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A lovely entry in one of our guest journals..

When I came to Camden, I was quite burned out. I’d been working very long hours the entire year and knew that on my return I would be working very long hours again, in addition also traveling for work every week for the next year. I wanted desperately to relax and unwind. I love the water and my dad had mentioned windjammers. I fell in love with the idea immediately. I found the Mary Day Schooner online and planned my trip around their 3 day first cruise of the season. I planned to visit St. Louis first and then stay in Camden. Little did I realize how much an impact my stay in your carriage house would affect me. I suspect it will be as profound an impact as the long awaited cruise will have. The room is so lovely, and inviting. Just stepping through the door lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. The hot soak in your beautiful tub and sinking deep into sleep on that fabulous bed did the rest. It truly was a magical time for me. I enjoyed talking to your Australian yachting guest in the morning. I adored your perfect (and beautiful) blueberry pancakes (the blueberries here really do taste better) and the bottomless cup of coffee.I hope to come back many times. You’ve really made a wonderful place here, in a wonderful town. Thanks for everything. Best wishes to you and your family….

I was so happy to hear that Local Master Maine Guide, Don Kleiner has been fishing already on Lake Megunticook. Lake Megunticook is a hidden treasure of Camden Maine. It is off  Maine rt. 1 and a short drive up rt. 52. It at the base of Mt. Battie and can be seen from the Maiden Cliff trail. In Don Kleiner’s blog, he mentions that pickerel and bass were seen in the lake. I highly recommend adding a Master Guide trip to your vacation in Maine. Read more about Don Kleiner and Maine Outdoors: Camden Windward House is only3.7 miles from the lake and the Innkeepers can help you arrange a trip with Maine Outdoors. We can also guide you to the hiking trails that give this spectacular view.

This weekend was very odd, strange weather and a lot of guests (it is only April!). Friday started out nice and sunny, Saturday the rain came and then it snowed, Sunday it rained. Camden is a great sea coast town and is very pleasant when the sun is out. You can hike, walk around,  or just sit by the water. When the weather is odd, it is nice to have a beautiful Inn room to sit by the fire and read a book. If it is nice out, we definitely have more interest in overnight guests, business picks up. When it is going to rain business is very slow. That’s why when we had a lot of guests this weekend, I was very confused. The weather was not great but the phone would not stop ringing. This weekend we had so many that I questioned a guest and said, “Why are you here?”  He said it is Patriot’s Day. Having grown up in New York, I had not been familiar with Patriot’s Day.  Patriot’s Day is not on my radar as a travel weekend. Some businesses actually give a paid holiday.  It is acknowledged in Massachusets, Maine and Wisconsin. For more info on Patriot’s Day :’_Day . Guests were all different this weekend. The range ran from Minnesota Dairy Farmers to Tax Lawyers from Massachusetts. We even had a lovely newly wed couple celebrating their honeymoon. (That is the fourth honeymooning couple we have had  for so far this year).

My friend in Connecticut (Anna) saw that I was interested in healthy food at schools. I sent an invite a couple of days ago on my facebook page to all my friends to join the Jami Oliver Food Revolution. Anna directed me to this other great website that helps you write a letter to your local legislatures. I sent the following letter to Rep. Chellie Pingree, Sen Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine.  I sent a letter to these reps about a month ago for Earth hour. Earth Hour is another great initiative to save energy! The Internet is making it easier to get on board with these great ideas.  For more info on the healthy food campaign go to: Thanks Anna!

Dear Rep Chellie Pingree, Sen Olympia Snowe, Sen Susan Collins,

I’m concerned about child obesity. Right now, nearly one third of American children are overweight or obese. That’s a major threat to their health and to the future security and economic prosperity of our country.

It’s time to act, starting with the reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act. As a voter in your district, I urge you to invest at least $1 billion per year, to strengthen nutrition standards and to link schools to local farms.

Right now, schools receive $2.68 for each lunch served  – only about $1 of which goes towards food. As a result, most schools have to rely on the cheap processed foods that are fueling the obesity and diabetes epidemics.

To help America’s children get back on the track towards good health, the Child Nutrition Act must include:

1. A full investment of at least $1 billion per year, as proposed by the Administration. School meal providers say a truly healthy meal costs $1 more, which is the goal we need to work towards. Investing in healthy food now will save hundreds of billions in health care costs down the line.

2.  Stronger nutrition standards for all the food sold at school, including the food sold in school vending machines.

3.  $10 million per year in mandatory funding for Farm to School programs, which create local jobs and help schools teach healthy eating.

When you reauthorize the Child Nutrition Act, please keep America’s kids in mind and put their needs first. Thank you for your support.

-Kristen Bifulco

Camden Maine

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