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Camden Kayaking

March 24, 2014


Press Contact: Kristen Bifulco

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Camden, Maine. Soft Adventure travel destinations offer opportunities for challenging activities in unique settings that are physical, but low risk, enjoyable and life enriching. The reward of ultimate comfort after an adventure is cleverly combined. Soft Adventure travelers are discovering  the mountains, trails and sea scapes that make Camden Maine the perfect Soft Adventure destination. After hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming, rowing, or sailing, Soft Adventure travelers like to relax in luxury, have a gourmet dinner, and stroll this quintessential Maine coast village. Soft Adventure travelers appreciate the intimate lodging experience only a Bed and Breakfast can offer; their hosts have intimate area knowledge of trails, and outfitters, Maine guides, and the quickest way to get to the good stuff. Once they have satisfied their craving for activity, Bed and Breakfast guests relax on a porch and chat with their host, or their companions, or fellow guests, from all over the world, before strolling into town for a gourmet dinner. Kristen Bifulco Innkeeper and owner of the Camden Windward House stated, “Our Bed and Breakfast provides the perfect balance between thrilling nature and indulgent repose. “

Inherently Affordable – The Best Things in Life Are Free – since many Soft Adventure activities involve the great outdoors, and can be self-guided, many bring their own bikes, kayaks, gear and maps and just do it!

Accessible to the Amateur – With so many qualified guides and instructors, and skillsets that most already possess, Soft Adventure is something most travelers can enjoy with a minium of preparation making it perfect for short trips and weekend getaways.

Soft Adventure in Camden Maine

•           Master Maine Guide- Don Kleiner/ Fishing

•           Schooner Surprise/Sailing

•           Schooner Olad/Sailing

•           Schooner Heron/Sailing

•           Coastal MountainLand Trust/ Take A Hike Program – Hiking

•           Maine Sport Kayaking and Bike Rental

•           Camden Snowbowl – Mountain Bike Trails

•           Maine Windjammer Association – Overnight Sail trips

•           Megunticook Rowing – Rowing lessons

•           Acadia Mountain Guides – Rock Climbing – Camden Hills State Park

•           Megunticook Lake and Laite Beach – Perfect for swimming and kayaking.


12:57 p.m. on March 20, 2014 in Camden Maine, Spring will start I am told. I look forward to seeing the Elver Fisher men in the harbor and fiddleheads in the fields. I will only be wearing 1 layer of clothes and possibly open a window or two during the day. The extended exposure to sun will be refreshing and relaxing. More and more guests will flock to Camden to take a trip on a Windjammer or hike the mountain. I will have less time → Read more

Room Add Ons at Windward HouseThe Easy Way to a Great Stay – Room Add Ons Wine, champagne, kayak rentals, chocolate covered strawberries, fresh flower bouquets are just a click away.

There are several ways to order Room Add Ons with your reservation. While booking your room during the online reservation process. Over the telephone with Kristi or Jesse. You may also send an email after you have reserved a room. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 14%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Order Right On Our Reservation System

The Enhancements section of the reservation process is divided into Add On Packages, and Extras. Packages are other itinerary items added on to the room. Extras are goods or services we sell with a room. There are touring ideas, as well as food and romance ideas that you can add with the click of a button. We have a secure online reservation system. Once you click on the “Reservations” link in the top navigation, or the “Check Availability & Rates” button on the room pages you will be taken to a calendar. There you may select the nights of your intended stay, and the rooms that are available, and the rates for those nights will display. Once you’ve chosen your room, you will be taken to a screen called “Enhancements”. The Enhancements screen has some tabs within it for Packages, food, and other items you can add on to your room reservation. Since some of the add ons require preparation, it is always best to add them when making the reservation. But, usually we can accommodate most room Add Ons with a day’s notice.

Choose Add Ons With Room

Special Occasions Welcome

Many of our guests have come to Camden to celebrate a special occasion. Anniversaries, birthdays, honeymoons, – all kinds of special moments. And we are glad to help you with your arrangements.

Here are a few of our room Add Ons Kayak Rental for Two (Tandem Kayak) Champaign Prosecco Wine Local Artisan Cheese Plate Local Beer Sampler Full and Large Fresh Flower Bouquets Chocolate Covered Strawberries (handmade) Vegan Chocolate Covered Strawberries Boat to Table Lobster Package Elephant’s of Hope Package

And more…

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final compare windowCompare Room Feature

Compare Room Feature

We have recently added a great new feature called Compare. With compare you can see a side by side comparison of the features of the rooms you select to compare. Simply add the rooms you want to the Compare and see which room has the combination of features you’re interested in. There’s a link next to the names of each room, and in the room lists beneath the pages that says “compare”. Simply click on that link or button and after you’ve have done that with different rooms, you will have a neat box showing a side by side comparison. The Compare Room Feature is a great way to quickly see the main differences between the rooms.

Recently Viewed

Another great new feature of our website is the recently viewed rooms. As you page through the site, if you’ve looked at one of the room pages, and then navigated away, a small image and name of the room will appear in the sidebar showing all the rooms that you’ve recently viewed so you can return to the one’s you may want a second look at, and remember what you have seen already. Have a question?

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3 large ripe bananas 1/2 cup creamy organic peanut butter 1 tablespoon coconut oil 2 tablespoons dark maple syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 1/2 cups gluten-free oats 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon sea salt 1/2 cup vegan chocolate chips  & 1/4 cup dried blueberries


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Prepare cookies sheets with cooking spray.

2. Mix bananas, peanut butter, coconut oil, agave, and vanilla extract. Mix until smooth, if you are using a mixer, make sure it does not run too long, ingredients can heat up an become too runny.

3. In a separate medium bowl, stir together the oats, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and stir until combined. Stir in the chocolate chips and dried blueberries.

4. Drop spoonfuls of dough onto prepared baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes or until cookies are set. Let cool on baking sheet for two minutes. Transfer to a wire cooling rack and cool completely.

filter room by has features to make it easy to find the best room for you quickly and easily. Filter Rooms By Feature

Filter Rooms

On the All Rooms page you can filter the rooms by Bed Size, Floor, and Max Occupancy. To filter our B&B rooms simply look to the left of the page and you’ll notice headings with those words. Simply click on the link next to the term. For instance, if you’re looking for all the rooms with a King sized bed, click on that link, and you’ll see a page with only those rooms. If you’re interested only in ground floor rooms, simply do the same thing with that term.

We know how stressful planning a trip can be. That’s why we have added many features to our website to let you quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. The Filter By Rooms feature allows you to sort through our rooms finding the one that has the features you want. You can filter by Bed Size, the floor level the room is on or by the Max Occupancy – which is the maximum number of people permitted to stay in the room.

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