breakfast, which rooms are the most in keeping with the original design and decor? The most traditional New England Bed & Breakfast rooms are probably Chart Room Suite, Windrose Suite, Elijah Glover Room and Brass Room. The Windrose Suite was actually Captain Elijah Glover’s business office when the house was first built.

Windward House Brass Room Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Chart Room Suite Free! Compare Windward House Elijah Glover Deluxe Bedroom Free! Compare Windward House Windrose Suite Free! Compare
wagon thanks

I was so pleased when a lovely German couple came to the door, without a reservation, and asked if we had a room for the night. I took them up to our Brass Room and they said “this is it, this is how we imagined New England”. I was so proud that they saw our property as quintessential. The next day a sweet Swiss couple came to the door and asked if we had a room. I showed them our Chart Room and they said “ahhhh, this feels like home”. The next morning the Swiss couple said the Chart room was the most comfortable room they have had on their trip so far. The following day a Chinese family rang the doorbell, also with out a reservation, and I rented them our Quarterdeck room. The family fit comfortably and appreciated the tea and cookies upon arrival. The family spoke very little English, but the international language of smiles conveyed to me that they too were happy with their New England Bed and Breakfast.

All three guests were stopping over in Camden on their way to Mount Dessert Island. They were on their way to Acadia National Park. Sometimes international guests look at maps of New England and do not realize how big Maine is. That is why I am so glad that our Inn has such a prominent place in the downtown of Camden. Once guests drive 2 hours from Portland, or 4 hours from Boston, they get to Camden and realize how charming it is. The boutique shops and the magnificent harbor encourages the weary travelers to stop and stay the night. The guests can check-in and walk right back down to the town and enjoy a Maine dinner consisting of either lobster, Aldermere farm hamburgers, local fish or head to Long Grain or Fresh for a vegetarian, vegan or Gluten Free option dinner.

Nine years ago, when I purchased the Bed and Breakfast, I did not realize the important part I would play in international relations. It is important for Americans to be proud of their heritage, maintain the charm of historic New England Bed and Breakfasts and to be a kind face to travelers from other countries. We have to let our guests enjoy our country and to return home with the lasting impression that America is gracious.



How to Get A Great Night's Sleep Bed And Breakfast“We Sell Sleep”

When we first began innkeepering we discovered that bedding was very important. I remember the moment I realized that there were almost as many ways to make a bed as there are people. This is not a statement on personal eccentricity, but rather a recognition of the importance and uses of bedclothes. Bed-making can be a form of decorating. There are unified sets of shams and sheets, there are duvet’s, bedcovers, quilts, comforters and bedskirts. There are also different weight comforters. There are feather filled comforters as well as feather beds. Also, there are mattress covers, mattress toppers and feather bed cases – kind of like pillow cases for feather beds. How to Get A Great Night’s Sleep at a Bed And Breakfast? We suggest you stay with us, and than let us know what you think. We looked at and experimented with combinations of all of the above. Our beds range from standard king sized beds to standard queens, to twins and even one california king sized bed.

Our Beds Are an Attraction for our Inn

We were determined to make our beds an attraction and a feature of our inn. How to do it? We could make them very stylish. This would involve pattern

We Sell Our Sheets on

matching and appealing to the eye. We attempted this. Style and matching are talents and skills. Do not let anyone tell you it is easy to decorate. Decorating a bed is no different. It requires a knack. Some people have that knack and some don’t. We learned a lot about decorating beds from looking at books, and online, and catalogs. We were able with much difficulty to make some nice arrangements. But in the end we decided that it was not worth the trouble. Why? Because the tendency when too much effort is put into the way a bed looks, the tactile features, which we think are more important, get neglected. Why should this be so? Because a great deal of the fabrics and patterns used to make a bed look great get in the way of enjoying sleeping on it. Many of the fanciful covers and duvets, not to mention stylish pillows, are not meant to be touched or slept on. We decided to focus our attention on making a bed in a way that would give the best possible sleep. Of course we want our beds to be attractive. However, in the balance between appearance and touch and support, we have overwhelmingly tipped our scale toward comfort. Sure the beds look inviting, but they are not a style statement by any stretch. And that’s fine, because once we finally arrived on a formula for sleep comfort – our guest comments on how great a night sleep they get has skyrocketed.

How to Get A Great Night’s Sleep Bed And Breakfast

We have stayed at other hotels as have our guests. We have stayed and Bed and Breakfasts, Country Inns, many very fine, and highly rated lodgings (although mostly before we became parents!) and we found that most of these lodgings do not have high quality high thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets. Only at one hotel on our honeymoon in France on St Jean Cap Ferrat. Even many top rated and high star rated hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts did not have really great sheets. We touch tested a lot of sheets, and found that the most comfortable sheets were high thread count Egyptian cotton. We quickly learned why so few lodgings use really great sheets. The reason? They are expensive. Anything you use for your business is subject to a cost-benefit analysis for budgeting. How much should we spend on sheets? Ultimately we decided to spend much more than most lodgings and getting a much higher quality product. Our sheets are hand pressed and high thread count Egyptian cotton. After about the hundredth time a guest asked where they could buy the sheets we use, we decided to sell them. You can get high quality Egyptian cotton sheets at our website We source the very best and stand by our product, so you can buy with confidence. We’re happy to help you pick the best sheets, and bedclothes, for your home or your own luxury bedding lodging. You can learn more about how to buy bed sheets at our site.

So – come to our Inn and test drive before your buy!

We offer a great discount to any of our guests – so if you’ve stayed here, just drop us a line or give a call for your order, and we’ll give you the discount code or take your order over the phone! If you have any questions, please let use know – we sell sleep and we’re happy to help!


I am writing this on the morning of Memorial Day Weekend. I am anxious about the next 150 days ahead of me.  I was told today by my Innkeepers group that there are 150 days in the season – 150 days of  rising early, working hard and going to bed late. If you are in the tourism industry – you know what I mean. The reservations for the Inn this year are a little off, guests are not booking that far in advance and it is hard to plan for the season. I think the Internet, the weather, gas prices, the economy and trip advisor all play a big part in the picture. Travelers can see how many rooms you have available, how much your competitor is selling a similar room, what the weather is going to be, and what others are saying about you in roughly 30 seconds. After looking at the advance reservations I decided that I had to evaluate the businesses marketing plan and do something. I have been doing all the same strategies for the past 3 years and the last 3 years have been pretty good, I can not complain. This year seems different, and I am not sure why. Are people really starting to hold onto their money tighter? The tv keeps saying the economy is getting better. Are gas prices really keeping people home? The only thing I noticed that was different was that for the last 2 years, Camden Windward House was in the top 3 of lodgings in Camden Maine. This year we are #9.

Last month I did what I never thought I would do. I bought a business listing on Trip Advisor. I decided to give the site a chance. A chance to prove that good things can come from such a well visited site. Over the winter Jesse and I did a lot of maintenance at the Inn, trying to polish the rooms and put our best foot forward. We are confident in our product and hope the guests will acknowledge our good intentions and hard work.   Will the guests praise us and raise us to the top 3 lodgings in Camden?  Only time will tell.


Jesse and I are working so hard to get the Windward House property looking its best. After a long cold winter, it is hard to believe the natural color of the cherry trees and flowers will ever return. Slowly but surely, the forsythia, hostas and tulips are starting to bloom. I never know what color scheme Jesse is going to pick for the flowers in the front yard, it is always a pleasant surprise.

Every year I notice our lawn looks weedy. We made a pledge not to use any pesticides on the lawn or the house. It is a constant challenge to keep weeds down. Last year when I went to the organic farm to pick strawberries, I noticed that the farm had a lot of weeds. It was weird at first because I had this glamorized vision in my head about a lovely organic farm. I felt silly afterwards when I thought about it, Organic is natural and weeds are nature. The strawberries were awesome.

In addition to our “no pesticide pledge” we have made a pledge to be Kind, Kind to our indoor and outdoor environment. We will be presenting Kind food options with a kind smile. Comfortable beds and great sheets have also always been a priority. The best part about promoting Kindness is that you receive kindness. Our guests have been so lovely lately and we look forward to a great season of warm smiles. Kind and Comfortable Accommodations.

freedom tower

Early this spring Jesse and I took the kids to New York and New Jersey to visit family. While we were there we visited the Freedom Tower and 9/11 Memorial in New York (completely humbling and beautiful, everyone should go) and the Museum of Natural History. When we were tired of riding the subways and buses, we decided to take a trip to Jesse’s family farm in New Jersey. Bifulco Farms is in Pittsgrove New Jersey. We enjoyed our time both in the city and the country. When we got back to Windward House we reflected on our time down South. Jesse and I left NY after 9/11 and like every other NY’er have been changed by it. I am glad we made the trip to the Memorial. The memories came rushing back and a respect for the preciousness of life was renewed. The humbling experience gave us fresh eyes to look at our own property and decide that we would like to contribute to the earth, similar to the Bifulco Farm family and grow vegetables in our garden. If you have been to Windward House, you know that we have a big lot in the backyard. We decided to take up all the grass, till it and plant seeds. If you come this summer, please realize that this is a new endeavor and the beginning of something great. It might not look that pretty yet but it is a labor of love in progress.

Here are the before, during and after tilling pictures.



Jesse’s Uncle Burt’s hobby – flowers.

We came home with a whole bunch of Chicory that Jesse has been drinking in Green Smoothies

I want a Bifulco Truck!


windward house 6 high street camden maine bed and breakfast



Breakfast room at Windward House B&B

When Jesse and I first purchased the B&B, I often got aggravated with Jesse because the breakfasts were being cooked and served slowly to the guests. We were new to the job and there was definitely a learning curve. Jesse was an attorney in Staten Island before we moved to Maine. He had a successful practice that saw a lot of different civil cases. Jesse dealt with divorces, personal injury, estate planning, worker’s compensation and many other truly stressful situations that clients would bring to him day and night. When I started stressing about the breakfast coming out late, he would say “Kristi – please – it is only breakfast!” I would answer, “when you own a Bed and Breakfast – you can not get the breakfast wrong”. We both appreciated each other’s point. Since then, move ahead 9 years, we are doing a pretty good job on getting breakfast out on a timely basis. Once we got over that hurdle, I was able to truly appreciate the service that we provide. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Jesse and I try our best not only to get it out on time, but to provide a breakfast with wholesome ingredients that will power our guests for their Maine vacation day.  In addition to those wonderful characteristics of breakfast, a warm meal makes our guests comfortable and welcome in our Inn.

