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camden maine hotel offers complimentary breakfast

Nothing Beats Windward House Blend Coffee!


“I developed a fondness for Maine cooking,…and to the end of my days the simple foods…will seem to me more delicious than all the “specialties of the house” that can be produced by the world’s most famous chefs.” -Kenneth Roberts from Trending Into Maine, Grandma’s Kitchen

Our American Traditional Breakfast Menu features fresh local Maine ingredients and traditional comfort foods made from scratch. You can choose to sit alone or with others.  The only Bed and Breakfast in Camden that offers  you choices in the morning and is VEGAN FRIENDLY and has Gluten- Free options! Our Breakfast Menu Includes our standard Maine Fresh Offerings:


In your complementary (FREE) made to order menu breakfast we use local and organic ingredients and favor small local and organic providers.


  • Eggs – two farm fresh organic-fed free range eggs prepared to your liking
  • Pancakes – Buttermilk, Maine Wild blueberry, or Orange Yogurt (can be prepared vegan  and or gluten free at your request)
  • Waffles – American style waffle (can be prepared vegan and or gluten free at your request)  → Read more


organic cornucopia fresh local natural ingredients in our complimentary breakfastAdd the Vegan Voyager Package to your nightly rental and upon arrival receive a gift pack of vegan snacks that you can take with you during a day of hiking or kayaking. For details of what is in the pack, please contact Kristi our Vegan Connoisseur Innkeeper. Additional $40.00 to room rate.

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