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Flourless cookies
  • Parchment paper
  • 2 1/2 cups walnut pieces
  • 3 cups confectioners’ sugar
  • 1/2 cup plus 3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 4 egg whites
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


Heat oven to 350°.

Line 2 large baking sheets with parchment paper.

Mix sugar, cocoa and salt in a bowl. Stir in walnuts.

Add egg whites and vanilla Mix  on medium until batter is just moistened. (Do not overbeat batter or it will stiffen.)

Drop batter by the teaspoonful onto baking sheets in evenly spaced mounds.

Bake cookies until tops are lightly cracked and glossy, about 15 minutes. Repeat with remaining batter.

These cookies are best if eaten 1-2 days after being made. Not a good cookie to store.


Skating Enthusiasts! (by Camden Local Anita Brosius – Scott)

Just thought I’d let you know that we were out skating on Hosmer Pond yesterday
(Tuesday afternoon Jan. 3) and this morning (Wednesday Jan. 4) and the
conditions there are TERRIFIC – 4-5” of ice, wonderful smooth skating. There is
open water at the outlet of the creeks (ie the creek that runs along the side
of the drive up to the pond edge (ie, don’t skate towards the toboggan chute
from the put-in), and the one over by Molyneaux Road and also along the edge
in a few places, but the whole pond otherwise is great. Catch the breeze right
and you can cruise the length of the pond from the put-in just by standing
still! But dress warmly for the skate back upwind!
A bald eagle has been hanging out, flying over or standing on the ice pecking at
goodies or hoping for cast-off bait from the ice fishermen.

Of course, always wear self-rescue devices when skating on ponds; be conscious of
ice fishermen’s holes, too. Better safe than sorry!

Ice claws with attached whistle are available at Maine Sport. De rigeur neck
fashion for pond skaters!

I love this job. I get to meet so many interesting people. Everyone with their own unique story. Although all have a unique story, recently I have noticed a common thread in their stories. Most B&B guests are looking for a little adventure in life. I know this sounds odd that they would look for it at a B&B but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Here we are, a loving family that provides a safe shelter for travelers in Maine – what better backdrop to focus on something new. Stepping out of your comfort zone for a little adventure is hard, and when you have a friendly smile, a great breakfast and smooth comfortable sheets - adventure is much easier.

I will start with Betty:

I received a phone call from a young woman that was looking for a ground floor bedroom with 2 twin beds. I explained that our Coastal Garden room is a nice option. It is ground floor, 2 twin beds, has a TV, air-conditioner and fireplace, private bathroom and shower. The young woman was polite and said she wanted to see what everyone had and would call me back.  After calling and looking around town , the young woman  called us back and booked the room for 5 nights in July. She could not put a deposit down right away because she had to speak to her grandmother, the woman that would actually be staying in the room with her friend. A few days later she called with her grandmother’s credit card and one month later I got to meet Betty and Gisella. Betty and Gisella showed up beaming and very excited to see their room. They were accompanied by several members of their family. We offered them coffee, tea or juice upon arrival, but they did not want anything, they just wanted to relax before their grandchildren came to take them to dinner.

The next morning, the women, dressed very well, came to the breakfast room and were delighted they had a choice from our menu. They took out their glasses and read the menu to each another. Later that day I spoke to Betty and she said she was having a wonderful time and that she was enjoying the Inn and my family.

The 5 days came and went. Upon check out I said to Betty and Gisella that I hoped I would see them again and Betty said, “well I don’t know about that, I am 91.” She looked marvelous for 91 and I think she still has a good number of years left. After they left, with the help of many family members, I was speaking to Jesse and didn’t realize that he had also had some conversations with the elderly ladies. He told me that he spoke to them and found out that they wanted a little adventure. They normally live in an assisted old age home and wanted to “escape”  for a while. They did not want to stay with family, they wanted to be independent again.  We are so pleased that the grandchildren listened to their elders, found a comfortable and safe place for them and granted Betty and Gisella their moment of adventure.

Next Adventure: The 50th birthday party

We see many birthday celebrations at the Inn. Sometimes a person will treat themselves and come by themselves, sometimes with a partner and sometimes with a group of friends. This past weekend we had a group of friends that were trying to ease the emotional pain of their one friend that was turning 50. Three couples traveled from NJ to Maine to celebrate. The weather was beautiful and the rooms were so comfortable for them. They sat on the Brass Room deck and drank wine and then walked down to the restaurant for dinner. You could see they enjoyed each others company and were having a great time. You could tell they felt at home. At breakfast I would hear that they stayed out a little too late. One man with them said he was feeling so adventurous while he was out that previous night, he tried the fried twinkie that was offered at Cuzzy’s bar. He said he had heard about them and always wanted to try one. Well, he tried it and loved it. He said he probably would never have one again, but was happy to at least try it. The newly aged 50 year old woman laughed at her husband and looked like she was a school girl again.