This past weekend, we had a man from Dubai stay at the B&B. He was not originally from Dubai, but has lived in Dubai for the past 20 years. He was born and raised in England and very much had an English accent. The reason I mention this gentleman is because he opened my eyes a little more to my everyday task of serving breakfast. When I brought the food to the table, he said – “Yes, please give my girlfriend the traditional American breakfast” – she had ordered the blueberry pancakes. When he made this  observation, I felt obligated to mention that the breakfast that he ordered was a traditional English breakfast – poached eggs over toast with bacon and ketchup. I did note that I was surprised that he did not order a bowl of cereal before his meal, as many of our overseas English guests do. He agreed that the bowl of cereal is an English tradition. I  continued this dialogue of traditional breakfasts by sharing the orders I have taken in the breakfast room that have sometimes confused me. I know some orders are just personal taste, such as the peanut butter omelet that someone once ordered, but most of the time when a guest orders, they are looking for a familiar dish that perhaps they have not had in a couple of weeks because of traveling. If we could provide this familiar breakfast morsel, they would be so grateful. One truly confusing order for me was when a lovely couple from Israel ordered eggs and asked if we had any tomatoes and cucumbers to have on the side. I said yes and asked if they wanted to tomatoes and cucumbers cooked, because in my world salad is not for breakfast and everything is hot and cooked. They were polite and said, “no – just raw please”. We were able to accommodate them. I told the English Dubai man about this transaction and he noted that environment truly influences your eating patterns. He said “imagine living in the dessert and having a hot bowl of cereal or pancakes – doesn’t make sense right?” He said “here in New England you need a lot of calories and warm food just to get through your day”. I agreed and felt I better understood my service a little better. Breakfast is a important part of the day, it is influenced by our environments and to many it provides a memory that helps them get the warm feeling of home.

We hope when our guests come to Windward and see our complimentary breakfast menu, they will feel comfortable asking us for that breakfast they truly want that day. I love learning new recipes and traditions. Our menu now has many options including vegan, vegetarian and gluten free meals. If you love breakfast as much as we do, we hope you will join us between 7:30 – 10:00am every morning in the breakfast room. We promise to try to get the food out on time.


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12:57 p.m. on March 20, 2014 in Camden Maine, Spring will start I am told. I look forward to seeing the Elver Fisher men in the harbor and fiddleheads in the fields. I will only be wearing 1 layer of clothes and possibly open a window or two during the day. The extended exposure to sun will be refreshing and relaxing. More and more guests will flock to Camden to take a trip on a Windjammer or hike the mountain. I will have less time → Read more

Last week I put on my boots and headed inland to pick strawberries from an organic farm. There are some farms locally but for strawberries you really should have organic. Not all local farms are organic. I clean about 5 pounds of strawberries everyday for breakfast and at the end of the season I have touched over 400 pounds of strawberries. For me, I feel an imperative to make sure that there are no pesticides.

I picked 13 pounds the first day I was there. I will go back this week and pick more. We use the strawberries in our fruit cups and our green smoothies. Our green smoothies are also made with local kale, spinach and blueberries (organic of course). Eating local has become a learning experience for me. Learning what local food compliment each other is as much as a learning curve as learning how to bake vegan. There are fine lines I believe that should be respected. I am not sure why people think chocolate could ever be local to Maine. Taking ingredients from other parts of the world and preparing them in Maine, does not make it from Maine.  Making Maine wine from California grapes, that just does not equal my definition of local.

Jesse prepared a wonderful organic french toast with local organic strawberry compote for breakfast yesterday. Our bacon from Maine Street Meats  is a nice addition to any of our entrees.

Blueberry season is right around the corner. Blueberries are much harder to pick than strawberries. The berry is smaller and if you do not have a proper rake it can be difficult to accumulate quantity. For the blueberries, I make a donation to the Coastal Mountain Land Trust, the organization that helps to preserve a lot of land, including Beech Hill. Beech Hill is a wonderful hill that has organic blueberry fields. If you are a contributing member, you get first pick at the harvested berries.  In my opinion, a great deal! Here is a link to my last blog post on Health Eats in Camden Maine

I love the online Wikipedia definition of hospitality –  “the relationship between the guest and the host, or the act or practice of being hospitable. Specifically, this includes the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”. The relationship starts with that first phone call from the guest or from the guest visiting a properties website. The Internet gives potential guests the ability to find out a lot of information about a property before they commit to a reservation, a.k.a. a business relationship. A guest can look at pictures, visit Facebook, Twitter and read reviews. The Innkeeper unfortunately, if the guest is a first time visitor, does not know anything about the person that will sleep in their establishment. The ability to know as much about a guest before they come to stay at a lodging is priceless for the proprietor. Small details about a guest can lead to little touches made to the room before the guests checks in. My online reservation system has a notes section. A guest can indicate that they have a food allergy or they are allergic to feathers.  There is also a small pull down button that a guest can indicate if they are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or other special occasion. These small details are good, but more information about the guest would be helpful in managing expectations and the business relationship.

I recently had a guest that wrote a Trip Advisor review for the Camden Windward House Bed and Breakfast. The review was very favorable and I was delighted that the guest was happy with his stay. What I found most interesting was that this guest was a Top Contributor Reviewer on Trip Advisor. If I had known that this person had such a designation, perhaps I would have tried a little harder to impress him. Fortunately the service was great without having known. Current travel trends show travelers trying to leverage the review benefits. A community of reviewers have developed the Reviewer Card. The Reviewer Card rewards members with the promise of premium service. Flash this card at a hospitality business and the staff knows to impress.  So here is my idea, reservation systems should allow guests to make a reservation with their Trip Advisor Id. You can log into Trip Advisor with your Facebook Account, why not log in to a reservation system with the Trip Advisor Id? The guest can expect a special kind of service and the Innkeeper will have the chance to wow the guest. Knowing that a guest writes reviews put staff on their toes. Not only will the proprietor try to impress, but after reading the guests past reviews, the proprietor will know if there are specific issues that the guest had in the past. For example, if a guest reviewed a property and complained about a noisy street, then the proprietor can move the guest to a room that is quiet and away from the street. If a guest wrote that she or she enjoyed having fresh flowers in their room, then the proprietor could put flowers in the room.

I think it is time that the hospitality business insist that the relationship between the guest and the proprietor be on a level field to foster a beautiful relationship. I encourage Trip Advisor and Reservation Systems to work together to benefit the hospitality business.

Guests that have never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast before often have many questions. I would like to share a recent conversations with a Bed and Breakfast newbie.

Two days ago I got a phone call from a guest that felt obligated to tell me that she and her partner had never been in a Bed and Breakfast and were concerned about what time they could check in. I told her, please call if you will be later than 9:00pm. Check in is at 3:00pm, but I am always here so a later check in is no problem. I also told her to ring the doorbell when she got here.

One day later, the same lady called to see what the weather was and if she should bring a hair dryer? I updated her on the current weather and told her to bring a sweater – it is Maine. All of our rooms do have hair dryers.

Ongoing conversations with B&B Newbie:

Guest: Do you have air conditioning if it is too hot? Answer: Yes, all rooms have air conditioners

Day of Arrival: Guest: Does our room have towels? Answer: Yes, all the rooms have towels, unless the housekeeper forgets, which can happen, so please let us know if you do not have towels.

Guest: Can I have a cup of tea? Answer: Of course, we have a hot water machine with a selection of tea and Hot chocolate in the dining room all day long.

Guest: Can I get ice? Answer: Of course, the ice machine is on the second floor. Please help yourself.

Guest: Do I have to pay for breakfast? Answer: No, the breakfast is complimentary.

Guest: Can I have another cup of coffee? Answer: Yes, please do.

Guest: Will there be housekeeping in my room? answer: Yes, of course.

Guest: Do I have to pay for the bottled water in my room? Answer: No, it is complimentary, please enjoy.

Finally, I said – Sweetie, B&B’s are similar to hotels, but better. Guest: I agree.


Our senior garden advisor, a.k.a. Grandpa Bifulco, is coming from New York today. Jesse flew down to NY and will drive back to Camden Maine with his dad. Jesse’s dad is a great help when he comes to visit. Grandpa, Pat Bifulco, has a very distinguished history in the law profession in NY. From lawyer to Judge to NY Senate candidate.  But before Pat entered the law field he grew up on a farm in Staten Island. Yes, Staten Island had farm land. The Bifulco family had acres and acres of land on Staten Island and grew vegetables. Pat’s father and mother were immigrants from Italy. Pat would often tell stories about how hard the family had to work on the farm. The children in the family worked from dawn to dusk in the fields.  Pat’s brothers stayed in the farm business and today their children own a family farm in New Jersey – Bifulco Farms: . Bifulco Farms has grown into a large storage, cooling, brokers and transportation station for produce.

In Pat’s senior years he enjoys gardening and his family. He has been a great help to Jesse and I as we try to make our property more sustainable. When Pat comes he quickly evaluates the property, even draws maps. Our children are then given duties, cleaning plots and weeding. Hope has been growing seedlings since early March. The rule of thumb around here is, do not plant before Mother’s Day. There is less of a chance of a frost after Mother’s Day. Since we turned that corner on the season, it is time to start planting.

We plant kale, celery, arugula, giant pumpkins, basil, parsley, spinach, tomatoes, squash, and corn. The kale, celery and spinach are used in our green smoothies. We have a beautiful cutting flower garden and this year I hope to add rose bushes. I hope our guests will enjoy our garden as much as we enjoy planting it.

Senior Gardener/Junior Gardeners



I recently discovered the USA Today series: Thriving on the Road – Travel Ideas. I learned about this series from a tweet on Twitter . The topics discussed are interesting and thought-provoking. As an Innkeeper, it is important for me to learn about my guests concerns about travel. A  recent article published in USA Today “How to Make your Hotel Room Feel Like Home” caught my attention because this is the very idea the Bed and Breakfast industry has been promoting for decades. I generated a couple of new “house-warming” ideas from this article that I will use to make my B&B more “homier” for the traveler. I understand that staying at a Bed and Breakfast might not always be practical for a business traveler, but if the concern is to feel like you are in your home, then a Bed and Breakfast property is the best way to go. I will elaborate the benefits of a Bed and Breakfast property later, I would now like to comment on the ideas expressed in this article.

I love the attention the writer gives to the stress factor the business traveler endures. Business travel can be very trying on the body and the soul. Sleeping and eating well when you travel are imperative. Select hotels are addressing the issue of business travel stress with offering to frame a picture of a loved one and put it in your room upon arrival, stocking the mini bar with comfort food and some travel experts suggest moving the furniture to make it more amenable to your comfort. The author of the article mentions a guest that travels with candles of familiar scents. I do not recommend this fire hazard idea and I am sure some hoteliers are rubbing their heads about this suggestion. Be careful with lighting anything in a hotel room. Candles and incense may leave a lingering smell or smoke on the wall that if the hotel is conscious of their room environments, will add a cleaning fee, further leading to more travel stress. I do like the simple suggestion for the guest to learn the staff’s name at the hotel. Unfortunately, the article does not suggest that the hotel staff try to learn the guest’s name. These tiny acts of kindness by the hotel are sweet but perhaps they could go take the kindness a little further. The Bed and Breakfast industry has made a career of hospitality from the “homey” feeling. Naturally, a bed and breakfast is someone’s home. Here are few of my ideas that I am wiling to share with the hotel world.

The homey feeling on vacation and traveling on business is nice, but lets face it, it is not home. In the Camden Windward House, all the rooms have private bathrooms, televisions, free wifi, air conditioning and windows that you can open. Having all those amenities in a room are basic to being comfortable. The things that I have added to make it feel like home, or perhaps nicer then home are the 600 thread count sheets, feather mattresses and egyptian cotton towels. I chose egyptian cotton towels because they are 100% softer than turkish towels. Our sheets are ironed for added luxury. Complimentary bottled water is refreshed in your room each day free of charge. In the afternoon there are baked treats left in the living room for you to enjoy with the complimentary tea. As I write this, the word complimentary seems like a nice word to use with homey. At home you are not asked to pay for every little thing. Not having to dip into your wallet every two seconds is very relaxing. No need to keep all those receipts for the business trip reimbursement excel spreadsheet you will need to fill out.

