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Take 95 to Maine follow the signs for I-295 North, Portland.

Take I-295 North.

Take Exit 28, (Coastal Route 1/Bath)

Follow Route 1, North, until you reach Waldoboro. Just passed Waldoboro, you will see a sign for Route 90 (Camden Road, Route 90).

Turn Left at Route 90. Follow Route 90 to where it intersects with Route 1 again. Turn Left and follow Route 1 North.

Stay on Route 1 North for about 2 miles. After passing through the center of Camden you will pass the Camden Public Library on your Right. Bear right on Route 1 and look to your left. You will see the Windward House, which is the third house from the corner of Route 52 and Route 1.

Turn left into our driveway, come to the front door, which is not the door on the porch, but the larger door under the flag. It is at the end of the path leading from the driveway. Please ring the front doorbell before entering the house.


I start today’s blog with this great quote from a guest from Sweden. This couple has traveled to the US several times, but this was their first time in Maine. She told me she thought the area was so green and being near the ocean made this area the Lung of America. I had never thought of our little oasis as a lung but what a great reference. Jesse and I moved to Maine because we have 3 small children and we want to give them a healthy environment up bringing. Jes and I grew up in Staten Island, the home of Americas largest garbage dump. If anyone needed some new air it was me and Jes. Staten Island was a great place to grow up, and now the dump is closed, but nothing beats the fresh air of trees & Ocean.

The Summer has started and the gardens are bloom. Since we stopped using pesticides in the garden we have been host to several bird families. We currently have 2 nests with eggs. The mama Robins can be seen pulling the worms out the ground all day long. Jesse planted canadian roses this year. I am so proud of him for making this native choice. I keep trying to get him to plant potatoes, Maine is know for its potatoes – in case you didnt know (just ask Homer Simpson – he wore a t-shirt saying Maine Potatoes on the famous, long running Simpson’s show), but Jes insists on planting Tomatoes, being Italian and all, he thinks he can grow the best tomatoes, even if he is in MAINE.

The boats are going out, the hiking trails are open and the kayak guides are all anxious to paddle to curtis island with guests. A new addition to the area is the Megunticook Rowing. Life is good in Maine.

Here in Camden, 6 High Street, Route 1

Our guests frequently ask what the address is for their GPS. It appears that GPS doesn’t know 6 High Street. So you may use 1 Mountain Street just to get you to the corner of Mountain Street and High Street, but then, once you are, please don’t bother our neighbor at 1 Mountain Street, thinking his house is a Bed and Breakfast!
Frequent Driving Errors Our Guests Make

High Street is Route 1

There is a sign on Mountain Street that says High Street. It gets turned around, so many of our guests follow it, turning left at Mountain Street, and not seeing our house on High Street. A landmark to know if you’ve gone the wrong way is the High Mountain Hall. If you see that building as you drive by, on the right, you can then correct the error, by turning right on Megunticook Street, and then taking the second right into our back driveway. The driveway in back, which leads to parking for most of our rooms is marked by a lighted painted sign that reads “Windward Parking”.

The front of the house is indicated by a large blue lawn sign with gold lettering that says Windward House Bed and Breakfast. Also, usually, we have a large green and blue flag flying over the front door.
Route One and Route 90
Many of our guests when driving to Camden from the South to take the following Route:
Take Interstate 295 North. Do not take Interstate 95 once you get up near Portland, because you may drive a lot further than you need to.

Here are directions from the south once inside of Maine:
I-295 N (22.8 mi)
Take exit 28 for US-1/Coastal Rte toward Bath/Brunswick
Merge onto US-1. Stay on Route 1 until you reach Route 90 About 45 miles.
Route 90 is just after the town of Waldoboro, and the sign reads for Warren turn left.
Turn left at Camden Rd/ME-90
Continue to follow ME-90 for about 10 miles.
You will come back to Route 1 again, Turn left on Route 1, and when you see the sign that says Camden Hills State Park four miles, you are about two miles from our house.
Some guests accidentally turn at High Street in Rockport. Unless you have driven into Camden Village, you haven’t reached us yet.

New York City to Camden Maine

Driving from New York to Camden Maine is a bit of a hall for one day, but it can be done. It takes about 7 hours with good traffic conditions, and longer if you drive near cities during rush hours. When we travel to New York we tend to leave very early, say around four a.m. so that we are awake while we drive, and so it feels like we have some of the day left when we arrive.
Leaving late is dangerous, because the darkness and monotony of the long drive causes drowsiness.
The Google map below and linked directions will take you through Connecticut using I-95, however this link is to the route that I prefer, using the parkways, and the Merritt Parkway through Connecticut.

