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12:57 p.m.¬†on March 20, 2014 in Camden Maine,¬†Spring will start I am told. I look forward to seeing the Elver Fisher men in the harbor and fiddleheads in the fields. I will only be wearing 1 layer of clothes and possibly open a window or two during the day. The extended exposure to sun will be refreshing and relaxing. More and more guests will flock to Camden to take a trip on a Windjammer or hike the mountain. I will have less time → Read more

Camden Maine is alive with color and boats. Windward House survived another Winter. Jesse has been working non stop in the garden. The boats in the harbor are all unwrapped and starting to take passengers out on 2 hour tours. The Windjammer Cruises are hosting people over night and restaurants are all open. Soon the duck will have their babies and the lobster boats will be seen regularly. The Lilacs just came out in the Windward Garden, the forsynthia was first but have changed to green now. The picture here is of Summer leaves, my children named this tree. The tree is a plum tree, we only learned this last year when we discovered fruit on the tree. The tree has beautiful pink flowers in the spring. We are excited for another season of hosting guests.

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