I have adopted the idea of getting to know someone’s name and letting others know my name. I like this idea. We can accommodate up to 20 people a night so sometimes it is a challenge, but I try. I have made a point to have my name stitched on my shirt so guests will be comfortable asking me for assistance.  This is my home and I enjoy sharing with travelers.



bed and breakfast

Recently we had some wonderful guests from Texas that stayed with us right after they attended a B&B Conference in Kennebunk Maine. They attended a conference with The B&B Team. The B&B Team is a diverse group of professionals in the Bed and Breakfast Industry that promote, teach and sell B&B’s.  When you meet anyone on the team, you know that they all have a special connection to Bed and Breakfasts and love what they do. For me, as an innkeeper, it is fun to see the B&B Team promote the industry and teach the basics in Bed and Breakfast hospitality. The Bed and Breakfast industry is definitely in a league all its own. Because this niche in the lodging market is primarily small business owners,  there are unique facets to the B&B business that a potential innkeeper should consider before entering the market. The B&B Conferences are set up to help you learn what you will need to know if you plan to embark on a B&B venture.  I never went to a B&B Conference before I bought our Inn, but I have gone to a few instructional talks with The B&B Team. I enjoyed a lecture about marketing at a Maine Innkeepers Conference a few years ago and before that a talk on managing reviews. As an Innkeeper, there are always trends and issues you should stay on top of. I like to consider the B&B Team lectures and newsletters as my Innkeeper continuing education.

The couple that stayed with us was very polite and enjoyed furthering their experience at the conference with a stay at our Bed and Breakfast. They were curious about our breakfast menu and our rooms. The questions they asked were interesting. I could tell they had been thinking about the information they learned over the weekend at the B&B Conference.  Questions about seasonal income and packaging, when can we get a day off and how we got into this business were fun for me to discuss over a hot cup of coffee this morning. It is rare that I take a minute and try to explain all that I do on a day-to-day basis. This couple was anxious to learn and I had fun summarizing my thoughts in clear easy words in order to teach. I think I conveyed to them that I love what I do. I say that because after our conversation, I myself, felt happy and motivated to stay in the business and enjoy it. When you do things day-to-day and do not analyze it, you can not appreciate the fine points of the job. It was nice to reflect on my eight years of Innkeeping and share with a potential new Innkeeper.

I am thankful that those guests came after their conference.


There are no franchise hotels in Camden Maine. There was one lodging franchise over 10 years ago, but franchises just can’t last in Camden. Those that live and travel to Camden want an experience that is not cookie cutter. An experience of being near the ocean and feeling the history of the town. Many beautiful historic homes in this small coastal village offer the Bed and Breakfast experience.

Bed and Breakfasts started popping up in the 1920’s during the Depression Era. Many unemployed workers had to travel around the country to try to find work. People started opening up their homes to these weary travelers, creating a new revenue stream to those that managed to keep their homes. Over the years the Bed and Breakfast business became more defined and regulated. The local governments required lodging to be licensed by the health department and meet standards of safety for the visitors. Although regulations were placed on the small business owners, hospitality endured and Bed and Breakfasts are the friendliest genre of lodging establishments there are.

Camden Windward House is a Greek Revival home that has been in the hospitality business for over 28 years. Windward is originally the home of a sea-captain from Isleboro. The house fortunately or unfortunately is not in the style of the grand sea-captain houses because when Elijah Glover, the sea-captain, came to Camden in the 1850’s he was retired and working on a career as a ship builder and lumberman. His wife had passed away and he lived in the house with his daughter. Since Windward House is older than the houses across the street, it is obvious why Glover chose the location of Windward House on High Street. This historic home was and is near the downtown and the ocean, except in the 1850’s there was a view of the ocean from the front porch. This Bed and Breakfast’s lot is long and was once ideal for a farming lifestyle (still is and we are trying little by little to grow our vegetables on it – but we are city folk, may take us longer to learn). Windward House has a long lodging history. Before Windward House was a Bed and Breakfast, it was a rooming house for lobster men and artists.

Properties like Windward House make ideal Bed and Breakfasts. Those that purchase historic properties with the intention of sharing it with travelers, know the importance of a great, comfortable bed and warm, filling breakfasts. Most people who travel to the Mid Coast of Maine are weary from a long drive up the coast and are instantly de-stressed when they walk into the welcoming foyer of Windward. The smell of cookies and tea eases everyone. Bed and Breakfasts are the way to go in Maine. Learn about the history, see the unique architecture and enjoy the warm hospitality of a charming New England Home.


March 11, 2013 Contact: Jessica Kershaw (DOI) 202-208-6416 Mike Litterst (NPS) 202-513-0354

AMERICA’S GREAT OUTDOORS:  Secretary Salazar, Director Jarvis Designate 13 New National Historic Landmarks New Sites Recognize More Complete Story of America, including Significant Latino, African American and Indian Sites

WASHINGTON – Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Director of the National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis today announced the designation of 13 new national historic landmarks, including an Alabama bridge that was site of “Bloody Sunday” during the civil rights movement, a 400-year-old historic district showcasing the influence of Spanish culture in Puerto Rico, the home of author and abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe, and a historic stadium used by Negro league baseball teams in 20th-century segregated America.

“These national historic landmark designations span more than two centuries of our country’s history, from 17th century architecture to a Civil War battlefield to a 19th century-Kentucky whiskey distillery that continued to operate through the Prohibition era,” Secretary Salazar said. “Today’s designations include significant sites that help tell the story of America and the contributions that all people from all walks of life have made as we strive for a more perfect union.”

“From the Civil War to civil rights, to the struggles and accomplishments of women, African Americans and Latinos, these sites highlight the mosaic of our nation’s historic past,” said Director Jarvis. “We are proud to administer the National Historic Landmarks Program to educate and inspire Americans through their country’s rich and complex history.”

National historic landmarks are nationally significant historic places that possess exceptional value or quality in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of the United States. The program, established in 1935, is administered by the National Park Service on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior. Currently there are 2,540 designated national historic landmarks.

The new national historic landmarks include the following sites:

·   Camden Amphitheatre and Public      Library, Camden, Maine.  The Camden Amphitheatre and Public      Library is one of the few public projects of Fletcher Steele, one of      America’s premier practitioners of 20th-century landscape      design.  It is an outstanding representation of the contributions      made by the landscape architecture profession, private benefactors, and      national associations to develop public landscapes in the United States      that celebrated natural regional beauty, scenic character, and rich      cultural history. ·   Camp Nelson Historic      and Archeological District, Jessamine County, Ky.  One of      the nation’s largest recruitment and training centers for African American      soldiers during the American Civil War, Camp Nelson is also significant as      the site of a large refugee camp for the wives and children of the      soldiers who were escaping slavery and seeking freedom. ·   Casa Dra. Concha Meléndez Ramírez,      San Juan, Puerto Rico.  This was the residence and workspace of Dra.      Concha Meléndez Ramírez, a prolific and prominent literary criticism voice      in Generación del Treinta (Generation of 1930), a literary movement that      shaped Puerto Rico’s 20th-century national cultural identity. ·   Edmund Pettus Bridge,      Selma, Ala.  On March 7, 1965, civil rights marchers drawing      attention to the need for voting rights legislation were attacked by law      enforcement officials as they crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  The      attack, which came to be known as “Bloody Sunday,” contributed to the      introduction and passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, considered to      be the single most effective piece of civil rightslegislation ever passed      by the US Congress. ·   The Epic of American Civilization      Murals, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H.  These murals are      the most important work in the United States by muralist José Clemente      Orozco, one of Mexico’s foremost mural artists of the early 20th      century.  Orozco conceived the murals as a representation of a North      American continent characterized by the duality of indigenous and European      historical experiences.  Though highly controversial in their day,      the murals challenged traditional ways of thinking about the development      of Aztec and Anglo-American civilizations in North America. ·      George T. Stagg      Distillery, Franklin County, Ky.  With      resources dating from approximately 1880 to 1953, the George T. Stagg      Distillery is a rare, intact example of an operating distillery before,      during and after Prohibition.  It provides an unparalleled      opportunity to study at one site the evolution of buildings and technology      associated with the American whiskey industry. ·   Harriet Beecher Stowe House,      Hartford, Conn.  Though best known to modern audiences for her      antislavery work, Harriet Beecher Stowe was widely recognized in her      lifetime as a highly prolific and nationally significant reformer for a      wide variety of causes.  Her longtime home in Hartford is associated      with Stowe’s later career as a reformer on issues relating to the family      and women’s roles. ·   Hinchliffe Stadium, Paterson,      N.J.  Hinchliffe Stadium the institutionalized practice of “separate      but equal” facilities was the accepted norm. ·   Honey Springs Battlefield,      McIntosh and Muskogee Counties, Okla.  By far the largest Civil War      engagement of the 1861-1865 period of conflict within Indian Territory,      the Battle of Honey Springs was the largest battle in Indian Territory in      which Native Americans fought as members of both Union and Confederate      armies.  It is also significant as the first and largest engagement      in which Indian troops of both sides fought in the formalized style of      Anglo-American warfare. ·   Old San Juan Historic      District/Distrito Histórico del Viejo San Juan, San Juan, Puerto      Rico.  Old San Juan is the only existing representation of an almost      400-year-old Spanish Colonial city in the United States, and contains the      largest collection of buildings representing four centuries of Spanish      culture, religion, politics, and architecture.  It is the oldest city      within the United States and its territories, and the district includes      the oldest house, Christian church, executive mansion, convent, and      military defenses in the country as well. ·   Pear Valley, Eastville,      Va.  Dating to 1740, the wood-frame house known as Pear Valley is an      excellent, rare surviving example of the distinctive form of architecture      that developed in the Chesapeake Bay region, illustrating how early      settlers in the colonies adapted to their new environment. ·   Second Presbyterian Church,      Chicago, Ill.  The Second Presbyterian Church      represents the visual and philosophical precepts of the turn of the      century Arts and Crafts design movement.  Its interior, the      masterwork of noted architect Howard Van Doren Shaw, presents some of the      finest examples of Arts and Crafts mural painting, sculpture, stained      glass and crafting in metals, fabrics, wood and plaster. ·   Yaddo, Saratoga Springs,      N.Y.  One of the country’s oldest artists’ retreats, Yaddo has hosted      more than 6,000 influential writers, visual artists and composers who      shaped and imprinted American culture with a distinct national identity in      the 20th century.  Among the notable artists who have      worked at Yaddo are Aaron Copland, Truman Capote, Leonard Bernstein,      Flannery O’Connor, Sylvia Plath and Langston Hughes.

Salazar also announced the acceptance of updated documentation and a boundary revision for the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex in Harrisburg, Pa.

The National Historic Landmarks Program, established in 1935, is administered by the National Park Service on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior.  The agency works with preservation officials and other partners interested in nominating a landmark. Completed applications are reviewed by the National Park System Advisory Board, which makes recommendations for designation to the Secretary of the Interior.  If selected, property ownership remains intact but each site receives a designation letter, a plaque, and technical preservation advice.

