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Skating Enthusiasts! (by Camden Local Anita Brosius – Scott)

Just thought I’d let you know that we were out skating on Hosmer Pond yesterday (Tuesday afternoon Jan. 3) and this morning (Wednesday Jan. 4) and the conditions there are TERRIFIC – 4-5” of ice, wonderful smooth skating. There is open water at the outlet of the creeks (ie the creek that runs along the side of the drive up to the pond edge (ie, don’t skate towards the toboggan chute from the put-in), and the one over by Molyneaux Road and also along the edge in a few places, but the whole pond otherwise is great. Catch the breeze right and you can cruise the length of the pond from the put-in just by standing still! But dress warmly for the skate back upwind! A bald eagle has been hanging out, flying over or standing on the ice pecking at goodies or hoping for cast-off bait from the ice fishermen.

Of course, always wear self-rescue devices when skating on ponds; be conscious of ice fishermen’s holes, too. Better safe than sorry!

Ice claws with attached whistle are available at Maine Sport. De rigeur neck fashion for pond skaters!

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