All About "ME" - a Windward Adventure

Welcome to our first blog from Windward House!  In the interest of full transparency, this blog will be all about ME…..our time, our experiences and our adventures here, in this beautiful state that we hand-picked to call home. Before we jump in to our favorite topic, ME, we’d like to take a short opportunity to introduce ourselves for those of you who don’t know us:

 Matt grew up in Union, New Jersey and worked in IT for 15 years as a computer programmer for an insurance company. Dan grew up in Staten Island, NY and worked in big box retail management for many years, up and down the NJ Turnpike and New York City.  In 2005, we met while enrolled in Real Estate school. Although neither of us pursued real estate after completion of the course, fate brought us together and we purchased our first home together in Dunellen, NJ in 2009.   For the next 7 years we followed the “work our life away culture” while dreaming of bigger and better things to come. After many conversations, over many glasses of wine, we finally decided to  escape the complacency of corporate life and the daily doldrums of the rat race, by accepting the fact that life is too short.  This epiphany led us to throw caution to the wind, and with due diligence we decided it was time to live our dream!

 After packing up our entire lives, we moved to Maine in September of 2017 and purchased the Windward House Bed and Breakfast in Camden, Maine.  Some called us crazy and thought we should stay “safe” and continue getting our reliable and constant paychecks while others congratulated us on our courage to make a bold decision to follow our dreams.

 It’s now been 1.5 years since we moved and now that we are acclimated, we decided it’s time to begin sharing our story and the many adventures we experience here, in Maine.  Our blog will be about everything; from our daily lives as Innkeepers to experiencing this beautiful state of Maine, to renovations we are making in the inn to learning a new skill we’d never thought we’d learn to a new recipe we are trying…..and then some!

We hope to educate, inspire, or simply entertain you, so subscribe to our blog and follow us as we talk about our favorite topic….ME!