Additional information on the designations can be found at MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from “links.govdelivery.comtrack” claiming to be

photodune-3953677-valentine--xsValentine fun→ Read more
rose and bookYoung lovers enjoy their stay.→ Read more
Canning tomatoes at home

When Jesse and I bought the Camden Windward House Bed and Breakfast, we made a pledge to only serve food that we would eat. We reworked the menu that was already in service at the Bed and Breakfast and added vegan, vegetarian, gluten – free options and use organic and local ingredients. When you are traveling it is difficult to eat healthy and we understand that. Many of our guests ask for our recipes and we are delighted to share our knowledge on healthy eating. We are delighted to be able to offer local cooking classes to our guests as an addition to their stay. Learn how to create a sustainable lifestyle with the monthly workshop classes at Salt Water Farm. These Maine Cooking Classes are a great addition to your travels in Maine. The Cooking School, Salt Water Farm is only 4.7 miles from the Bed and Breakfast and we believe it is a complimentary addition to staying at Windward House. In the morning you will be treated to a delicious made to order breakfast with many dietary options. Eating a healthy breakfast is a great start to your day.  Learn how to can fruit and vegetables. Wonderful warm your bones meals such as Maine cooking classes  about stews, soups and braising are also taught.  Fun classes such as cocktails and pies are also included. There is something for everyone. The final class, at the end of October, is Cooking With Fire, and I could not think of a better way leave the season of fall and welcome a Maine winter. Check Full Calendar of Cooking School Classes  click here.

Camden Windward House has developed a package to encourage you to start living a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle with opportunities at a great cooking school. Please see details of package here.


 The days are much shorter here in the winter in Maine. The mornings are dark and often very cold. I feel like Santa Clause each morning when I wake at 6:00am to set the breakfast tables, put on the coffee, start the tea water, turn up the heat, start the fireplace and have my own cup of coffee. I tip toe around the house to make sure I do not make any noise. The house is very quiet and warm.  This morning. I took a picture of our Christmas tree that I have in the dining room. My daughter strung some cranberries and made moose ornaments. Our guests will slowely wake and they will be treated with a lovely breakfast. Every day should be like this! The Bed and Breakfast lifestyle is pretty amazing.

gingerbread house

We have guests that come to Camden Maine each year for Christmas By the Sea for different reasons. I know there is a hotel in the downtown that is completely reserved by 2 grandparents to host all their children and grandchildren for a family reunion. They all enjoy the Christmas By the Sea festivities together. The timing of Christmas By the Sea is good, in that it is early in December. Windward House has a lovely couple that comes every year just for a nice getaway. The couple lives in Maine, a few towns over from Camden, and come because the town is alive in the winter. The stores are open late. The couple said they do not care too much for all the Santa sightings and caroling. For a young couple that just wants to have a fun town, lovely restaurants and the romantic winter feeling, this is a great weekend. Stay in one Windward House’s rooms with a fireplace and walk to and from dinner, a great weekend.

Some people come to see the ships that are still in the ocean all wrapped up for the winter. The Mary Day puts a Christmas Tree at the top of one of their main masts. It is a fantastic thing to see click here:

Some come to see Santa Clause. This Santa is the real deal! Check it out:

Windward House also has another couple that has come every year since 2009 for one special reason, to buy the Garden Club Gingerbread houses at the Rockport Opera House. They get up early and wait in line outside the Opera House. They buy a couple of candy houses and then get back to Windward House for a delightful breakfast.

It is snowing today in Camden Maine and it completes that great holiday feeling.

Happy Holidays.

Travelers from around the world – I do not speak Italian – but I think it is good! “Peccato una sola notte!” Reviewed November 23, 2012 NEW

Il B&B è davvero carino, l’abitazione tipica del Maine. Le camere sono spaziosissime, comode e molto pulite. I letti grandi e avvolgenti. La biancheria ricercata e morbidissima. Il bagno funzionale e pulito (la doccia, in particolare, é fantastica). La camera aveva anche un caminetto a gas d’atmosfera e, in una fredda giornata di pioggia é stato l’ideale per riscaldare un po’ l’ambiente e regalarci un po’ di relax dopo una lunga traversata in auto sotto una pioggia battente che non ci ha dato tregua un minuto. Il “Windward B&B” è stato solo una tappa del nostro lungo viaggio nel New England, ma avrebbe sicuramente meritato di più. Le colazioni di Kristi, poi sono state davvero fantastiche, naturali, ricche e anche la stanza in cui vengono servite ha l’atmosfera giusta e Kristi stessa é stata molto gentile e ci ha consigliato un percorso in auto al termine del quale si poteva godere di un panorama davvero imperdibile. Buono il rapporto qualità/prezzo, anche se devo precisare che abbiamo viaggiato in bassa stagione. Il paesino di Camden é delizioso.

Thank you note of guests.

I was at French and Brawn this afternoon and the lovely lady that works at the counter looked at me and asked me how I was. I appreciated her concern, but she seemed over concerned. I told her I was felling ok. She said that she sees a lot of people in the store from the hospitality business and they look so bedraggled. That the working folk are tired and some seem angry. I told her that every end of August in Camden, Maine, probably in all of Mid Coast Maine, the hospitality people are tired. By this time most have worked 3 months without a day off.  I told the lady at French and Brawn that the bad reviews start to come in around this time of year. Trip advisor gets a boost in the negative reviews for all local businesses. I fortunately have been drinking green smoothies all summer and feel stronger than ever. I had a few days of short patience but I snapped out of it and managed a genuine smile. I felt  tested this summer with employees not showing up and guests cancelling. But, today in the mail I received a surprising letter. A fun older couple stayed with us for 5 nights. They loved blueberries and sitting out on the deck. The husband had been to the MidCoast before but the wife had not. This is a second marriage for both of them and they are sharing their fond memories of their pasts. I enjoyed having them here. They have very southern gentle accents. They were very polite and entertaining. The letter I received in the mail was from this southern couple. It reads:

Kristen and Jesse,

Enclosed please find a very modest gratuity to say Thank You for the nicest 5 – day visit to Camden that we could possibly have had. We loved Camden but we loved your charming B&B, & the two of you even more. We had a most memorable & relaxing vacation. We wanted to express our thanks!

With fond good wishes,


This letter will help me get through to the end of October with a smile on my face. I hope the rest of Camden receives a letter and understands that tourists truly do love our beautiful area, Camden Maine.


Thank you note of guests.


Windward House Facebook Page

I thought it frivolous to post on Facebook last week. The destruction in NY and NJ was so disturbing that I could not get myself to post anything on the business page for Camden Windward House. Small details of things happening in our town and Inn seemed unimportant. I wanted to write that I was concerned for those in the south but I couldn’t even do that. My words on a computer screen could not make up for the fact that I was here and not there helping those affected by the storm. How could a short post from a Bed and Breakfast in Camden Maine make a difference to anyone?

I did however post on my personal facebook page. On October 31st I posted  “If any of my NY or NJ family sees this – Please give us a call, we are starting to get worried! Much Love!” I did not get an immediate response from my family and was very concerned.  I remember thinking, even if they do not have electricity, their gadgets must still have battery, they must be able to see this post. It was weird to see no posts on facebook from NY and NJ. About 2 hours later I started to get phone calls and returned posts on facebook. Friends and family started to connect and I felt much better.

The feelings I had last week were similar to those I had on 9/11.  I wanted to account for everyone and know where everyone in my life was.  During 9/11 my dad was at ground zero and running away from the disaster. My mom and I knew he was there and frantically tried to get in touch with him. Hours went by before we heard from him. When my dad finally got a phone line to us, he spoke to us and then handed his phone to people next to him so they could give us their name and family member’s phone numbers to call and tell them they were ok. I was calling strangers to tell them that their loved ones were ok.  It was very difficult to call out, if you remember the phone lines were jammed, but I called and called everyone I was instructed to call. If facebook was around during 9/11, it would be amazing to look back on the posts.

I hope all past visitors to Camden Windward House are well. After much contemplation about facebook, I have resigned that it is a good thing. I am grateful to be able to stay connected to those of you that have come to Camden and became a part of our lives. I hope you will stay connected.  If the Windward House posts make you laugh or smile one day, or helps you feel connected, then that is all the justification that is needed.



Winter in Maine means, cold, quiet, snow, hockey, ice skating, skiing, tubing, tobogganing – oh yah and did I say hockey!!! Yes – I am a hockey mom. The ice just went in at the MidCoast Recreational Center this past Friday. I have been watching on Facebook and am delighted that this is the earliest the rink has been completed. My kids will start playing any day now.

Here in the midcoast we love ice. The Camden Public Library will once again install the outside ice skating rink at the Camden Amphitheatre. The Camden Winterfest will delight guests with ice sculptures that form a wonderful ice garden for almost the entire month of February. You can almost guarantee that Natalie’s will have its famous Ice Bar during the Toboggan Nationals.

I love climbing the Maiden Cliff Hike Trail in the winter. The water fall on the hike is frozen over and the ice is fantastic. From the top of the trail you overlook Lake Megunticook and get a great view of winter in Maine. The lake is frozen over and is home to several ice fishing shacks, snow mobilers and cross-country skiers. To play pond hockey – you must bring a shovel and a broom to find the ice and create your rink.

If you grew up in a city and only know winter as an inconvenient time of the year, you really should come to the mid coast of Maine. Winter is more than dirty snow and slippery back roads. I grew up in Staten Island NY, and I never really appreciated winter until I moved here.

Winter is my favorite time of the year. I am hoping for lots of snow, cold temperatures and plenty of ice. I could write more about winter but realized I already have a whole web page dedicated to winter in the midcoast

Dont forget to check out winter package:



Hand written thank you note on smiling cow bag

We are getting ready for the fall season. Putting up places to leaf peep, and things to do in Autumn when Labor Day and Windjammer Dayshaven’t come yet makes you feel time passing. You can feel it beginning to cool off, soon the tomatoes will be ripe, the corn will be ready, (if some creature doesn’t eat it first) and Hope’s majestic giant pumpkin patch will probably inundate the entire back lot soon, before they turn orange for her big Fall season finally, and we start to think about the summer. It seems like just yesterday she bought giant pumpkin seeds

Hope’s giant pumpkin plant attacking our larch tree … number 1, the larch

from the hardware store and planted them in peat pots in the boy’s bedroom. It’s amazing how they have taken off after a little tlc from her grandfather. Summer’s in Maine frequently bring to mind the old saw about how as soon as you realize what it is, how beautiful and special it is, it’s already begun to end. The day after the solstice after all is when the days begin to shorten again. And here in the Midcoast the days begin to shorten precipitously after September. We get a little introspective with all the work and ask ourselves was it worth it? We’ve been rather busy the last couple of months, and it gets very hectic. With help unreliable, and the work unceasing sometimes you wonder if it’s worth it. Just as I wondered that after a long breakfast,

Our guests from France wanted to try everything on the menu – yes, that is on one of those plates blueberry pancakes, a waffle, rye toast and eggs. Small, local, organic! that’s our motto….

a delightful young couple checked out, and said some really nice things to Jesse, but I wasn’t there to say goodbye. They stayed one night in the Brass Room. Breakfast was a bit crazy that morning, with a full house.