Map and Directions from New York City to Camden Maine

View Larger Map Plus Step by Step Directions

Since the train only goes as far north as Portland, you will have to take the bus from there or rent a car.
The Downeaster Service of Amtrak offers 5 departures daily from Boston to Portland Maine. They offer free high speed wireless internet aboard the train. The duration of the trip is a little over two hours and there are snacks available, some seating options and you may bring your bicycle aboard.
The train leaves out of Boston’s North Station and stops at the following stations along the way:

Portland, ME (POR)
Old Orchard Beach, ME (ORB)
Saco, ME (SAO)
Wells, ME (WEM)
Dover, NH (DOV)
Durham, NH (DHM)
Exeter, NH (EXR)
Haverhill, MA (HHL)
Woburn, MA (WOB)
Boston – North Station, MA (BON)

Link to the Amtrak Downeaster schedule.

Concord Coach’s Maine Coastal Route runs bus service between Boston and Bangor Maine.
Bus schedule for Maine coastal Route One service to and from Boston South Station, Logan International Airport and points in between. This route includes: Brunswick, Bowdoin College, Bath, Wiscasset, Damariscotta, Waldoboro, Rockland, Camden/Rockport, Lincolnville, Belfast, Searsport, and Bangor, ME.
With these stops the travel time is increased significantly over a direct travel, however, it is the more Green way to go.
Link to the Coastal Route 1 Bus Schedule

Here are listed the Taxi and Limousine Services that might drive you from the airport to Camden Maine, or from the bus station to the Windward House Bed and Breakfast:
Taxi/Limousine that Service Camden Maine:

Mid-Coast Limousine
94B Washington St. , Camden, Maine, 04843

Schooner Bay Taxi
(207) 594-5000
Don’s Taxi Svc
15 Thomas St , Camden, Maine, 04843
Ph: 207-236-4762

Belfast Taxi Co
146 Church St , Belfast, Maine, 04915
Ph: 207-338-2943

Joe’s Taxi
P.O. Box 32 , South Thomaston, Maine, 04858
Ph: 207-975-3560

Boston Logan Airport

Jun 9, 2009


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Airport Code: BOS
Driving Time to Camden Maine: About 4 hours
Airlines Served:
Aer Lingus Terminal E (800) 474-7424,
Air Canada/Air Canada Jazz Terminal B (888) 247-2262,
Air France Terminal E (800) 237-2747,
AirTran Airways Terminal C (800) 247-8726,
Alaska Airlines Terminal B (800) 252-7522,
Alitalia Terminal E (800) 223-5730,
American (except int’l arrivals) Terminal B (800) 433-7300,
American (int’l arrivals only) Terminal E (800) 433-7300,
American Eagle Terminal B (800) 433-7300,
British Airways Terminal E (800) 247-9297,
Cape Air Terminal C (800) 352-0714,
Charters Terminal BTerminal CTerminal E(Check with Tour Operator)
Continental Terminal A (800) 525-0280,
Delta Air Lines Terminal A (800) 221-1212,
Delta Shuttle (LaGuardia) Terminal A (800) 221-1212 ,
Finnair* Terminal E (800) 950-5000,
Iberia Terminal E (800) 772-4642,
Icelandair Terminal E (800) 223-5500,
JetBlue Airways (except int’l arrivals) Terminal C (800) 538-2583,
JetBlue Airways (int’l arrivals only) Terminal E (800) 538-2583,
Lufthansa Terminal E (800) 645-3880,
Midwest Terminal C (800) 452-2022,
Northwest/KLM (except int’l arrivals) Terminal A (800) 225-2525,
Northwest/KLM (int’l arrivals only) Terminal E (800) 225-2525,
SATA (Azores Express) Terminal E (800) 762-9995,
Spirit Airlines Terminal B (800) 772-7117,
Sun Country* Terminal C (800) 359-6786,
Swiss Terminal E (877) 359-7947,
TACV Terminal E (866) 359-8228,
United Terminal C (800) 241-6522,
United Express Terminal C (800) 241-6522,
US Airways Shuttle (LaGuardia & D.C.)Terminal B (800) 428-4322,
US Airways Terminal B (800) 428-4322,
US Airways Express Terminal B (800) 428-4322,
Virgin America Terminal B (877) 359-8474,
Virgin Atlantic Airways Terminal E (800) 862-8621,

Needless to say, Logan airport is a major airport. If you are visiting Boston it is ideal. You can rent a car, and tour the city. However, be ware of rush hour traffic, and the other small annoyances that can be a part of travel in a city. Just getting out of Boston at the wrong time can be add an hour to your drive time.