Next Adventure: The Bucket List

One day I got a call from a travel agent. Which is pretty common. But this travel agent was asking so many questions. Not just about the rooms and amenities, which are standard questions, but about the quality of the lobster, the pricing and the availability of the places to get lobster dinners. One lobster question after the next. I was delighted to share all my lobster knowledge with the travel agent, and by the end of the conversation, the agent booked a room for 2 nights. I was curious why she was asking all the lobster questions, but I did not ask why. The next month the guests came with an itinerary that I had somewhat dictated to the travel agent about where the best places to eat lobster were. I helped the nice southern couple find the places and they were pleased. At breakfast the gentleman brought down his leftover lobster and asked if we could cook it up in some eggs for him. What a great idea, we did and he enjoyed eating it for breakfast. Upon leaving the inn, the man said, “thank you for helping me take – eating lobster –  off my bucket list. ” He never realized that he enjoyed lobster and at the age of 60 he found a new food to enjoy.

Last but not least… the new B&B guest – Adventure

Every year we get a dozen or so first time B&B guests. They always look the same when the come in the front door – scared. They ask lots of questions and walk very slowly. Sometimes I ask if they are first time B&B people, but most of the time, they offer right away that they had never done this before and that they don’t know what to expect. Sometimes they ask to see the room before they pay. Implying that if they don’t like what they see, they are out of here. It is really cute to see the new B&B couples hold each others arms and look to each other for comfort in this new experience. A step out of their comfort zone, something different, a little adventure. We are so happy that we could make the new experience as painless as possible and have seen many non- B&B guests leave saying they will be back.

We recently had a guest that wasn’t a first time B&B guest but a 2nd time B&B guest. The couple came in and you could tell they were nervous. The wife said – “Honey – only pay for one night, in case it is like the last time we were in a B&B”. Jesse tried to get out of them their past B&B experience, but they weren’t talking. After seeing their room, they decided pay and see how things went. The next morning they were all a glow. The guests seemed very comfortable and were willing to share with me at breakfast their last B&B experience. They said that the last time they went to a Bed and Breakfast the Innkeeper was not very friendly. The room was dark and there was only 1 thing for breakfast. They were so happy to see that we had a selection and that they could have whatever they wanted.  I was surprised that they experienced such bad hospitality at a B&B. Finally I asked when this experience had happened. The woman said 20 years ago. I almost fell on the floor. This couple wrote off B&B’s for 20 years because of 1 bad experience. They said they were willing to give it another try – they were feeling adventurous and they were happy they found us.

So when you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, need some adventure, look online for a nice couple that own a B&B. Not only will their hospitality make you feel welcome it will open the door to new adventures.



Ingredients:Yield: 24 miniature cupcakes
1 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup packed brown sugar
2/3 cup butter, melted
2 eggs

Prep Time: 15 mins

Total Time: 33 mins
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Combine all ingredients and mix well.
3. Spray a miniature muffin tin with non-stick cooking spray.
4. Fill each 3/4 full.
5. Bake in preheated oven for approx. 18 minutes.
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Windward House’s Green Valentines.
February is a special, lovable month. Our romantic Bed and Breakfast getaway definitely sees an increase in traffic this month. It is so pleasing to see the happy faces at the breakfast tables, both young and mature love. We have been honored to hear love stories of both newly engaged partners to those celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
One special room at the B&B, the Windrose Suite, has a love note box from the Love Project. A young and in-love couple came to the Inn two years ago and left a beautiful wooden box and a request that you write a love letter to someone special and place it in the locked box, and one day they will publish it in a book about love. Two years later, it’s full of notes locked inside. I can only imagine what sweet nothings are in this box ( ).
I love all things love and have constructed this top ten Windward House Maine Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Since we are a green B&B I decided to make this a green valentine list.
1. A special gift from the downtown of Camden Maine: Dolan Geiman (DG) MINIS and Lovebird collection. These handmade & eco-friendly artworks by mixed media artist Dolan Geiman including paintings, collages, and BOX PRINT® reproductions on wood are sold in Glendarragh Farm Lavender Store 22 Main Street Camden Maine.

2. Chocolate: Coastline Confections chocolate bars are all natural. Coastline Confections has no additives, preservatives, glazes, or waxes. The only thing they add to the chocolate is the essential flavors and ingredients to achieve a delicate flavor profile. I prefer the Lobsterman bar, dark Chocolate. Bitter. Rich. Belgian.