When I went into the room, a lovely handwritten note scrawled across a Smiling Cow shopping bag made us smile.

Here’s what it said, in case you can’t read it from the picture:

Kristen and Jesse-

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality! This was our 1st B&B experience, and we loved it! Your home and your sweet little town are great! ….

Thanks again!

Lee& Junie

Well I guess our job was done- we converted another one to the B&B experience! The note reminded me of all the great sentiments, well wishes and blessings our guests have showered upon us this summer. We’ve gotten a lot of really nice notes from the guests this season, online on TripAdvisor, the lady’s of the Victory Chimes, who along with the note gave us a gourmet selection from the Stonewall Kitchen, nice things written in our guestbooks in the room, as well as this one, on the Smiling Cow bag. Thank you for all your good wishes, for admiring the tree house, for telling us you think we made the right choice by moving here, and raising our kids in this “sweet little town”, for expressing the thought that Jesse is a great cook, for being gracious, interesting, charming and lovely guests! Thanks! And here’s to a great Fall Season!

We are delighted to welcome back so many return guests to Camden Windward House. This summer has been unique in that the weddings we hosted were in the early June and July. Prime summer time (August) has been open to all our guests. Last year we had several weddings in August, making it difficult for return guests to get a reservation. This year those previous guests called early and have returned to Windward. I have to admit, I was a little afraid when I turned these guests away last year, they would not return, but they did!

I remember when we first bought the Inn and Del (previous owner) was helping us learn the business. Del was cooking breakfast for the guests and teaching us some great Innkeeper tips. One morning a guest was checking out and said to me, “I will be back”. Del asked me how the guest liked their stay and I said, they said – they will be back. I thought they were being polite, but Del – whom is a veteran Innkeeper, said if a guest says they will be back – they are sincere and you can bet they will be back. Del was right; we have seen many guests return. I know so many faces and names, favorite breakfast specials and can tell you what room they prefer.

I make blueberry coffee and have sugar–free syrup for Jim and Eggs Benedict for Bill. Bruce stays every year for a couple of days. He has a boat north of here but like to visit Camden on his way north. Dorothy and friends are salty dogs, coming each year to go out on Timberwind. Kathy and Ron love reading in the garden, they can read for hours and hours.  I did a report on our reservation software and we have over 600 return guests.

I never thought when I moved from NY I would meet so many interesting people from all over the world. I actually miss one of our annual guests from Australia. He did not come this year, but I bet he will be here next year.


weather in camden

This morning I leaped out of bed because I promised a woman staying with us that I would make her coffee at 6:00am. I awoke at 6:05am and had coffee on literally by 6:08am. The woman was nowhere to be found, and I thought I had missed her by the 8 minutes that I was late. She like many people who visit Camden, like to get up early and walk to the harbor to see the boats and stare out into the horizon with a warm cup of coffee. Morning people who head to the harbor, if you ask them, call themselves “harbor rats”, I personally do not like the term rats and am trying to think of a new cute term for this behavior. It turns out that I did not miss the woman, as I sat at my computer she came in around 6:30am to get her coffee and go to the sea. She said that the cool temperature and the comfortable bed kept her asleep. The temperature as I write this is 51 degrees, which is warm in the winter but is a bit chilly in the summer. It is however, always beautiful. 51 degrees in the summer is nice because you can wear that warm sweater with your shorts, knowing that later it will come off and you will be warmed by the sun. Camden is experiencing a delightful summer. We get many guests from all over the country that are escaping the heat and enjoying sleeping with the windows open. The air is a natural air conditioner. This reminds me of one of my first posts on this blog about the air quality in Camden Maine.

I hope you will consider coming to Camden this summer! Cool off and enjoy the great outdoors.


I usually start each season with a post. Last year I was concerned about Trip Advisor, this year I’m not. This year I am concerned that I will not be able to go out on my kayak enough. I met a friend here and she recently reminded me that I came to Camden Maine, bought this Bed and Breakfast to live a certain lifestyle. She reminded me that Camden is absolutely beautiful in summer and I better start enjoying it. I still am concerned about the service at Windward House, but this year am more confident about it. I am almost able to predict what “terrible” things will happen and, in my head, created a game plan on how to solve those issues. Camden Maine truly is a beautiful place to stay for a couple of days. Jesse and I have made a commitment to organic and local foods, so don’t even think about what you eat in our Inn, it is good and good for you (well, maybe not the French Toast with Orange Rum bananas, but they certainly are good!!!).

Lots of new things here in Camden for me to enjoy this year. There is a new scooter rental place, a bamboo bike shop, lots of walking tours, some new stores and restuarants  in the downtown.  We have a great Boat to Table Package. The captain of the lobster boat has promised to take me out on a special tour of the harbor! Tomorrow I am going with the kids to an organic farm to pick strawberries.  So far summer 2012 is great!


schooner surprise

We are extremely happy to announce that we will begin our 26th season with Surprise tomorrow morning, May 26 .  Our schedule will feature departures at 10:30, 1:30 and 4:30 until July 1 when our summer schedule begins.  The Surprise which is in her 94th year looks quite amazing and has responded well to our efforts with paint and varnish as well as the skilled crew at Rockport Marine who do the heavy lifting literally.  As always, we look forward to greeting your guests and providing them with a sailing experience that will ensure that they return to us every year.  We continue to be amazed and encouraged by the enthusiastic response of an overwhelming number of repeat passengers we welcome on our deck.  We appreciate your support and we will continue to ensure that your guests will bring home fond memories of their experience onboard Surprise.

We wish you “fair winds” in your business and we would love to see you onboard as our guests anytime you take the opportunity.    Now it is time to get the weatherman to provide a nice summer pattern.

– Captain Jack and Barbara

Sailing In Camden Maine

Breakfast Smoothie

When you serve a hot breakfast everyday for 7 years, you start to notice trends in food. First it was a concern for diabetes, then it was gluten free, then vegetarian, then vegan – now raw. Jesse is an amazing cook – I often kid with the guests that I think Jesse’s 20 years as a lawyer prepared him to be a short order cook. He researches everything he does. When he sets his mind to a task, he goes at it head on and tries his best. Jes has truly created an awesome morning menu.  This  Maine B&B that has a complimentary breakfast menu that is made to order. We hope people order as much or as little as they like, we don’t want anyone walking away hungry. But more importantly, we like making items that are unique to our guests diets. Jesse is great at learning about different diets and he does a great job with gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. Jes does not have any dietary restrictions, other than being a locavore, so he makes traditional american meals just as good. He loves his bacon and sausage (local of course). To further widen our breakfast options, and our own eating routines, I recently bought Jes a Vitamix for his birthday.  We will now be able to offer our guests a raw green shake in the morning. Green shakes consist of vegetables and fruits. Lesson learned with the green smoothie in the picture – Kale, Beet, Flax seed, Blueberries – once you put beets in anything, it will be beet colored. This tasted great and the guest loved it.


Sandy beach

April is a little early for the Maine tourist season to start, but over the weekend we were fortunate enough to host a whole Inn full of guests. Jesse and I are a little out of practice serving 18 breakfasts, but I think we did well. We got up very early and prepped everything (secret to success is preparation!). Everyone left the breakfast room happy and Jes and I were pleased. Monday morning came and everyone left the Bed and Breakfast. The house was quiet once again. I realized that I had better start taking advantage of the time and good weather that we have been given. 9:00am Monday, I packed my camera, some bottles of water and headed out with the family. First stop Willow Bake Shop for some homemade donuts.

My favorite: Butter Crunch

Next stop – The Breakwater Lighthouse. The Breakwater is one of my favorite spots on the MidCoast. At low tide there is a little beach there that many scour for sea glass. I like it because the waters there are real working waters. In the summer you can see lobster boats rushing from buoy to buoy for their lobsters. The Breakwater is a nice granite walk out into the ocean and at the end is a lighthouse. Unfortunately, the lighthouse is never open when I get there, but that’s ok, the rocks in front are a great place to sit and relax.

I made the kids walk all the way before they could have their donuts. Walk is a 7/8ths of a mile (each way). They did a great job and really enjoyed their donuts.

Since I felt an urgency to continue enjoying the beautiful day, next stop with the family, Birch Point Beach.

Birch Point is definitely a hidden gem and I feel a little unsure if I should share it with the world. I first discovered this wonderful beach with the my son’s first grade class. The beach at low tide has a lot of tidal pools that small and big children can explore. This beach area in Owls Head has a sand beach, wonderful picnic tables, bathrooms and great views.

A great way to end our little staycation – near Birch Point Beach, Owls Head General Store for hamburgers, not just any hamburger, the best burger in Maine – per Food Network.

We sat outside on some picnic benches and enjoyed our food.

After a long day, we returned to Camden Maine and relaxed at our quiet, wonderful downtown property! I encourage you to come now to the Mid Coast of Maine. Some things are not open yet, but the things that are, WOW are they wonderful. I had a great day!

Hope to see you soon.




Camden Maine is a New England Epicenter for Culinary tourism. Culinary tourism is defined as experiential travel, including local, domestic, and international tours, whereby one learns about and/or consumes food and drink reflecting a region’s cuisine and/or culture.  The food and drink of the coast of Maine are superb and should be experienced by all. I have children and recently we went to NY for the traditional Italian family Christmas Eve fish dinner. My 10 year old son commented that the lobster in NY was not as good as the lobster in Maine. Most people at the party agreed. It was then that I realized the asset I have in my Maine neighborhood. The wonderful bounty of the sea: Frutta di Mar. The flavors of the coast are like no other.  Potatoes, vodka, fiddleheads,blueberries, lobster, fish are all worth trying when in Camden Maine.

I hestitate to share this wonderful website I recently came upon (don’t want everyone to know my great find). For those that want truely Maine Made products, should check out These nuns can make some awesome cookies and jams. They also make a great lasagna, but you can’t buy that online.

Camden Maine is truly a unique place on the East Coast. It is amazing how the town keeps its secret. There are amazing hiking trails, several warm lake swimming spots, lake islands you can row out to, an ocean island that is not further than a mile away –  if you are strong – you can actually swim to it, and great skiing trails. All of these places are special because anyone can enjoy them. The gradient skill level for these activities start at novice and reaches expert. I like to call Camden the “Soft Adventure” capital of the world. Where else can you check into someones’ house (B&B) drop your stuff, head out the back door and run up a mountain, come back down freshen up, walk 1 block and board a kayak, row out to an island that has 1 resident (the lighthouse keeper)? Rockland is a good place to head when it rains (the Farnsworth Museum), but Camden is the place to be when it is sunny.

Next week an olympian snow boarder (Scott Westcott) will be visiting Camden Maine. I remember seeing an interview with him. He commented that if you can ski in Maine – you can ski anywhere. I totally agree with him. I went skiing in Camden Maine yesterday and the conditions: 40 degrees, windy and ICE. I loved it. You must remember, just go over the ice straight, do not try to turn or swerve and you are fine. I always comment to guests that the Camden Snow Bowl is “family friendly” hoping to get my point across that it is an easy and fun workout. I love these hill for new skiers, particularly my kids. They are learning to ski with confidence and feel comfortable trying new things like jumps and “dinosaur backs”.  But, if you compare the hills of the Camden Snow Bowl with trails of Colorado, the extremes are similar. The glade trails of Camden Maine are shorter, but just as difficult and dangerous as Colorado.  The trails of Camden Maine are cut narrower then the trails of Colorado, forcing you to swerve from other skiers, stay on course and maneuver your skis to fit narrow places. Our Soft Adventure capital has all extreme skiing factors!

