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Wanted to share with the Camden Windward House followers this new State of Maine concept to help tourists. . If you have any fond memories of Camden, please share with the world.

Just read a romantic recollection of a couple that were together for 60 years. They met on a blind date and a year later he proposed. He brought her to the bottom of a ski trail, had skiers come down the hill with torches as he gave his love a box that had a circle of carnations with a ring in the middle. He read a poem to her that he wrote about the things they did together. She said yes and they have been together for the past 60 years!

This love story is so inspiring. 

Don’t forget you can celebrate Valentines Day, The day of Love any day. Our Bed and Breakfast is a great place to start your celebration of love.

Kristi & Jesse, Greetings, I hope that all is well with the kids, construction and the business. I wanted to thank you for the lovely stay. Our room was splendid (Quarterdeck) and the view breathtaking. I do’t think we had a better breakfast on our trip either. We are both huge fans of the Eggs Benedict.

Thank you again for the great service and hospitality. Maybe we can do it again when it’s a spot warmer! Best Regards, CT.

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Greek Pizza Ingredients Pizza Baby spinach

Sauce 1 large can of Pastene kitchen ready ground peeled tomatoes 2 cloves garlic Extra virgin olive oil Sea salt Pepper Basil Parsley Thyme Fresh herbs or dried and McCormak’s Italian herbs grinder) White wine Baby spinach Marinated artichoke hearts (goya or imported Italian in glass jars)

Pizza Sauce Cover bottom of a small saucepan/pot with the olive oil Put in some salt and pepper and the garlic, and turn on the flame Once the garlic starts to sizzle put in some white wine Let the wine reduce a short while, then pour in tomatoes Stir it, then put in the other herbs. I like to use fresh herbs when I have them. If not, dried are okay, just don’t use too much. Then use a hand blender to make sure all the herbs and the garlic are chopped up very small. Then cook it about ten minutes longer on a simmer. (I don’t cook pizza sauce very long) Taste it. If it needs it you can add a little brown sugar – although I rarely do that, but sometimes the tomatoes are not very sweet, and pizza sauce I think should be a little more sweet and seasoned. Don’t add more than a half teaspoon or so. Don’t cook it with the lid on, as you want it to be a little bit thick.

The pizza Kristi or my dad make dough, but I don’t, so I usually get the Portland Pie co. dough at Hannafords. I get white or beer, occasionally wheat. Blanch the baby spinach in hot water Roll the dough out very flat and thin. Apply a little sheen of olive oil to the pan. That gives it a little brown crispness. Bake @15 -20 minutes at 450degrees.

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Calling all middle-schoolers who want to keep Camden the “jewel of Maine”, and make sure the kids and pets who live here stay healthy. A large map displayed in the window of the Camden town office shows properties in town painted green where homeowners have agreed not to use poisons on their lawn to get rid of dandelions and other “weeds””Kids for a Greener Camden”  There is a group of middleschoolerswho want to turn the whole map — and town –green. First step: One student or a group of friends adopts a street. Next step: Receive a packet and with the help of this packet get every homeowner on that street to agree not to use harmful lawn chemicals. Once everyone on the street agrees, the street is painted green on the town map and is a street that is now healthy for kids and pets. Everyone who “greens” a street gets a “Kids for a Greener Camden” button, is invited to a party in April, plus is eligible for a Middle School community service Schooner Tag. To adopt a street, sign up on the Kids for a Greener Camden sheet in the office. For more information, check out the KIDS page on the sixth-graders Molly Mann, Liv Berez or Jade Hazzard or email website, talk with

This Green Inn – loves this Green Idea.

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