3. Danica Candles : Add a little romance to the bedroom or the dinner table with candles. All of the Danica candles are made in Maine. They never use animal byproducts or lead, they only use naturally made beeswax, . The best waxes and cotton wicks made in the U.S.A.

4. Jewelry from Russell’s of Camden : My favorite little jewelry store in Camden Maine. Russell and Paulette craft wonderful pieces of jewelry, right here in Camden Maine.

5. Oyster River Winery : Complete a perfect dinner menu with a wonderful local Maine wine: The Villager from Oyster River Winery represents a house style — off-dry, crisp, and aromatic. This blend of Seyval Blanc and Cayuga are fermented for three months at low temperatures for good fruit retention, then is filtered and bottled soon after to capture freshness and retain a bit of CO2. The wine has “fatness” on the mid-palate and a “leesy” character from extended contact with the yeast.

6. Dolcelinos: I was so happy when I discovered these little treats in the local grocery store. A caterer started making these treats for parties and they were so successful, she started to sell them in stores. The Dolcelino is designed after the Woopie Pie, and the ice cream sandwich. There is a wonderful outside cookie filled with a delicious, mousse-like frozen cream. I found this simple and fun dessert you can serve your sweetie. THE CHOCOLATE TURTLE: A little hot fudge on the plate, place a “topless” chocolate Dolcelino on top of the hot fudge, sprinkle pecans on top and drizzle with caramel sauce.

7. Atlantica Seafood Bistro: We at Windward highly recommend the only Maine Green Leader certified restaurant in downtown Camden Maine. Atlantica will be open the month of February. Located on the dock overlooking the harbor, it is a sure way to please your valentine.

8. Swan Island Blankets : Warm up your sweetheart with a blanket or a scarf. Swans Island is a company and a community centered in Maine and determined to create objects of beauty and utility in authentic and earth-friendly ways. Swans Island rare wool blankets are made from naturally occurring brown and black sheep. These sheep aren’t common, and after three or four years, their fleeces tend to go grey, so they are only able to weave a limited number of rare brown and black wool blankets each year. Swan Island Blankets has free shipping until Feb. 28th, so if even if you don’t live in Maine, you can get these beautiful items.

9. Floral Greeting cards by Ann McKendry: Merryspring Park in Camden Maine sells these special hand crafted cards. Remember, sometimes the best gifts are simple.

10. Special getaway at a “green” Bed and Breakfast: If you can take your love away for a night, I highly recommend making it a green getaway. Your partner will love you for being good to both him/her and the earth.

These cookies are easy and great!


  • 2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 1 1/2 cups white sugar and 1/4 cup to roll the dough in before cooking
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). In a small bowl, stir together flour, baking soda, and baking powder. Set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in egg and vanilla. Gradually blend in the dry ingredients. Roll rounded teaspoonfuls of dough into balls, roll in sugar,  and place onto ungreased cookie sheets.
  3. Bake 8 to 10 minutes in the preheated oven, or until golden. Let stand on cookie sheet two minutes before removing to cool on wire racks.

Rooms & Rates

Jan 13, 2011


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Our Rates vary. To find out a room rate for a particular date check our online reservation system or give us a call. Thanks! Our rates are very reasonable considering our location, amenities and wonderful breakfast.
Room Rates & Availability

Non Smoking and Reservation Deposit Policy

Non-Smoking policy: There is no smoking permitted anywhere on the premises, either within the rooms and buildings, or on the grounds. The word smoking as used herein shall be construed to mean the burning of any substance whether for aromatic, cooking purposes or for any purpose including but not limited to candles, cigarettes and or cigars. The guest agrees that due to the fact that it is impossible or impracticable to the calculate the actual damage done by smoking including damage to the marketability of the room, lost revenue, and costs incurred to abate odors discoloration and the imitation by others of the guests smoking behavior, and further, in consideration for being permitted to stay at the inn, all guests accept and agree as a precondition that if they smoke anywhere on the premises, in exchange for smoking against our policy, the guest shall owe the greater of a charge of $300 plus one night’s room rental or the actual cost of abatement of smoke and or odor damage. The guests agree that the opinion of the innkeeper and or housekeeper as to whether or not a guest smoked in the room without having been seen smoking, will be sufficient to establish the fact that the guest smoked, and incurred the penalty. The penalty may be charged on the guests’ credit card by the inn.

Cancellation Policy

A properly cancelled reservation is entitled to a refund.

