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Bed and Breakfast in Camden Maine Offers A Great Value!

Book directly with this website to get the best rates - we do not offer discounts to online travel agencies. When you consider the location, the breakfast, the amenities, and the rave reviews about our bedding our rates are by far the best value of any lodging in Camden.
High Season Rates $130-$265, Off Season Rates $99-$150 Rates vary by room, rate and day. Check here for actual rates. Rates include all our amenities, and a great location. Compare before your book your room! Location near town? Serve a full-menu organic breakfast? Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten Free Options? Hand-pressed high thread count Egyptian cotton bedding and towels? Air Conditioned? Cable TV in All Rooms Including Bedside TV's? Guest Ice Machine?  Offstreet Parking? Hair Dryers? Price Stay Now!

Quiet, Spacious, Comfortable Rooms, Luxury Bedding, Suites, Period Decorated and Contemporary Styles

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Some Area Attractions Near Windward House Include:

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Windward House is Easy Walking to Everything in Camden Maine


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Located on the coast of Maine, our coast inn is at 44.212523,-69.064251, at 6 High Street. The Maine coast is known the world over for its scenic beauty, great sailing, and coastal towns full of historic charm. Our Camden Maine bed and breakfast circa 1854 is characteristic of that tradition. This coast inn is a Greek-revival style house full of the romance of early America and historic charm.

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Windward House… You Won’t Find a Better Value

  • A/C
  • Cable TV
  • En Suite
  • Complimentary Full Menu Breakfast
  • Tea Coffee & Home Baked Treats
  • Springwater
  • Hairdryers
  • Wine Service & Ice Machine
  • Guest Computer
  • Free WiFi
  • Offstreet Parking
  • Many rooms have gas woodburning stove fireplaces, jacuzzi jet tubs and mini fridges

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Small, Local … Organic B&B In Maine What Do We Mean By That?

A Family Serves it Up Local – Organic Natural Gluten Free, Vegan & Vegetarian Breakfast Menu

What does our catchphrase mean? – A Small Inn? Windward House B&B

Windward House is a Family Concern

Well, we are a small company (Mom, Dad & 3 kids). That means that you get personal service directly from the owners. You will never feel like you are in a hotel chain at our Camden Maine bed and breakfast. Our homey feeling is authentic because this is our home. We answer the phone and take B&B in Maine innkeeperscare of the guests, and cook breakfast ourselves. Whether it’s a return guest, a couple on their honeymoon or planning their wedding, or a fiftieth wedding anniversary, we enjoy making our guests for the brief time they’re here a part of our community. We run our business as a family; everyone has input, everyone has a say and everyone pitches in. When we decided to change our plans and relocate to Maine our children were our first priority. We began and ended every choice with the thought “will it be the kind of place we would have enjoyed growing up in?” Obviously kids being what they are, can have a fantastic childhood in just about anyplace – that’s the magic of childhood. But as parents we felt that we wanted to give them a chance to grow a little -, to expand with their world as they grew. That’s what nature is for, and Camden has plenty of natural beauty. Being from an urban setting we thought it would be good for them to have a little more nature and fresh air, maybe just enough people that we could get to know more of them, and they could get to know us. And the B&B was part of that. We wanted them to participate in our earning our living together, to learn with us, and be a part of that life too. After all, work life is a big part of life, -, and if we could incorporate our family with it, the way more people used to, when all is said and done haven’t we spent more time together? Haven’t we experienced more of the ups and downs of life together? Don’t we understand each other better?

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Local – Buying Local For Ourselves & Our Business – Windward House B&B

We Live Locally

family runs maine bed and breakfastI’m going to share an entry from one of our guest books. This one is dated December, 2012.

Come and Be A Part of Our Community

Part of the community – doesn’t just mean Camden – it means the extended community of our guests. And we feel privileged to have shared it with them. The local part of our catchphrase has to do with getting to know the people in our community. We sought a community with fewer people so we could get to know more of them. But the ironic thing is we’ve gotten to know lots of people who’ve stayed in our home and they are from all over the world! And they share in that same feeling while they are here. I’ve felt that way many times, and what our guest wrote in that book shows that at least one of our guests feels that way too. It’s the feeling that, whether it’s the neighbor, the teachers, people you work with, everyone seems involved in the living of their lives here on some level in a shared way. It’s a wonderful feeling and it inspires an intention to try and be a good self to the world. A kind of good manners generally prevails that comes not from a superficial fear of public censure, but from knowledge of our shared experience, our commonality. Every simple trip holds the familiar faces of people you know, their children, grandparents, – the supermarket is a real social experience, and people you just met know more about you than you ever imagined they would. Once you get this feeling, this sense of connectedness it informs many of your decisions. Local also means thinking about whether the decisions you make can help the community. It means buying locally for ourselves and our business as much as possible, contributing time and money to local causes. It’s contagious and many more people are beginning to think that way too. And all of those choices add up. They have a direct impact on the quality of life of our community. Whether it’s using local farm raised ingredients in our breakfasts, or buying something in a local shop that we could get online for cheaper we look for ways to spend our money where we live. Top of Page

Organic – Camden Maine Bed and Breakfast

We Live Organically at this Camden Maine Bed and Breakfast

Our breakfasts are made from a combination of organic natural and local ingredients. We give our guests menus because we believe choice is about as American an ethic as you’ll find. We’re the only B&B in town to do that. Our menu has vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. We serve fresh cut fruit every morning. We serve gourmet shade grown organic fair trade coffee every morning. We serve green smoothies every morning. We serve natural uncured bacon and organic feed raised free range eggs – every morning.

Why Should I Care if the Food is Organic?

I had a guest one day last summer, a big city lawyer, a very successful man, and senior enough in age to feel uninhibited about speaking his mind. Although I suspected that even as a young man he probably spoke his mind. He read my menu and looked up at me and said, “Why should I care if the eggs are organic?” I replied, “Because it tastes better.” He had the eggs every day for four days, and at the end of it he said that they tasted like when he was a kid. We have gradually come to the realization that just like buying local has a huge impact on our community’s quality of life, so the food we eat has a big impact on our health. When we first bought this place a big truck came every week and dropped off the food from who-knows-where and who-knows-how-raised. We quickly realized that if it was important enough to change what we served our kids, it should also be the same for our guests. We shouldn’t buy from producers whose quality is not up to our standards. We shouldn’t buy things produced in ways that we don’t feel right about. Whether you agree with that or not, you get the benefit anyway when you eat here – because just like I answered our cynical guest that morning – it really does taste better! And it’s better for you! And with great organizations like MOFGA, Crown of Maine, the Good Tern Coop, and even Hannafords, it’s easy to buy fresh local organic food. Yeah, it may cost more, but we think our guests are worth it. That’s the Windward House B&B in Camden Maine!

Camden Maine Bed and Breakfast With Fantastic Bedding

We’ve been sourcing the finest Egyptian cotton bed sheets for our B&B for almost nine years. After so many of our guests have asked us where to find great sheets for their homes, we’ve decided to sell bedding. Kristi’s blog has evolved into a shop. She sells bedding, local products, and also, that’s where you will find our Camden Maine Event calendar and directory listings. So, if you want to sleep like you’re on vacation at home – order sheets from us!
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