I walked into a friend’s store the other day and everything was different. She had changed the aisles and got rid of a lot of products. I asked if she was going out of business, she said she was getting rid of the things that did not sell and “re-imagining” the store. She definitely was not going out of business but re-inventing her business. This was very refreshing. Ever since that experience with my friend, I have been looking at my own “store”, my website and my bed and breakfast. Our website was re-designed this winter. I contacted a web designer last fall and was quoted twenty thousand dollars for a redesign. Needless to say, we decided to do it ourselves. I am pleased with the way it came out. Jesse and I are constantly learning new things. 10 years ago I never would have guessed Jesse and I could write computer code. It is amazing what you learn when you are a small business owner.

Another re-invention, our menu…

Our guests are always a source of inspiration to us. More and more we are hosting vegans for breakfast. Each year we see changes in dietary habits and we have always been able to accommodate our guests. First it was diabetics, then gluten-free, peanut-free, then vegetarians, now vegans. I am waiting for someone to say they are on the raw diet. Recently a guest wrote on their reservation that both he and his wife were vegans and hoped that we could accommodate them. The first morning of their stay I handed them a menu and said, I understand you have restrictions, but we can accommodate you with these options. As I was saying it I realized that it was not the guest that was restricted, it was my menu that was restricted. From that moment on I have seen food in a new way. It is very easy to convert most breakfast items into a vegan, and also a gluten-free option. I investigated new ingredients and we still have almost the same menu but there is a little (V) next to the items that we can make Vegan.

I am so proud of myself for looking at things a little different this year at the Bed and Breakfast. I am 38, been doing this for 7 years now and still willing to re-imagine this business each year. I hope you will like the new things happening at Windward House.

Skating Enthusiasts! (by Camden Local Anita Brosius – Scott)

Just thought I’d let you know that we were out skating on Hosmer Pond yesterday (Tuesday afternoon Jan. 3) and this morning (Wednesday Jan. 4) and the conditions there are TERRIFIC – 4-5” of ice, wonderful smooth skating. There is open water at the outlet of the creeks (ie the creek that runs along the side of the drive up to the pond edge (ie, don’t skate towards the toboggan chute from the put-in), and the one over by Molyneaux Road and also along the edge in a few places, but the whole pond otherwise is great. Catch the breeze right and you can cruise the length of the pond from the put-in just by standing still! But dress warmly for the skate back upwind! A bald eagle has been hanging out, flying over or standing on the ice pecking at goodies or hoping for cast-off bait from the ice fishermen.

Of course, always wear self-rescue devices when skating on ponds; be conscious of ice fishermen’s holes, too. Better safe than sorry!

Ice claws with attached whistle are available at Maine Sport. De rigeur neck fashion for pond skaters!

Adventure to be found at a Bed and breakfast→ Read more

Last year about this time, I wrote about wanting to get out to Curtis Island. At the time of writing, I had been here for 5 years and had never been to the closest island to Camden. It looks so close, but I could not get to it. Well, if you remember the post, I finally tried to swim to Curtis Island, but did not make it.  I had to get in the row boat that was following me. The row boat did finally take me to the island. I was so happy to finally get there. The same year, my husband bought me a kayak, I guess he was scared I would try to swim out to the island again.

I was fortunate this year to get to another cluster of islands off the coast of Maine. No I did not swim, I did not kayak, I sailed on a boat that you can rent for charters – Redwings. Redwings is a Peterson 46 center cockpit offshore cruiser for your rental pleasure. Aaron Henderson is the captain and a local Maine native. Aaron grew up here and is very familiar with the water and nearby islands. I laughed every-time he picked out an island and told me the name of it. To me the islands all looked the same. He said that most islands look like their names, Saddle Island – looks like a saddle. I wasn’t convinced that it looked like a saddle, but maybe if I had looked at it as many times as he has, it might start to resemble a saddle. Anyway, Aaron took me and my boys out to White Islands. White Islands are a group of Islands off the coast of mid coast Maine. Redwings is a beautiful sail boat that is very comfortable. My boys are taking sailing classes and Aaron was great to reinforce the things the boys had learned and helped them to understand the many details of sailing Redwings out in the ocean. The sail was both visually beautiful and intellectually  stimulating. When we got to White Islands, I was a little concerned because it it was high tide and the only thing you could see were tops of rocks and I was not sure these rocks were islands. But then Aaron steered us into a narrow channel and we sailed into a beautiful beach. The boys got out and ran around looking for treasures, which they found, 7 lobster buoys that had drifted ashore. Each buoy a different color for the lobster-man that had put it out in this part of the ocean. I should mention that White Islands are near Vinalhaven. Vinalhaven is populated by many lobster-men. The waters near Vinalhaven are filled with lobster buoys. It’s really amazing to see how many buoys are near each other in the waters near Vinalhaven. While the boys were gathering their buoys, I walked around the island. I was surprised to see rugosa roses and small bushes growing in between the rocks. White rocks and pink roses. I told Aaron that I thought this must be what heaven looks like. The island was so beautiful. We stayed for about an hour, the tide was going out so we had to move the boat. I regrettably left this wonderful paradise in the ocean. I am so happy that I have it now in my memory and it is one of those happy places I can go to when I am cleaning rooms and ironing sheets. Aaron told me after that trip that he had never been to those islands before. He said there are so many islands, each one very unique. A friend of his told him about that island the day before and he decided to check it out. I think he was as pleasantly surprised as I was. I did however get a little disappointed,  when I felt a little empowered by the sea, feeling knowledgeable from all of Aaron’s teachings, I offered up that I thought the islands were named White Islands because they were white in color. Aaron actually disagreed with me and said that it was probably because some sailor named White discovered them. Let me tell you if they can name an island saddle because it looks like a saddle, they can name these islands White, because they are white.

I am past my urge to swim to the nearby islands. I do have a kayak, but don’t think I could make it past Curtis Island. I am so pleased that I found Redwings and now have a wonderful new option to exploring Penobscot Bay. If you are staying in Camden Maine, I highly recommend contacting Aaron and arranging a trip on Redwings. You can spend the day exploring the islands off the coast of Maine. It truly is a wonderful and memorable experience that you can take back with you after your Maine vacation.

Check out our page for RedWings:

Kids enjoying the White islands off the coast of Maine.Redwings

The harbor in Camden Maine is coming alive, as is our quaint little seaside town. The boats are all open and starting to take salty dogs out to sea. The lobster men can be seen racing between traps in their boats. The lilacs are blooming at Camden Windward House and yesterday I noticed my favorite black eyed suzie’s are starting to come out of the ground. Jesse, has successfully made a wisteria flower on the front porch. Baby birds are nesting over the Chart Room back door and the humming birds have come back. Yesterday my children swam in Lake Megunticook for the first time this season. While we were at Barrett’s Cove, Megunticook Lake, we noticed a person rock climbing Mt. Battie. Yes, spring has finaly arrived in Camden Maine.

Spring has sprung and my husband has put out the Maypole. We have a joke each year that he has the biggest Maypole on the street. This is true because we are the only ones on the block that have a pole out to welcome spring. You may ask why a couple from NY that is Irish, English, Polish and Italian in heritage would put out a maypole. If you look at Wikipedia, it seems like every culture has some form of this spring ritual, believe it or not. The Italians grease the pole and have contests to see who can get to the top and steal the crown. Not sure how to interpret this one.

We like the idea of welcoming spring after a hard winter. We celebrate the renewal of life and hope for a successful summer.

This years pole is our largest one. Jesse stood on the roof of the porch to put it together. I told him, he is not try to beat this record next year. He would have to stand on the roof of the house, and that could get ugly.

Please stop by to see the pole, we keep it up for almost the whole month of May.

One might think to drive 5 hours is a little extreme for a weekend getaway. I’m grateful for the beautiful website that led us to this quaint town and the photos of your B&B did nothing but confirm we had found our weekend destination. You walk in the door and the warmth we were met with, stayed with us the entire time. It was a pleasure to have been invited and welcomed into your house. Thank you so much for the stories and wonderful food . We wish you all the success. – Angela- MA.

Wanted to share with the Camden Windward House followers this new State of Maine concept to help tourists. . If you have any fond memories of Camden, please share with the world.

Just read a romantic recollection of a couple that were together for 60 years. They met on a blind date and a year later he proposed. He brought her to the bottom of a ski trail, had skiers come down the hill with torches as he gave his love a box that had a circle of carnations with a ring in the middle. He read a poem to her that he wrote about the things they did together. She said yes and they have been together for the past 60 years!

This love story is so inspiring. 

Don’t forget you can celebrate Valentines Day, The day of Love any day. Our Bed and Breakfast is a great place to start your celebration of love.

Kristi & Jesse, Greetings, I hope that all is well with the kids, construction and the business. I wanted to thank you for the lovely stay. Our room was splendid (Quarterdeck) and the view breathtaking. I do’t think we had a better breakfast on our trip either. We are both huge fans of the Eggs Benedict.

Thank you again for the great service and hospitality. Maybe we can do it again when it’s a spot warmer! Best Regards, CT.

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Calling all middle-schoolers who want to keep Camden the “jewel of Maine”, and make sure the kids and pets who live here stay healthy. A large map displayed in the window of the Camden town office shows properties in town painted green where homeowners have agreed not to use poisons on their lawn to get rid of dandelions and other “weeds””Kids for a Greener Camden”  There is a group of middleschoolerswho want to turn the whole map — and town –green. First step: One student or a group of friends adopts a street. Next step: Receive a packet and with the help of this packet get every homeowner on that street to agree not to use harmful lawn chemicals. Once everyone on the street agrees, the street is painted green on the town map and is a street that is now healthy for kids and pets. Everyone who “greens” a street gets a “Kids for a Greener Camden” button, is invited to a party in April, plus is eligible for a Middle School community service Schooner Tag. To adopt a street, sign up on the Kids for a Greener Camden sheet in the office. For more information, check out the KIDS page on the sixth-graders Molly Mann, Liv Berez or Jade Hazzard or email website, talk with

This Green Inn – loves this Green Idea.

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Just some holiday pictures….

Jesse says we should finally unpack our bags. We moved here to Camden Maine 5 years ago from NY. I was  in my early 30’s and none of my children were in school yet. Everyday was a surprise in this new state. Things are  definately different here in Maine. My kids are “growing up Maine”. They know things about hiking, sailing, hockey, &  hunting. They are also watching their parents try to make a living selling rooms in an historic home. They see us get up every morning and prep for breakfast. They watch us interact with guests. They are learning alot, whether they know it or not. After 5 years we finally feel like we are home in this 1854 house.