A deposit refund which is a credit to the guest’s credit card will have a transaction fee subtracted from it. The transaction fee is the amount charged the inn for crediting the guest’s credit card which is charged by your credit card issuer and is approximately $25.

Cancellation period Reservations More Than 30 Days In Advance

You may cancel a reservation made thirty or more days in advance of the date of intended stay no later than 14 days after you have made the reservation.

Reservations Less Than 30 Days In Advance

You may cancel a reservation made less than thirty days in advance of the date of intended stay no later than 14 days before the start of the first day of your reservation period. You may not cancel the reservation outside of this period. The guest owes the full reservation amount for a reservation that has commenced and has not been canceled.


A cancellation is effected by notice to the innkeepers. Notice is not effective unless it has been given via telephone to the innkeeper directly, and same has been acknowledged by the innkeeper to the guest via email. No reservation may be canceled by voicemail message, email or facsimile transmission, or any method other than described. Any reservation made constitutes acceptance of all the bed & breakfast’s policies. Travel insurance can be purchased from third parties to insure the cost of your trip in the event it must be canceled outside the cancellation period due to circumstances outside of your control.

All rates listed are per night, single or double occupancy, and are subject to Maine’s seven percent lodging tax. Additional persons (when the room allows and at the Innkeeper’s discretion) are $50 per person, per night except for the *Crow’s Nest Room which is an additional $125 for up to two additional persons the *Crow’s Nest double occupancy rate is for one bedroom only. Prime season weekend reservations require a two-night minimum stay. Certain holiday periods require a two or three-night minimum stay. Please call to check specific availability. When booking Crow’s Nest please express your preference for either one or two beds in the room if the stay is for two persons.

Room Reservation

To confirm a reservation and reserve a room, a deposit of one night’s lodging cost or 50% of the entire reservation cost, whichever is greater, is due at the time of booking per room reserved. The deposit is applied to room charges, and the balance is due upon arrival at check-in. We accept cash payment, Visa, or Mastercard. We do not accept American Express at this time.


Guests got engaged at Windward House Bed and Breakfast this weekend in Camden Maine. Halloween Weekend brought cool temps, mild winds, gray skis and romance in the air. 2 lovely guests came from NY City to get away from the hustle of the city and to focus on love. They went up to the top of mountain, but it was way to cold, and they said there were alot of people up there, so they came down and the proposal was right here in the Inn, in front of a fireplace. We are so pleased they chose Windward in the winter for their special moment in time. Cheers.

I told my husband this year I want to have a picnic on Curtis Island for my birthday. Since we moved here, I have looked out on this island everyday. I have been curious about what is out there, and what it looks like. We do not own a boat or a kayak so getting out to Curtis Island would be a challenge. Curtis Island is the closest island to our lovely coastal village of Camden Maine. The Curtis Island Light House is on the island. The day sailors take tourist around the island to see the beautiful town owned property. The property is public and can be used by anyone. It is a lovely spot with a trail, benches and a little beach. I was talking to one of my friends that does own a boat, trying to drop a hint for him to sail us out there, but he had a funny answer, he said, well, you don’t need a boat, you can walk out there from Laite Beach at low tide. Although this might be true, barely, considering I would be walking in 4 – 5 feet of water with my picnic basket and cooler, this did not seem practical.  My children sail out to Curtis Island with the Camden Sailing program. The kids have been to Curtis Island at least a dozen times, they go out there and have treasure hunts and play capture the flag. They think it is funny that I have never been there and that they know more then me about a jewel of Camden.

So onward toward my goal of getting to Curtis Island….

The other day I got a phone call around 9:30pm. My friend called and said she had a hankering to swim out to Curtis Island and wanted to know if I wanted to join her. She swims out there a couple times a year and thinks it is a pretty easy swim. I swam competitively in college. In fact my specialty was the mile race. I was not a fast swimmer but I had endurance. I was a lifeguard throughout college also, so I figured the 3/4 mile swim with a seasoned swimmer was probably going to be my only chance to get out to Curtis Island so I jumped at the chance. The next day we met at Laite Beach for the swim. I insisted that we have a paddle boat, just in case.  I had my goggles, my speedo swim suite and was ready to go. I did not care that the water was approximately 60 degrees, that my feet and arms were freezing, I was going to swim to Curtis island and enjoy it. Well, I made it half way. I had a hard time breathing, I don’t know if it was me being out of practice, out of shape or if the cold water was crushing my lungs. I told the paddle boat that I would swim back by myself and that they should go on with my friend, whom was doing a great job. The person in the boat insisted that I get in and take the ride out to Curtis Island. I was disappointed that I was not going to make the full swim, but filled with joy that I was finally getting to Curtis Island. We paddled over there, while my friend swam. We docked the boat and I set foot on the lovely Island. There is a sign- in book on the island to show that you were there. I signed it saying, “early birthday present to me!”. I walked around the nature trail and stopped to look at the lighthouse. The light house keepers were sitting on the porch enjoying there little piece of heaven. I said hello and then continued back to the beach were the boat was docked. My friend got back in the water and swam and I took a ride in the paddle boat. There was no picnic but what a great experience.