Google Map of Logan Airport and Directions to Camden Maine

View Larger Map

Airport Code:AUG1
Drive Time to Camden: About an Hour
Airports that Service: Colgan Air

Colgan Air serves Augusta with small commuter planes that fly from Boston Massachusetts.
Augusta is the state Capital, and is about on parallel with Camden but about 50 miles west. If you plan a trip through lake country, or playing golf at the Belgrade Lakes, perhaps you should consider this airport. Augusta is a small city so there are more options for car rentals than Rockland, even though the airport is not much larger.

Google Map Directions from Augusta Airport to Camden Maine

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Airport Code:BGR
Drive Time to Camden: 1 hour 15 minutes (57 miles)
Airlines That Service: Allegiant Air(Direct, Non-Stop Jet Service to Orlando/Sanford Airport
), Continental (Newark New Jersey), Delta(daily nonstop service from Bangor to Atlanta, Cincinnati, and New York’s JFK airport, not to mention our nonstop service to Boston), Northwest Airlines (Detroit’s World Gateway as well as seasonal weekend jet service to Minneapolis), US Airways(Philadelphia)

Bangor is a nice alternative to Portland if you plan on seeing Northern and or Western Maine before you arrive in Camden or on your way back to Bangor to the airport. Bangor is about equidistant to Camden Maine from the northwest. Although its name is a misnomer, because there are no international flights available at Bangor International Airport. The City of Bangor now has a slots casino that some may be interested in.

Google Map of Bangor Airport Directions to Camden Maine

View Larger Map

Airport Code:MHT
Drive Time to Camden: 3.5 hours (184 miles)
Airlines That Service: Air Canada, Continental, Delta, Southwest, United, United Express, US Airways, US Airways Express

The Manchester Airport in Manchester New Hampshire is near Boston. It can be a good alternative to Logan Airport if you are planning on driving from there. I have found that the rates can be cheaper flying into Manchester and then driving up to Camden Maine, but you should check around. If you have time to tour, the small section of New Hampshire’s coastline can be quite interesting to visit. Also Portsmouth New Hampshire is a nice small New England Town with a lot of charm and good restaurants. The Strawberry Banke area with its beautiful park and gardens on the waterfront is a nice mix of old urban sea town and small city culture.

Directions to Camden Maine for Manchester Airport Courtesy of Google Maps

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Portland Jetport

Jun 9, 2009


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Airport Code: PWM
Drive Time to Camden: Two Hours
Airlines That Service: Airtran, Continental, Delta, Northwest, Jetblue, United Express, US Airways

There are more options for airlines and rental car companies, as well as the proximity of the lovely City of Portland Maine if you fly into the Portland Jetport. Although in the summer, it is a good idea to reserve a rental car as early as possible. This is a major airport with several major airlines serving as well as car rental companies. Flying into Portland can give you a chance to tour the Maine coast as you drive north to Camden. Many people enjoy Portland’s waterfront, as well as stopping at Red’s Eats in Wiscasset on Route 1 on the way North to Camden.

Google Map Directions to Camden Maine from Portland Maine Jetport

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Airport Code: RKD
Drive Time to Camden Maine: 20 Minutes
Connecting Airlines: Cape Air connects to RKD from Boston Logan Airport

This airport is the closest and most convenient, however, it can be the most expensive, and the commercial planes that fly into it are very small.

Pluses: the least amount of driving. If you fly into Rockland Airport in Owl’s Head Maine, (the airport code is “RKD”) you are about a twenty minute drive South of Camden Maine. The downside is that the commercial airplanes that fly into RKD are very small. Also, the fact that it is a very small airport means there are less options for ground transportation. While there are taxi services in this area, they tend to be limousine type, so you must call them to come pick you up, and also, they tend to be expensive.
There is a car rental place at RKD, but there are not a lot of cars there, so reserve a rental car well in advance if you plan to rent out of Rockland.

Google Map Directions from RKD to Camden Maine

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