Come January we will be doing some renovations to the Inn, but also renovating the owners quarters to make it more warm and comfortable for us and the kids. Most Bed and Breakfasts use every square inch for the guests, to generate revenue. Some innkeepers live in the attic or the basement. We are lucky, when we found windward house, the owners’ quarters consists of a large part the house. We have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The former owners however did not focus on making the owners’ quarters warm and comfortable, and that is the challenge Jesse and I will go about tackeling this winter.

But, not to neglect our guests for the next season, we are making improvements to our guest rooms also. We are tiling a bathroom in Windrose, adding a beautiful accent wall of wood in Coastal Garden and extending the bathroom wall in Quarterdeck. We will be able to offer our guests two more King sized bed options and one more two twin bed options, and the King bed in Chart should look spectacular with posts and a canopy. All great things to make the guest rooms even more comfortable. We will be the only Bed & Breakfast in Camden Maine that has 3 ground floor rooms with King sized beds. We are also finding more ways to be green by bringing lines of amentities that are environmentally and socially good. 

We are excited and nervous about all the new things we are trying to do. The economy, as everyone knows is still giving people the jitters, but in a sense it makes a Maine vacation, and our rates, which haven’t gone up, but have gone down in the last five years, a real great vacation or weekend getaway or Camden Conference or PopTech or Maine Coast Fall Leaf Peeping good deal!  And with more King beds, there’s more room to stretch out.

So we have many reasons to be optimistic and thanks to our guests, and providence we keep moving forward. We hope you will come to visit in the spring and summer to see our improvements and enjoy Camden Maine the way we do. There will be no price increases in 2011, just more added value. Happy Holidays and see you in the New Year.

Children love making cookies but sometimes their innocent kitchen habits are not that welcoming when making Christmas cookies for groups of loved ones. Although children always have good intentions, they don’t always know how to cover a sneeze at the right time. That is why I was so happy when I was invited to help the elementary school make cookies. These cookies were not for people but for dogs. We made Christmas Doggie biscuits. I love dogs and I was relieved that an animal would be eating this lovingly made cookie from the children. This is a great and unique gift that you might want to try for your favorite dog. The children used all different types of cookie cutters. Dog bones, christmas trees, snow men, bells and candy canes.

Dog Biscuits


2 cups of whole wheat flour

2 cups of all purpose flour

¾ cups of cornmeal

4 tablespoons of Vegetable oil

2 Cups beef or chicken broth

bacon bits, or garlic or bacon drippings

Combine first 4 ingredients in bowl. Add broth and mix. Roll out onto floured surface, cut with cookie cutter. Bake in preheated 300 degree oven for 30 minutes. Cool before giving to doggie.

So proud to live in a town that is taking going “green” seriously.I just got back from going to the local dump. As a town, we do not have garbage pick up. You can hire a service to take your garbage, or you can take it yourself. Growing up in Staten Island, NY, I know a thing or two about dumps. Funny enough, I think all Staten Islanders have memories of going to the dump once or twice. When I was real young you could actually walk amongst the garbage and pick stuff up. When I was older, you drove in to special sections and it was very organized, you were no longer allowed to walk in the garbage. Finally after I left Staten Island the dump was closed. Here in Camden Maine, I am impressed by all the recycling efforts that go on in the dump. You have to separate paper, plastic, cardboard, glass and tin. It usually takes me about an hour to do all this sorting but in the end, I know it will be recycled and not end up in a huge dump somewhere. In addition to the great recycling program in this area, there is this great citizens initiative: Camden Windward House is on the Citizens for a Green Camden “green map” and has pledged not use pesticides on our lawns. The absence of pesticides has made a big difference in the number of birds we have been seeing on our property. We always look forward to spring because we know we will have several robin families around us. In the past we have had morning dove babies.  In the beginning of starting this no pesticide program, I admit we were nervous about how the yard would look. But when you cut your grass regularly and plant lots of flowers it looks great. We encourage all of our friends to try going green. Recycle and don’t use pesticides.

Guests got engaged at Windward House Bed and Breakfast this weekend in Camden Maine. Halloween Weekend brought cool temps, mild winds, gray skis and romance in the air. 2 lovely guests came from NY City to get away from the hustle of the city and to focus on love. They went up to the top of mountain, but it was way to cold, and they said there were alot of people up there, so they came down and the proposal was right here in the Inn, in front of a fireplace. We are so pleased they chose Windward in the winter for their special moment in time. Cheers.

We found an old photo of a Maypole on the lawn of the Windward House in a box in the basement, and ever since then we've put one up for the month of May. People comment on it every year, and tell us they've come to look forward to it. This year the kids got all caught up in it. (you should see the video!)

We bribed the kids when we first moved – we said if they didn’t complain about leaving NY we’d get a dog. They love Moxy- We got her in Farmington – she’s the only real Mainer in the family.

Chrysanthemums for Autumn in Camden Maine

– As we approach the end of the 25th year of operation of the Windward House B&B, the spring, summer….late fall foliage season we always get a little introspective.

The season started out with a really great Maypole this year.

Camden Maine Sugar Maple

I would like to share some amazing statistics for the Camden Windward House Bed and Breakfast. The Camden Windward House B&B, which has been on High Street for about 150 years, opened its doors in Camden Maine as a B&B in 1985, and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2010. This year, so far, the Bed and Breakfast had approximately 2,000 guests, the ground floor, Chart Room Suite having had the best occupancy rate of all 8 rooms this year. Approximately 2000 cups of fresh fruit

Every morning Kristi cuts up fruit for the guests. It looks and smells so beautiful

were served and 2,000 brownies and cookies were baked for afternoon snacks. About 4,000 free range eggs have been cooked in omelets, French toast, pancakes, waffles, sunny – up, over easy, poached, egg white only, juevos rancheros, eggs benedicts, and my favorite – scrambled. More than 80 pounds of fair trade shade grown Windward House Blend coffee have been brewed and enjoyed in the breakfast room. 1,600 beds were made and approximately 3,000 pillow cases and sheets have been lovingly pressed.

Considering all the hard work you have to wonder, especially at this time of year, was it worth it!

In spring our youngest turned 8, and three children and a labradoodle (when we first came we bribed the kids out of missing the folks back in NY by telling them we’d get a dog -Moxy)  danced around our fourth Maypole (this year it had live flowers and vines), now in autumn, it’s our oldest’s turn to celebrate a birthday, and our middle one will have her turn at year’s end, – they were only five, four and three years old when we started this experiment. We used to pull them around town in a flexible flyer wagon

The Windward House kids' wagon was used to pull them around town until it broke. We actually wore out two before the kids got too big to pull around....

because they were so little and walked so slow, (for a little while I was known as the lady with kids in the wagon).

When we first came here, our two youngest made the whole world look bigger.

Across from the Camden library, our two youngest when we first came here

Now we can’t keep up with them; on the hiking trails,

Top 'o theWorld - the view from Mt. Battie a block from the house where the kids like to hike

swimming in the lake, skating at hockey, running at soccer. My oldest has had to bring it my attention on three occasions that I was wrong – and he right, about the correct answers on his math homework. On this the 25th anniversary year of Windward House, three children danced around the promised-for-three-years tree house finally built. Along with our guests we celebrated, we sailed, kayaked and

Hiking - Our oldest is getting too big to carry

hiked, we shopped downtown, and ate at Camden’s great restaurants, and we loved it here more than ever! Wow! Thanks to all our guests, our friends, neighbors and family for another blessed season! Oh, and happy 25th anniversary Windward House, the house that Elijah Glover built in Camden Maine!

I told my husband this year I want to have a picnic on Curtis Island for my birthday. Since we moved here, I have looked out on this island everyday. I have been curious about what is out there, and what it looks like. We do not own a boat or a kayak so getting out to Curtis Island would be a challenge. Curtis Island is the closest island to our lovely coastal village of Camden Maine. The Curtis Island Light House is on the island. The day sailors take tourist around the island to see the beautiful town owned property. The property is public and can be used by anyone. It is a lovely spot with a trail, benches and a little beach. I was talking to one of my friends that does own a boat, trying to drop a hint for him to sail us out there, but he had a funny answer, he said, well, you don’t need a boat, you can walk out there from Laite Beach at low tide. Although this might be true, barely, considering I would be walking in 4 – 5 feet of water with my picnic basket and cooler, this did not seem practical.  My children sail out to Curtis Island with the Camden Sailing program. The kids have been to Curtis Island at least a dozen times, they go out there and have treasure hunts and play capture the flag. They think it is funny that I have never been there and that they know more then me about a jewel of Camden.

So onward toward my goal of getting to Curtis Island….

The other day I got a phone call around 9:30pm. My friend called and said she had a hankering to swim out to Curtis Island and wanted to know if I wanted to join her. She swims out there a couple times a year and thinks it is a pretty easy swim. I swam competitively in college. In fact my specialty was the mile race. I was not a fast swimmer but I had endurance. I was a lifeguard throughout college also, so I figured the 3/4 mile swim with a seasoned swimmer was probably going to be my only chance to get out to Curtis Island so I jumped at the chance. The next day we met at Laite Beach for the swim. I insisted that we have a paddle boat, just in case.  I had my goggles, my speedo swim suite and was ready to go. I did not care that the water was approximately 60 degrees, that my feet and arms were freezing, I was going to swim to Curtis island and enjoy it. Well, I made it half way. I had a hard time breathing, I don’t know if it was me being out of practice, out of shape or if the cold water was crushing my lungs. I told the paddle boat that I would swim back by myself and that they should go on with my friend, whom was doing a great job. The person in the boat insisted that I get in and take the ride out to Curtis Island. I was disappointed that I was not going to make the full swim, but filled with joy that I was finally getting to Curtis Island. We paddled over there, while my friend swam. We docked the boat and I set foot on the lovely Island. There is a sign- in book on the island to show that you were there. I signed it saying, “early birthday present to me!”. I walked around the nature trail and stopped to look at the lighthouse. The light house keepers were sitting on the porch enjoying there little piece of heaven. I said hello and then continued back to the beach were the boat was docked. My friend got back in the water and swam and I took a ride in the paddle boat. There was no picnic but what a great experience.

The song “Small Island”, by Gordon Bok was playing while I wrote this post. A song about people on the small island not liking new comers on the island, “go back where you come from”. I thought it was ironic that this was playing on my itunes while I wrote about my journey and longing to go out to this small island .

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VABLOOM: A vacation where one visits gardens and blooming flowers. A new word created by the children at Windward House. Steve Colbert of Comedy Central would be so proud. He recently ranted about the NY Times banning the word Tweet because it was not a real word. Steve Colbert is famous for making new words up, such as truthiness. Now for my blog entry…. A guest called yesterday to reserve for July 14, 15, and 16th at our Camden Maine Bed and Breakfast. He specifically was coming to Camden Maine for the Camden Garden Club Tour . The Camden Windward House is a “Friend” Sponsor of this event. The gentleman stated that after coming to the Camden garden tour he was headed to Kennebunk for the Private Gardens of Kennebunk Tour. He enjoys gardening and said that going on these trips were cheaper than therapy. The Kennenbunk Tour is on July 17th. I thought this was such a great itinerary that I wanted to share it with anyone that is reading this Windward Blog.  I suggested to the man that he should add  a quick visit to the  Coastal  Maine Botanical Gardens: 

I made dinner reservation for this lovely couple at Atlantica Seafood Bistro and Francines.