The song “Small Island”, by Gordon Bok was playing while I wrote this post. A song about people on the small island not liking new comers on the island, “go back where you come from”. I thought it was ironic that this was playing on my itunes while I wrote about my journey and longing to go out to this small island .

VABLOOM: A vacation where one visits gardens and blooming flowers. A new word created by the children at Windward House. Steve Colbert of Comedy Central would be so proud. He recently ranted about the NY Times banning the word Tweet because it was not a real word. Steve Colbert is famous for making new words up, such as truthiness. Now for my blog entry…. A guest called yesterday to reserve for July 14, 15, and 16th at our Camden Maine Bed and Breakfast. He specifically was coming to Camden Maine for the Camden Garden Club Tour . The Camden Windward House is a “Friend” Sponsor of this event. The gentleman stated that after coming to the Camden garden tour he was headed to Kennebunk for the Private Gardens of Kennebunk Tour. He enjoys gardening and said that going on these trips were cheaper than therapy. The Kennenbunk Tour is on July 17th. I thought this was such a great itinerary that I wanted to share it with anyone that is reading this Windward Blog.  I suggested to the man that he should add  a quick visit to the  Coastal  Maine Botanical Gardens: 

I made dinner reservation for this lovely couple at Atlantica Seafood Bistro and Francines.

My eyes opened widely when my guest asked about consignment shops in the area. No one has ever asked me about these. Antiques are very popular in this area but I have never fielded a question about recyled clothing. I was reluctant at first to go to the  area consignment shops  but I am so happy that I discovered these great places that recycle mostly designer clothes. Most consignment shops have very strict limits on clothing, has to be clean, not out dated, big brands are preferred.

 Recently I went to a clothing swap with some friends. Everyone brings there clothes, that they never wear but think are too god to put in the goodwill bin. If you have never had a clothing swap, I highly recommend it. Bunch of women, trying on each other’s clothes, wine and snacks, a wonderful evening.

This weekend we hosted 4 lovely women from Texas. They were here to have fun and shop. I first directed them to the wonderful boutique shops in out downtown, but then also guided them to the consignment shops for more hidden treasures.

Here is a great list of consignment shops in the Camden Area. Items change everyday and it is a fun rainy day activity.  If you are at home, you might enjoy: whose moto is Be Good, Be Green, Be Glam! If you have really great clothing to swap you might want to try : .

Maine Consignment shops:

Camden Merchant’s Co-op: Mechanic Street – Downtown Camden (good antique furniture)  

Cottage Consignment

Frugal Suzies: 44 Elm Street Camden Maine

Heavenly Threads Thrift Shop: 55 Elm Street, next to the Congregational Church.

Happy Treasure Hunting!!

I start today’s blog with this great quote from a guest from Sweden. This couple has traveled to the US several times, but this was their first time in Maine. She told me she thought the area was so green and being near the ocean made this area the Lung of America. I had never thought of our little oasis as a lung but what a great reference. Jesse and I moved to Maine because we have 3 small children and we want to give them a healthy environment up bringing. Jes and I grew up in Staten Island, the home of Americas largest garbage dump. If anyone needed some new air it was me and Jes. Staten Island was a great place to grow up, and now the dump is closed, but nothing beats the fresh air of trees & Ocean.

The Summer has started and the gardens are bloom. Since we stopped using pesticides in the garden we have been host to several bird families. We currently have 2 nests with eggs. The mama Robins can be seen pulling the worms out the ground all day long. Jesse planted canadian roses this year. I am so proud of him for making this native choice. I keep trying to get him to plant potatoes, Maine is know for its potatoes – in case you didnt know (just ask Homer Simpson – he wore a t-shirt saying Maine Potatoes on the famous, long running Simpson’s show), but Jes insists on planting Tomatoes, being Italian and all, he thinks he can grow the best tomatoes, even if he is in MAINE.

The boats are going out, the hiking trails are open and the kayak guides are all anxious to paddle to curtis island with guests. A new addition to the area is the Megunticook Rowing. Life is good in Maine.

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