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Windward Inn is mere steps from one of the most breathtaking Wedding Ceremony Venues. With views of Camden Harbor this historic landmark is the perfect setting for wedding vows.

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Weddings in Maine, Maine Wedding Venues are spectacular. Scenic backdrops of cliffs and ocean make for awesome wedding pictures and memories that last a lifetime. Many comment that Camden is a very beautiful and charming town. Camden Maine has the ability to host hundreds of guests for your wedding. Brides sometime worry about entertaining their guests during their destination wedding, but in Camden, there is something for everyone. There is little additional planning that needs to be done because your guests can just walk around town, go hiking, go out on a boat (schooner boats run a very predictable schedule about 5 times a day), kayaking, swimming, or they can just relax by the seaside. The addition of having a National Historic Landmark right in the middle of town makes Camden Maine a unique option for a destination wedding. There are no other Maine Wedding Venues that can say they have National Historic Landmark status – Landscape Design.


The Camden Windward House specializes in “Green”and Vegan celebrations & weddings. Our location is ideal. Windward House is across the street from the National Historic Landmark Camden Amphitheatre and Harbor Park, also walking distance to all Camden activities. As a business, we make every effort to consider the environment and the community we live in.

The Windward House reception venue:
The venue at Windward House combines use of the historic 1854 greek revival residence that is listed on the National Historic Registry and the 1 acre property. You are invited to use the sitting room, dining room, upstairs library, extra bathroom and deck, side and back yard for your party.

The Camden Windward House has a strict code of gardening. No pesticides or poisons are used on the property. One of your guests just might have baby doves nesting outside their window. The property recycles all materials and encourages brides to buy local for all wedding items

Reception planning is complimentary when you stay at Windward House. Fully catered events are customized to suite your needs. Please contact us to schedule a time to create a menu and pricing. Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, carnivore, and omnivore options are available. Call or email us for the Vegan Wedding Option.

A little from Windward House Wedding History: Times Article on Camden Maine

Camden Maine Green Wedding Ideas

Green Bar ideas

– Maine is known for the potato. Potatoes make great Vodka & Gin. The Maine vodka of choice is “Cold River Vodka” . There is a local Mid Coast Gin made, Sweetgrass Gin. Instead of having a full bar, you might want to choose a signature cocktail drink using these local spirits.

– There are many wineries in Maine but only a few actually grow Maine grapes. In Maine as you can imagine, it is very hard to grow grapes, the grapes tend to be very sweet and make nice dessert wines. Some Maine wineries make a fruit wine. A wild blueberry wine or Apple wine can be shared with your guests as a sweet after dinner treat.

– There are several micro breweries in Maine that you can choose from.

– For your bar consider using glass or biodegradable cups.

– Consider using 100% recycled paper for cocktail napkins; another option is 100% biodegradable napkins. Another choice is to have no napkins or to have small material napkins that guests can place in baskets around the reception.

– Wooden stirrers are recommended instead of plastic straws for cocktails.

The Tradition of throwing the rice.
For many years now the tradition of throwing the rice at the bride and groom has been debated, although it is a charming idea, it is not the best for the lovely birds . We recommend using lavender. Maine Lavendar . Simply decorated Glendarragh Loose Lavender pails can be positioned at the close of your ceremony, allowing guests to toss fragrant bits of lavender into the air. Pounds of lavender will scent the air with its delicate, clean fragrance as you and your guests leave the ceremony and crush the scent-filled buds under foot. (As we like to say, leave the rice to the cooks and the birdseed to the birds!)

Camden Maine has it’s own flower farm. The Endless Summer Farm has the most beautiful Dahlias. These wonderful flowers are hardy and come in different colors and sizes. Flower Farm . There are also several green houses in the area. The Local florist in Camden Maine is: Lily Lupine and Fern. lily Lupine & Fern

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