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My eyes opened widely when my guest asked about consignment shops in the area. No one has ever asked me about these. Antiques are very popular in this area but I have never fielded a question about recyled clothing. I was reluctant at first to go to the  area consignment shops  but I am so happy that I discovered these great places that recycle mostly designer clothes. Most consignment shops have very strict limits on clothing, has to be clean, not out dated, big brands are preferred.

 Recently I went to a clothing swap with some friends. Everyone brings there clothes, that they never wear but think are too god to put in the goodwill bin. If you have never had a clothing swap, I highly recommend it. Bunch of women, trying on each other’s clothes, wine and snacks, a wonderful evening.

This weekend we hosted 4 lovely women from Texas. They were here to have fun and shop. I first directed them to the wonderful boutique shops in out downtown, but then also guided them to the consignment shops for more hidden treasures.

Here is a great list of consignment shops in the Camden Area. Items change everyday and it is a fun rainy day activity.  If you are at home, you might enjoy: whose moto is Be Good, Be Green, Be Glam! If you have really great clothing to swap you might want to try : .

Maine Consignment shops:

Camden Merchant’s Co-op: Mechanic Street – Downtown Camden (good antique furniture)  

Cottage Consignment

Frugal Suzies: 44 Elm Street Camden Maine

Heavenly Threads Thrift Shop: 55 Elm Street, next to the Congregational Church.

Happy Treasure Hunting!!

This is a picture of our new Waste-Not Recycle Baskets that we have in all our guest rooms at Windward House. At first, I was a little nervous about putting this odd looking container in my beautiful rooms. It is broken into 4 compartments, 1 for glass, 1 for paper, 1 for plastic, 1 for cans. So far the guests have not mentioned it, but they definitely are using them. We had a generic looking basket with the word recycle on it, but guests did not seem to use it. With the words right on it, people are making a connection and recycling everything. I did not expect so much to be recycled from the guests. It just proves, if you make it obvious and easy, people will do the right thing for the environment.

Today I went to our local recycling center, a.k.a., the dump, they have bins that you have to sort your garbage. I was so excited because this year we were actually able to recycle all the plastic flower pots. We buy alot of flowers for the garden but in the past just threw the plastic containers in the garbage because our recycle center only took #2 plastics, but now they take plastics 1,2,3,4,5,6, & 7. It felt great to recycle those pots. If you interested in the waste not basket here is the link: 

Information on different plastics:

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