Inn-Room Add Ons

Have it Waiting for your With Inn Room Add Ons

What Are Inn Room Add Ons

At Windward House in Camden Maine we want our guests to enjoy their visit. How much time do you want to spend getting ready to enjoy your stay? Answer: as little as possible. How much time do you want to spend enjoying your stay? Answer: all of it!
That’s why we have some itinerary based room add ons and some amenity based room add ons. We have stocked wine and cheese, fruit, for you to enjoy while you are here. We make it easy to order these great room add ons when you make your reservation.

Order Online

Order when making the reservation. Once you have chosen your room nights and your room, you will be offered the chance to reserve room add ons.

Order Room Add Ons After Already Made Reservation

Didn’t add anything to the room when you booked? No problem! Simply send us an email, or give us a call.

Got Questions? Call Windward House Now!

We’ll be happy to have your inn room add ons ready and waiting for you. Many of our inn rooms contain mini fridges. We also have a lovely second floor common area bar, with a deck for enjoyment of your inn room add ons.