Dear Jesse and Kristi. We love your B&B. Thanks for taking us in at the last minute and especially for the early morning coffee. I am glad I got to see Peyton Place the movie. The room, bathroom and tub and breakfast were such a treat after a hectic day. I will spread the word about Windward House to the people of North Haven, so you’ll get some business. Many Thanks.

Looking for great deals on recyled designer clothes? Consignment is the way to go. Mid Coast Maine has some great consignment shops.→ Read more

This is a picture of our new Waste-Not Recycle Baskets that we have in all our guest rooms at Windward House. At first, I was a little nervous about putting this odd looking container in my beautiful rooms. It is broken into 4 compartments, 1 for glass, 1 for paper, 1 for plastic, 1 for cans. So far the guests have not mentioned it, but they definitely are using them. We had a generic looking basket with the word recycle on it, but guests did not seem to use it. With the words right on it, people are making a connection and recycling everything. I did not expect so much to be recycled from the guests. It just proves, if you make it obvious and easy, people will do the right thing for the environment.

Today I went to our local recycling center, a.k.a., the dump, they have bins that you have to sort your garbage. I was so excited because this year we were actually able to recycle all the plastic flower pots. We buy alot of flowers for the garden but in the past just threw the plastic containers in the garbage because our recycle center only took #2 plastics, but now they take plastics 1,2,3,4,5,6, & 7. It felt great to recycle those pots. If you interested in the waste not basket here is the link: 

Information on different plastics:

A lovely entry in one of our guest journals..

When I came to Camden, I was quite burned out. I’d been working very long hours the entire year and knew that on my return I would be working very long hours again, in addition also traveling for work every week for the next year. I wanted desperately to relax and unwind. I love the water and my dad had mentioned windjammers. I fell in love with the idea immediately. I found the Mary Day Schooner online and planned my trip around their 3 day first cruise of the season. I planned to visit St. Louis first and then stay in Camden. Little did I realize how much an impact my stay in your carriage house would affect me. I suspect it will be as profound an impact as the long awaited cruise will have. The room is so lovely, and inviting. Just stepping through the door lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. The hot soak in your beautiful tub and sinking deep into sleep on that fabulous bed did the rest. It truly was a magical time for me. I enjoyed talking to your Australian yachting guest in the morning. I adored your perfect (and beautiful) blueberry pancakes (the blueberries here really do taste better) and the bottomless cup of coffee.I hope to come back many times. You’ve really made a wonderful place here, in a wonderful town. Thanks for everything. Best wishes to you and your family….

I was so happy to hear that Local Master Maine Guide, Don Kleiner has been fishing already on Lake Megunticook. Lake Megunticook is a hidden treasure of Camden Maine. It is off  Maine rt. 1 and a short drive up rt. 52. It at the base of Mt. Battie and can be seen from the Maiden Cliff trail. In Don Kleiner’s blog, he mentions that pickerel and bass were seen in the lake. I highly recommend adding a Master Guide trip to your vacation in Maine. Read more about Don Kleiner and Maine Outdoors: Camden Windward House is only3.7 miles from the lake and the Innkeepers can help you arrange a trip with Maine Outdoors. We can also guide you to the hiking trails that give this spectacular view.

This weekend was very odd, strange weather and a lot of guests (it is only April!). Friday started out nice and sunny, Saturday the rain came and then it snowed, Sunday it rained. Camden is a great sea coast town and is very pleasant when the sun is out. You can hike, walk around,  or just sit by the water. When the weather is odd, it is nice to have a beautiful Inn room to sit by the fire and read a book. If it is nice out, we definitely have more interest in overnight guests, business picks up. When it is going to rain business is very slow. That’s why when we had a lot of guests this weekend, I was very confused. The weather was not great but the phone would not stop ringing. This weekend we had so many that I questioned a guest and said, “Why are you here?”  He said it is Patriot’s Day. Having grown up in New York, I had not been familiar with Patriot’s Day.  Patriot’s Day is not on my radar as a travel weekend. Some businesses actually give a paid holiday.  It is acknowledged in Massachusets, Maine and Wisconsin. For more info on Patriot’s Day :’_Day . Guests were all different this weekend. The range ran from Minnesota Dairy Farmers to Tax Lawyers from Massachusetts. We even had a lovely newly wed couple celebrating their honeymoon. (That is the fourth honeymooning couple we have had  for so far this year).

My friend in Connecticut (Anna) saw that I was interested in healthy food at schools. I sent an invite a couple of days ago on my facebook page to all my friends to join the Jami Oliver Food Revolution. Anna directed me to this other great website that helps you write a letter to your local legislatures. I sent the following letter to Rep. Chellie Pingree, Sen Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine.  I sent a letter to these reps about a month ago for Earth hour. Earth Hour is another great initiative to save energy! The Internet is making it easier to get on board with these great ideas.  For more info on the healthy food campaign go to: Thanks Anna!

Dear Rep Chellie Pingree, Sen Olympia Snowe, Sen Susan Collins,

I’m concerned about child obesity. Right now, nearly one third of American children are overweight or obese. That’s a major threat to their health and to the future security and economic prosperity of our country.

It’s time to act, starting with the reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act. As a voter in your district, I urge you to invest at least $1 billion per year, to strengthen nutrition standards and to link schools to local farms.

Right now, schools receive $2.68 for each lunch served  – only about $1 of which goes towards food. As a result, most schools have to rely on the cheap processed foods that are fueling the obesity and diabetes epidemics.

To help America’s children get back on the track towards good health, the Child Nutrition Act must include:

1. A full investment of at least $1 billion per year, as proposed by the Administration. School meal providers say a truly healthy meal costs $1 more, which is the goal we need to work towards. Investing in healthy food now will save hundreds of billions in health care costs down the line.

2.  Stronger nutrition standards for all the food sold at school, including the food sold in school vending machines.

3.  $10 million per year in mandatory funding for Farm to School programs, which create local jobs and help schools teach healthy eating.

When you reauthorize the Child Nutrition Act, please keep America’s kids in mind and put their needs first. Thank you for your support.

-Kristen Bifulco

Camden Maine

The Camden Windward House Bed and Breakfast is hosting its first Cookie Walk. I baked 84 cookies today and prepared cookies dough for another 100 to baked off tomorrow. Tomorrow is the kick off to the Christmas By the Sea Holiday in the Mid Coast of Maine. It is a wonderful time to visit the area. There will be a parade in the downtown and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. Saturday, Camden Windward House is the sponsor of Santa coming to Camden Harbor by Lobster Boat @ 11:30am. Santa motors in and then walks up to the Camden Public Library (12:00pm) to read the Night Before Christmas to the children. at 1:00 The Camden Windward House will host the Cookie Walk. The cookie fundraiser benefits local school nurse Judy Clossey. Judy has been helping area children for over 35 years.

1st coookie for the WALK:

White Chocolate and Rasperry Cookies: 11 ounces white baking chocolate 1/2 cup butter, softened 1 cup sugar 1 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp Salt 2 eggs 2 3/4 cups all purpose flour 1/2 cup seedless jam 1/2 tsp shortening 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Lightly grease cookie sheet. Melt 4 ounces of white baking chocolate and let cool. Ta ke another 4 ounces of white chocolate and chop int small pieces. 2. Beat in  butter, sugar, baking soda and salt, beat until combined. Beat in eggs and melted white chocolate. Beat in flour, and then stir in extra 4 ounces of chopped white chocolat. 3. Drop by tsp onto cookie sheet. Bake for 7-9 minutes. Bake until brown around the  edges and bottom. Let stand for 1 minute on the sheet then cool on rack. 4. Before serving, melt jam over low hea. Spoon onto of cookie. Heat the remaing 3 ounces of white chocolate and the shortening. Dizzle over the cookies, refrigerate for 15 minutes to firm. ENJOY!!!

Sign of the times, you can’t take your kids into a wine tasting room. Maine will pass a new law that children can not see you tasting wine. Although I somewhat agree with this law, I thought this article about the law was hysterical: , The last line, “We had a wine tasting this weekend and a couple with a baby stroller came in,” she said. “They would have had to leave the baby on the street or I guess the parents could take turns.” 

There are some wonderful wineries in the Mid coast of maine. The Cellardoor winery this year has decided to make their Wine stomping festival an adult only event, which makes sense, but boy was it fun to bring the kids the last 2 years. The winery had lots of things for the kids and it was fun for all. This year there will be a grand tent with orchestra music and dancing. Oct 2nd and 3rd, 2009.

Friday night, October 2, with a ticketed wine dinner-dance. Dinner will be served in the vineyard at Cellardoor Winery and each course will be paired with Cellardoor’s wines.  Dinner will be followed by desserts and dancing – dance music provided by Maine Pro Musica. The Saturday, October 3 Vinfest lineup includes a stellar array of food, wine, music and activities for grown-ups. Cellardoor Winery will host grape stomping, a homemade wine competition, wine tastings, lunch prepared and served by Riverfront Barbeque & Grille of Augusta, wine cellar tours, live music all day, farm stands, hot air balloon rides and many other interesting activities.

Tickets for all Vinfest events will be on sale online. Tickets for the Friday night Vinfest dinner/dance are $100/person and will also gain you admission to the Saturday Vinfest activities. Saturday admission is $10/person.

Maine Potatoes→ Read more

Camden Maine is alive with color and boats. Windward House survived another Winter. Jesse has been working non stop in the garden. The boats in the harbor are all unwrapped and starting to take passengers out on 2 hour tours. The Windjammer Cruises are hosting people over night and restaurants are all open. Soon the duck will have their babies and the lobster boats will be seen regularly. The Lilacs just came out in the Windward Garden, the forsynthia was first but have changed to green now. The picture here is of Summer leaves, my children named this tree. The tree is a plum tree, we only learned this last year when we discovered fruit on the tree. The tree has beautiful pink flowers in the spring. We are excited for another season of hosting guests.

Last week was fun with champagne and Irish Music, I was so moved by the Irish music that I became reminiscent of the past and have been practicing Irish dancing. I was a Staten Ireland Dancer in Staten Island New York for about 8 years. I signed up to teach an after school enrichment program here in Camden Maine about Irish step dancing to 2nd and 3rd graders. My daughter says no one is going to be interested. I told my daughter that I didn’t care because even if no one came, I would be dancing in the school cafeteria by myself and that would be fun. The Irish Dancing is not the only thing I am excited about this week,  this week I became privy to the Camden Deli new menu ideas. The Camden Deli is my favorite lunch place. Tom and Angela (Owners) have a wonderful spot right over the waterfall and the best view in Camden. They use Boars Head products for their sandwiches and do a great job! I was excited to find out that the Camden Deli summer 2009 new menu will include sandwiches named after local boats. Angela was so excited about the Schooner Olad Sandwich. The Schooner Olad Sandwich will be: Sour Dough Bread, Mustard, and Cheddar cheese, grilled onions, roasted red peppers, sliced chicken breast all grilled together.  Sounds delicious. I wonder if Captain Aaron of the Olad knows about this dedication.  I am sure he will be thrilled. You can sit by the big picture window or deck and eat an Olad sandwich as you watch the Olad set sail on the Penobscot Bay.

A cheesy valentine this year at Windward House.→ Read more

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